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  1. Could this be related to the issue and a solution? Are you able to use a different save manager?
  2. ultrasun save error when loading into pkhex

    Here’s Project Pokémon’s Discord https://discord.gg/pmATjZw
  3. New Device Login spam

    On 1/28/18 I received 8 for the same reason. Hope it helps.
  4. PKHeX on Mac

    Confirm that you have ran this prior to installing Winetricks. brew install cabextract
  5. PKHeX for Mac 18.01.28

    Curiouser and curiouser So, November update - didn’t work, December update - works, January update - didn’t work and now February update doesn’t work either. Did December run as expected initially? or did you have to take a step for it to work? What is confusing me, is that when I update PKHeX.app, all I do is switch out the old “PKHeX.exe” and “PKHeX.Core.dll” with the new ones.. and update the version number via Wineskin. Edit: If you haven’t yet, download and try the Sierra version. It will (for me) run on the current OS.
  6. PKHeX for Mac 18.01.28

    Looking back now, you may need to allow apps to run that come from 3rd parties/unrec developers. Check it out
  7. PKHeX for Mac 18.01.28

    For our future references let’s note that capitalization is important in Terminal. It should have been: wine PKHeX.exe not wine pkhex.exe
  8. PKHeX for Mac 18.01.28

    Topic updated! Try your downloads again.
  9. PKHeX for Mac 18.01.28

    How are you trying to run the app?
  10. PKHeX 18.01.28

    Download | FAQ | Support Forum Version 18.01.28 of PKHeX has been released, adding a few new features, legality checking improvements, and bug fixes. Change log: View full article
  11. Hey Folks!

    The file you linked to is in fact a Mac app! Just launch the app (like any other Mac app) and enjoy. If you need to use Winebottler to create your own app, you’ll need to use the .exe from the download page instead of the .app.
  12. @goldielemmonyt23, please take a moment to read: Project Pokémon Guidelines, before your next post. More specifically: If you have any questions, contact a staff member via PM.
  13. No problem. See you around the forums! [Request complete, thread closed.]
  14. I’ll be online in ~10 minutes