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  1. No I think you miss understand I have the event Distiution rom to give out the wonder card to games. I was wondering if I can use it to give out events using DeSMuME. I think the easy way I can say this is can I make DeSMuME act as a 2nd DS when giving out events.
  2. I have the file to give out the wonder card. But I no longer have my flash cart to do so. I was wondering if I can use DSMue to give the events or do I need to get a new flash cart for the rom to work. if it does work how do you go about seting DSmue to do this
  3. I was wondering can you use Dsmue for Distribution of pokemon events. I lost my flashcart but I still have all my files. And I wanted to know if I can just use DSmue for the events instead of having to go out and get a new flashcart. If it can could you please tell me how to set it up so I can do this. Thank you (Sorry if this is not allowed)
  4. My ARDSI does not want to copy HG.SS.Black, or White what do I need to do
  5. I did the update and it came back fake so I am get a hold of the because they have on there site Guaranteed Authentic for life I also got a hold of Acekard asking them and this is what they sent to me Jason Williams i bought my Acekard 2i off of NDSgamer.com a few months back I was told it wa... Apr 1 (6 days ago) Reply | AceKard to me show details Apr 6 (2 days ago) They sent me 2 pics and my looks like the fake version more because the 2 is darker then the orignal were the 2 is lite Because I know know this is a fake I need a site that deals with Acekard 2i real I will buy a new one right away. if they will not refund my money
  6. First I like to know how trustworth is NDSgamer its were I got my from i bought this a few months back now I been using it till a friend of my looked at it and say its a fake. My 30 day money back is up now but I have been thinking of geting the new one that works on 3DS if this turns out to be a fake. If it is a fake were can I get a real one. Here are photos I have taken of the card It does ever thing Iwant to do but I wanted to make sure it is real before Upgrade it to work on the 3Ds
  7. I would reather wait till the Event happens so that way the Meloetta will be some what legit
  8. I they they will release the Main games because they already say they will be releaseing old GB and GBC games on the Shop Channel on the 3DS and the VC/Shop Channel is amined for older players if you notice with the fact they are releasin Mario Land and Zelda DX on the 3DS it would be a good bussiness move to release the older games on the VC.
  9. Here is the screen shot Pokemon Says Gamestp Celebi is legit This what our local League Owner sent to me in an email This is a follow up responce also Follow up on the first one
  10. Here is what was sent to our league Owner when he posted on the Pokemon Fourms on Pokemon.com (Only Judges and other Pokemon Officials can get accsess to) This is from Mike Liesik From what I understand from the product development team, both distributions are legit. GAMESTP Celebi is being distributed at GameStops in the US. WIN2011 Celebi is being distributed via Wi-Fi "in" Europe. As US English and UK English game cards can receive the same distribution data, it is possible for someone in the US to get the WIN2011 Celebi, even though it's intended for Europe. In terms of Wonder Cards they're the same Celebi, so a player that has received one won't be able to receive the other. Hope this helps. __________________ Mike Liesik Video Game Event Planner The Pokemon Company International
  11. has any one found the cloning code yet some one told me today that there one were you use L to clone but I can not find it
  12. I try to Perfict catch code and it does not work I even Updated my DSi AR firmwear and it does not work at all they still break out of the Pokeball
  13. I have been trying to track down some one who has the certificates of authenticity and still have the game with the Mew I was dened the right to get mew when I had the chance so all the ones I have goten on my Gen 1 came from catching it using a Gameshark I would love to have one of these same with Celebi I would love to have an official one maybe one of these days some one will put in on ebay with all of it
  14. I would like to know what game would you like to see on the VC both Wii and 3DS I think they will later on release all the Game Boy and Color games on the 3DS but if they do I would like the Stadiums games put on the Wii but with new update of corse to were it would be able to link up to the 3DS I would like to see On 3DS Trading Card Game Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR! Pinbal Puzzle Challenge Gold and Silver Crystal (And have an update for it to finally release the JP fully to the rest of the world or release both versions Red Green (Japanese) Blue Yellow Wii Hey You, Pikachu! (Make it work with Wii Speak or something like that) Pokemon Stadium Stadium (Japanese) Stadium 2 And on Wii Ware I like it if they would release Blazing Adventure Squad, Stormy Adventure Squad & Light Adventure Squad (Bring it oversea its been way over a year now I think if they went and did this it would be a great Idea it would at less bring the Gen 1 and 2 to the new system and given newer gamers a chance to play some of the clasics
