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  1. I still hope they re-patch the game so you get the gs ball event in all playtroughs in all languages. They've gifted plenty celebies before and would be a great selling point. Maybe the fact that it can be shiny holds them off but one can dream..
  2. I would scan the card I received at the cinema (in spanish), but if the code is the same i'd rather keep the cards in thenplastic envelope (yes, I'm one of those people)
  3. Isn't that post referring to the EU code being also compatible with US games, thus leaving JP out?
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pjgpgiyth0h9sg9/Pokemon Fire Red Version and Leaf Green Version RNG.docx
  5. If you have two 3ds and 2 games this will allow to safely get any event pokémon without nintendo being able to know you did anything. - Game A: that with your main savefile - Game B: backup save and start new game 1.- Insert special pikachu wondercardswith pkhex into GAME B. 2.- Receive special pikachu 3.- Local trade to main savegame 4.- Repeate step 1 5.- Restore original savegame into gameB There's no way you'll get banned this way since nintendo can only know you traded a pokémon with someone. I guess you could probably use a single game and the pokébank, I doubt they addded that much security checks. You could use this method and a region changed emunand to get other region event pokémon too.
  6. I'm confident each celebi machine in the truck had a different OT name and that's it. I don't think OT changed with each distribution but... In any case FRANCO, JENS and NICO should have been obtainable in all countries, I don't know what made nintendo elect those names, Fun fact: Franco was the ruling dictator in spain until 1976, but of course that's just a funny coincidence. I know for a fact that FRANCO celebi was also distributed in germany. Besides distributing celebi in the truck a competition was also held and the winner received a gold cartridge with 20 celebi with CTOUR as OT name. The winner could either keep the cartridge or trade those 20 celebi to 20 different trainers and bring the cart back to nintendo, then they would give the winner a Crystal cartridge. It's worth noting that this crystal cartridge was given a month or two before official release in europe. EDIT: in this picture you can see the truck had more than one celebi machine:
  7. When talking about gen 3 pokémon there's another factor to consider about legality: OT name (and nickname if there's one). Even though you can trade between gen 3 games of different region and the japanese/english games will correctly recognize its name because both contain the same characterset, you can't enter the same characters in the Japanese games as in international versions. Also, OT name can be longer in international versions. Thus for full legality both OT and nickname of the Japanese pokémon must also be that possible for a japanese game, including trash bytes in OT (I recall them being different between jap and international games). I wanted to make a "japanizer" program that simpli gets the full OT string for a savegame and inputs it on target savegame, this way you can easily create japanese OT names by starting a new savegame on a japanese rom and insert them on desired savegame (or vice versa). I may code it tomorrow if I get some free time (the one time I needed to do this I manually changed the OT and then fixed the checksums).
  8. A little interesting information: http://pokemex.com/tcg/puntos-de-reunion/egs/ Electronic Game Show 2004: aurora ticket Electronic Game Show 2005 (21-23th October): Mystic ticket So this gives european emerald cartridges 2 days to go there for the event and get it, which is another possibility besides the event at Boston the 22nd (Emerald was released in Europe on October 21st). I'll see if I can find someone in that forum that went to EGS 2005 with a non-english FR/LG cart and received the event.
  9. Me neither, but I guess some people prefer "reverted" files to the most untouched possible state and I don't see a problem in providing them with propper specification that they are modified versions of the file we have, be it removing pokérus or de-leveling to distribution state.
  10. I'm of the kind that thinks that having the most untouched version as well as the "fixed" ones is better for preservation. Also, if anyone is up to it I think it would be interesting to have a compilation of all savefiles from Ahuri in a single zip, as well as html dumps of the page for preservation and future reference from anyone wanting to revise the site,
  11. Yes, many were saved due to being stored in stadium 2. The european Celebi we have also was preserved in stadium 2. We could store a toy's r us mew into stadium 2 and retrieve it, see what happens with the data, I think that's something I've never tried actually, maybe stadium 2 storage removes the extra terminators in the nickname. In any case the EUROPE mew was never stored in stadium since the owner didn't have a N64, I can't say for sure it wasn't stored in another person's stadium 1/2, but why would anyone do that with his mew? There's nothing you gain or do by storing the mew on stadium besides storing it. We can never re-create untouched events as we don't have any, but we can recreate ones that would become just as legit ones after they are stored in a box.
