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  1. can you share the sprites that you already have? also, pokebank has its own sprites too... have you seen them?
  2. is it possible to remove GTS softban from the save data? i have a very slow internet, so it happens to me all the time! i believe that the ban is on the save and not on the servers...
  3. i suppose so... -snip- but, the point is: do you believe that pkhex could add the decoration items to the games?
  4. i tried with an old 3ds + gold and new 3ds + silver and didn't worked... i don't know why...
  5. will it be possible to get those items on future pkhex versions? do we even know if mystery gift works on VC gold/silver? there are 37 decoration items: https://www.serebii.net/gs/mysterygift.shtml
  6. @Kaphotics thanks for the answer... i hope someday that can be implemented
  7. what about rental team QR? can Pkhex convert official rental team into pk7?
  8. PM sent by the way, is not necesary the roaming counter, the important thing is when the legendary bird gets on "Sea Spirit's Den"
  9. thaks for your support, i wont bother you anymore hahaha i was trying to find out "roaming moltres" flag... i've backed up the save file before and after catching it, but FlagDiff doesn't show anything... (let me know if you want those safefiles) thank you for your work, i hope someday pkhex can work with powersaves files
  10. thanks for updating! another question... what do i have to do after loading old and new savefiles? where can i see the flag's differences?[ATTACH=CONFIG]12819[/ATTACH]
  11. FlagDiff option doesn't works with pokemon X save file! it says "invalid sav size"... that error doesn't shows up with alpha sappire savefile... it's just me? or it is a known error?
  12. hello guys... i don't know how wondercards work... can somebody give the PK6 file from "Pikachu Outbreachu" (id: 08085)? i hope someone can help me
  13. is this work on a banned 3ds? i would like to buy a used 3ds only for injection, and banned 3ds are very cheap also, is really necesary 9.0 to 9.5.0-22 version? v. 2.1.0-4u won't work?
  14. Can anybody check this? I don't know if i've translated well... 0038 (lines from 4 to 12):
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