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  1. You can put the wondercards in a "wc6" folder in the same directory as pkhex.exe to update the legality check manually. If I recall correctly, there's also a way to export all wc6s included in pkhex in that folder. (Sorry, wrong quote)
  2. All three HA birds from EUR serial codes (wc6full, all EUR languages). Also, I dumped the EUR Hoopa currently distributed via serial code (it's a rerun of micromania's but with a public serial code). Not sure if it has already been done or not. Proofs :
  3. Hi, I got a serial code for EUR HA Moltress from Gulli's contest so I'm contributing it, in all EUR languages & wc6full. If I can get codes for the 2 others I'll contribute them too :grog: Proofs : (The archive is supposed to say "EUR" not "AUR", it's a typo) PS: just saying, I agree with you that a custom server for gen 6 event is the worse that could happen. We had one for gen 5, and Nintendo excluded all gen 5 pokemons from gen 6 competitions plus set up a lot of encryption and protection measures for gen 6 : I'm afraid gen 7 will be even harsher in this aspect, not to mention the immediate consequences (less events, patch that prevents access to wc6fulls,...)
  4. Mew is now official in France from 26th Feb to 31 March in Micromania stores. http://www.pokemon20.com/fr-fr/mythical.html#feb This particular NZ emulation doesn't work anymore anyway. You need to get the wondercard from the US event from this forum and inject it into your save with svdt.
  5. Has the Mew distribution been confirmed in France already ? I've seen Elsesomeone's contribution but aside from that I haven't heard of anyone who got his/her hands on it or seen anything on Pokemon's official sources. In fact, some people even reported from their local micromanias that the Mew event wouldn't be held in France at all...
  6. There is a pdf explaining all new evolution methods in the archive. Porygon & Porygon2 both evolve by taking a level while holding an Up-grade during daytime.
  7. Hi, I've got a weird problem X romhacks and PK3DS : Left is Vanilla, Right isn't I'm playing the game in french, and every Trainer or Item Variables is printed with either "le" or "un" (male-single pronuns), when it should be other things like "les" ("les Rollers"), "la" ("la Rivale"),... Sorry this is french grammar and I'm not sure how to explain it in english :bidoof: I checked corresponding lines in gametext/storytext.txt, and they are identical in both versions. I even packed a "romhack" using vanilla romfs and I still got this. I guess it may has something to do with how the variables used for pronouns in those lines are handled, but I'm clueless about how to fix it manually (can't find a line where choices for these variables are described). I'd be glad if someone had a clue for me =) EDIT: did a bit of research here. Pronuns-variables are called [VAR 1402(000X)] (X is 1-2), when other variables have a name (like TRNICK, GENDER,...). Maybe that's related ? I tried taking a freshly-extracted RomFS folder (from pokemon X) and comparing SHA1 checksums before and after opening it with pk3ds. I didn't edit anything, just opened it then closed it (Get -> Set). I did that for every button in the "RomfS Tools" section, under EN language then under FR language. Following GARCs had different checksums : 0/7/4 (EN gametexts) 0/7/5 (FR gametexts) 0/8/2 (EN storytexts) 2/0/3,4,5,6 (Maison) 2/1/3 (eggmoves) Is that normal that pk3DS alters some GARCs checksums ?
  8. I don't think it's possible to change the ability a pokemon gets when mega-evolved because it's coded into the game itself rather in the pokemon infos. It's possible though to get "perma-megas" using PKHax, you should be able to tweak their ability that way (even though it won't usable over wifi).
  9. Injection was patched by the latest pokemon update, which I think is the 1.4. Anyway, try deleting the update on your old firmware console (you can't play online anyway), it's in your console's parameters in something called "memory management" or like so.
  10. Look at favna's post just above yours. You can use Tubehax to launch savedata manager on a 9.9 3DS, which makes you able to backup a save, mod it with pkhex, then import it back on your cartridge.
  11. You should move this to the pokemon request forum and upload your bad pkm file if you want someone to check it out
  12. It's not someone it's SciresM^^ (Asia81 did the earlier scripts and started investigations). But yeah, this is totally crazy now ! Btw, unreleased megas all have the default "erases 1 cell vertically and horizontally" ability because they have not been coded with a real ability yet.
  13. right click on the picture > Save the picture's URL then open pkhex and Alt+click on the "Qr!" button.
  14. There is one in the archive from the gen VI event contribution thread
  15. No, no, and something between 9.0 and 9.5.0-22. Or you can use TubeHax and SaveData Manager to be able to use pkhex on the latest 9.9 firmware.
  16. Try these links if you get a communication error : or these : If they still don't work, check your internet settings.
  17. Didn't help, but I realised that I got an exception when I tried to import a save from any save so I guess it's either SDM's or Ironhax's fault. EDIT: Downloaded all again and started all over. It works (you need not ta have any other savefile in your savedata folder when importing) but windows version isn't updated (it gives only 15 jewels).
  18. Does it still work on the latest 1.2.14 version ? I just tried it and save manager gives me an exception message which I can't read because it disappears too fast for my eyes ^^
  19. Unfortunately, pokebank is only compatible with gen 5 games (on real carts only). Your only option I could think of would be to start a new game on a gen IV ROM using a emulator, trade all your pokemons from the real cart to the emulator, get the savefile and extract your pokemons from it, then finally use PKHex and RAM injection to get it into your gen VI cart. This requires you to be able to use Web injection though (or wait for smea's exploit to become exploitable). Or you can still buy a gen V cart (the game is pretty old now, you should be able to get a cheap one), beat the elite four and use the poketransfert (you'll need 2 consoles for this). Then you'll be able to get it on X using the pokebank.
  20. Well, I've been hatching >10.000 eggs, sometimes with shiny parents, bit this never occured to me. I guess this is why no one seem to be able to help hère . Either you made a mistake, put a non-shiny eevee in daycare and released the shiny one ; or something really strange happened when the daycare updated you eevee's infos. Was it a legit eevee or did you use powersave/PKHex to get it ?
  21. Unfortunately yes, whereas OTA updates are full updates, game updates only update as much components as they need to work, which unfortunately excludes the web browser. Your firmware ends with -1X (it would be -2X if it came from an OTA), so it indeed came from a game update. Web injection won't work and you're too far to use an emuNAND, so you're basically screwed. Install ironhax/tubehax and wait for tdvs to come (smealum didn't release it yet) to be able to inject things. As far as I know, there is no other method coming for firmwares <9.5 and ironhax/tubehax works on the latest firmware, so you might as well update your console
  22. I don't think any file is needed, juste à bit of code. It should be available on spider's github or maybe you can copy the html code of those pages^^ EDIT: The github is here : https://github.com/yifanlu/Spider3DSTools I'll let you search for what you need, as I've no idea^^
  23. You need a friend with a bug-type or rock-type safari to have a chance to encounter it.
  24. These mirror links load any .bin file you want, just add #name_of_the_file.bin at the end of the URL (default is code.bin). Another kind of mirror link : http://dukesrg.no-ip.org/3ds/rop/?LoadCode.dat&rsavout.bin / http://dukesrg.no-ip.org/3ds/rop/?LoadCode.dat&rsavin.bin (like the one above, just add &anything.bin at the end to load whichever file you want, default is code.bin)
  25. Yeah, it's not like it's written at the top of every single page of this forum. Just to be clear, the answer is no. You can't use pcedit or anything based on RAM injection through the crooked browser unless you're on a firmware between 9.0 and 9.5.0-22, and you didn't get that firmware from a cart update.
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