  12. The trash bytes on pokémon nickname are altered too on gen 1 games just by storing in the boxes, because when the data is written it stops writting data at the terminator, so after it remains anything that was there previously. When getting a pokemon out of the box it will read the full structure instead of just the name until the terminator. This doesn't apply to nicknamed pokémon, since for those the nickname "trash" is filled with terminators as a way both to mark it as nicknamed and prevent the data to be overwritten. EDIT: Here's the catch: - This Japanese Gen 1 mew: Nicknamed - ToysRUs mews: Nicknamed - US mew machine mews: not nicknamed - The only european mew we have: not nicknamed (this one was from a contest, only 30 were distributed, so maybe they used some kind of link cable distro and not a machine, but who knows). - Celebi from machine (US, pcny): OT: special data; Nickname full terminators - Celebi from machine (EUR, celebi tour): OT: full terminators; Nickname double terminator - VC jap mew: different method used, but as effective (the english version screwed a little). Probably all these differences come from different revision of the same machine, so suddenly I'm really interested in getting an european mew from mew machines, as I assumed they would be the same as in US. I know someone in germany that has one in stadium 2, but he's not really much interested on dumping it, even though someone in the same city could do it for him, I'll try again.
  13. suloku


    BTW, there's also a method that works on non-english versions and even VC releases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2tVVeZ7Th4 There's an ACE setup for crystal, but not as simple as coin case glitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqD68-2aAjg&t=64s
  14. suloku


    Great and simple information, I hope we get something like this for Crystal and we become able to enable the celebi event just using a real gen 2 cartridge.
  15. The offsets are known, it's more a metter of coding the editor. Or use the AR cheats to unlock them. Still, mistery gift on pkhex would be the best solution. If possible I would really much enjoy the ability to even drag and drop other GSC saves onto the mistery gift editor for gen 2 and simulate a mistery gift trade. Also, I didn't know mystery gift was emulated on VC, which is awesome. I'll finally be able to do some before-after comparision on the savegames (still need to get a second GBC for IR trading...)
  16. About the machines: - Early cartridge distribution have slightly different hidden data - According to this post, early cartridge distribution had consecutive OTID, but the starting number might be random? Maybe each cartridge had different OTID (and hence, mews)? I think the authenticity certificates were required at some tournaments on the early days to use mew, so maybe they really wanted each one of them to be unique. https://www.reddit.com/r/gamecollecting/comments/68u5h8/i_thought_you_guys_would_enjoy_seeing_my_pokemon/ - On massive events it seems OTID always was set to start at #0. This was the case on the PCNY pokémon according to Gold Ursaring each machine started over numbering when the event was changed. - For what I know, the only shiny lock on gen 1/2 seems to be Mew at gen 2 distribution machines, which seemed to still have fixed DVs (otherwise it could have been shiny). I guess we'll never know location data for it, but seems the employee's there never bothered to change that, since even the shiny beasts at level 40 have met level set at 5. - I've seen a couple reports of celebi machine distributing a shiny celebi. - We know gen 2 machines can configure DVs, or at least have a shiny mode, since the shiny distributions at PCNY still had some randomness, unlike the Gen 2 Red gyarados (forced static DVs), and because of mew. Maybe it's actually just a "random", "shiny" and "mew" modes programmed on it for what we know (mew being automatic), since I wouldn't expect employees assigning the DVs manually on the machine for the output to be shiny. Maybe there's no mew mode and the machine just overrides the DVs when transfering a mew. Imagine one of those machines showed up on ebay (I would certainly prefer one from PCNY). That'd be awesome.
