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  1. Battle Stances Bug

    I've set all my streaks to 49, and won a battle. The old man keeps saiyng that I need to win in battle to tree to learn the style. Sure there's not something missing?
  2. Battle Stances Bug

    Thank you!
  3. Battle Stances Bug

    Hi, I'm having a little issue here: I've set all my battle tree battles record and current to 51+ to obtain the passionate battle stance, but the game does not gave it to me when I spoke to the men who teaches them. I wish to know if that's a bug or the game cannot process that I have 50+ battles in Battle Tree. Thank you
  4. Can pkhex open a qr code?

    Thank you SO MUCH!!! :grog:
  5. Can pkhex open a qr code?

    Hi I would like to know if is there a way to save a qr code info online and open the file in pkhex. I know that I can export the info, but can I import it?