  17. I coded this really quick, it will force first block 0 checksum (it seems the disc uses the first block 0 checksum it finds, not the current save block 0 checksum) to have the desired checksum to seed the Jirachi by writing some bytes onto the "Gamecode" section at block 0, since according to bulbapedia for Ruby and Saphire those 4 bytes are always 0x00 and it seems the game puts those bytes to all zero when saving, so after receiving jirachi no traces remain on the save. The first thing it does is check if the jirachi flag is set and ask to clear it, so this can also be used to just remove the flag from a savefile. I haven't thouroughly tested this, works with my saves so far. ps: this is based on BlackShark's Mirage Island Value, which is in turn based on Kaphotic's psavfixv2. Source code included. Also some text files with the shiny seeds and some other useful seeds I found on a reddit post. EDIT: link removed, I re-checked and the added bytes onto gamecode section aren't cleared when saving again, so instead I'll make it so the program only works when the first block 0 found is from the backup save, if not the program will ask the user to save once and try again. EDIT 2: new file, as said above seed can only be changed when the first savegame on the savefile is the backup save. JirachiSeeder_0.1b.zip
  18. It seems you uploaded the full file. It contains pk3 files as well as the savefiles I extracted the pk3 from (they are the same savefile, modified so the block 0 checksum matches the shiny seed). There's also the savegame without Jirachi but with the seed already modified in case anyone wants to get the jirachi themselve's on that save for some reason. The file "Pokemon - Sapphire Version (U) (V1.1) - 0000.sav" is just a test file with seed 0x0000 since it was easier to manually edit the other seeds from this one. The savefile originates from my spanish sapphire playtrough, everything in there is legal besides a non-japanese gen 3 mew (which should already be obviously illegal in any case) and technically legal not received phisically at the event, Lugia and Ho-Oh from navel rock.
  19. No, you can only receive 1 jirachi per savegame, that's why I searched the flag to begin with. Maybe you mean pokémon channel, since it is restricted per channel savegame and not per R/S savegame, but I don't remember right now if it is possible to get multiple from pokemon channel using different playtroughs. I may test later. EDIT: @Sabresite I tested pokémon channel and you can only transfer 1 jirachi per gba cartridge and the flag used is the same (can't use the same save to receive channel jirachi and bonus disk jirachi) Also, I've noticed that the jirachi uploaded at the link I provided are wrong, probably generated with pkhex or with some other method. They get flagged by pkhex (different PID) and also have the wrong berry on them, so probably they were made with the correct seeds but with wrong algorythm. I now have the 9 jirachi retrieved using standard link cable (albeit I did not use RNG to get the correct seed but save editing). I think I'll make a simple program that forces block 0 checksum to be whatever the user wants so we can easily get any of the 65535 possible jirachi.
  20. I wanted to get all 9 shiny jirachi and I was forcing the checksum onto the savefile instead of RNG saving for the checksum to be correct, then I found this: Also, I found the flag for WISHMKR Jirachi on the savefile: Block 0x04, offset 0x2B1. 0x00 = not received; 0x01 = received.
  21. I think the easiest way to research gen 3 flags and how they work is to use a script editor and search how the game manages the flags, since for example in emerald to re-enable the full groundon/kyogre event you'll find information at the weather station script you'll find how the game handles them for example. I did research the flags too some time ago, in fact I should have a script (to be used as a wondercard) that re-enables all emerald legendary battles, I even made it so it will only work if you have beaten the pokemon league. The problem will be finding it, since I've moved recently and all my data stuff is mixed between computers.
  22. Data mining suggest the gym rework is comming soon, and more hidden changes: Gym raids added to the APK Raid encounters added Pokémon feeding added Max same Pokémon per Gym added Anti-cheat mechanism added New sponsor (NIA_OPS) More redeemable codes support New Unown sprite sheet added better memory management, re-work of the news feature, a number of refactored features. source: pokemongohub
  23. Try this: - Delete the save with JKSV (it has an option for that) - Play the game so it creates a new save. - Make a copy of your backup save folder, then leave only sav.dat in this new copied folder - Restore this savegame that only has sav.dat inside
  24. In spanish you would use the male pronouns when referring to animals which gender you don't know (which may sound as assuming it's a male, but it isn't), unless you already know it's gender beforehand, but even when people know the animal is a female you may still refer to it as a male if you are using the animal's name (i.e. "a dog"->"un perro" regardless of it being male or female, but you could also say "una perra" if you know it's female). I for example would say "un jynx" or "un chansey" even though I know they are female only species. I rarely refer to any pokémon as a female if talking about species (maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I do the same when referring to animals). If translators used female pronouns it's either because they translated a script that already had a gender or because the original script wanted to emphasize a gender over the other, or maybe it's just some kind of politics in there, not wanting to refer to all legendaries as male and giving the more "cute" ones some female traits, and if you think it deep enough I don't know which is worse. Also, colective nouns are also male or female, even though they would include individuals from different genders. In the end I think that scripters at the MD games only wanted to humanize pokémon so they wen with genders instead of "it" (well, I haven't played any MD game). Sorry for the little offtopic, but I'm not into competitive play and I'm quite curious about this and how "should" MMY stats be. Was that on purpose to underpower it? I don't see a reason since it's already normally banned from competitions...
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