  15. Could you give me there email or phone number I have a few question to ask them.
  16. The link in the email can only be accasued from my Pokemon Trainer account do to I use my account to send the email I can fowared the email as a copy of it is sent to my yahoo
  17. I do not think there is a way to tell if it came from Gamestop or the Leaked Rom all the rom is the file to give it out upload that to a flashcart and people could give out the Celebi all they want and I do not think any one could tell the diffirents
  18. I just do it to have them in my box and they look cool. I do not trade them. I only trade Shinys I got from eggs or I got in trades and then have checked. The ones I use the codes on I normal just leave in 1 game just to show off. O never goten into the SRing thing as I never understand how you go about to do it
  19. I got a resonce to my email from TPCI This is going to shock you I sent this to Pokemon using there new Report system in stead emal them reciced a Celebi in a Trade that has the OT GAMESTP. I would like to know if this is a hack Pokemon or if this is the leaked Pokemon If its the leaked Pokemon how is it going to be classed a Hack or Legit (Legal)for events. I would like to know as I plan on making a team would like to use this Celebi if it is a legit Pokemon Please let me know This is what I recived to day Dear Jason Williams, A solution for your issue has been suggested. The GAMESTP Celebi was a legitimate distribution. However, there is no way to verify that the Celebi you received is legitimate, as it was received via trade, and not via official distribution. It is always recommended that players use only Pokemon that they themselves have trained in order to be sure that there are no issues with legality at official events. Thank you, Dave The following Customer(s) have been CC'ed: Question Information: Question #: 15182-1215 Date Created: 3/2/2011 12:09:03 AM To update or check the status of this Question: 1. Go to: http://support.pokemon.com/link/portal/15182/15227/Ticket/1215 2. Log in, and you will be automatically taken to the Question page. If you have general questions, please direct them to support@pokemon.com. The Pokemon is Official a Legit Pokemon This is proof that the GAMESTP Celebi is official a Legit Pokemon. I lied about how I got the Pokemon because I did not want to get the guy from Gamestop introuble after all he did help me get the pokemon. So I say this is official. If any one want me to forewd the email to them PM me your email and I will forword it to you. I think this put an end to the debate is it legit or hack
  20. I think its bulll they can not be shiny guest the shiny code will be used just for them after I clone them. I like having ever pokemon in both in its normal and shiny version and if I have to I do use the shiny code or use the PokeGen to make them shiny.
  21. I emailed TPCI last night asking them why do they concider it a hack or legit Pokemon. and how will it be ruled in upcoming Tournaments like the Video Game Nationals. Once I get a replay I will post the email here and see what they say they might supprize us and say that they are going to count it as a legit Pokemon after all. and then again they might just cal lit a hack what ever they say I would say we should honor then.
  22. well my brother did get 1 of the celebi from gamestop. he asked the guy about the changing of the dates. the guy say he could do it but he wanted to be paid to do it. My brother paid $30 to get the celebi and is now clonning it and giving it out to people that want it. I went and got the legit Celebi but I noticed one thing my pokemon peral could not get it. when I asked my brother he told me he used my pearl to get the first celebi. I noticed even after I deleated the wonder card it still would not let me have the legit celebi I think we should say its a Semi Legit Its ok to trade to people that want it but that people need to understand they can not use it in battle that way its ok to trade but not battle with
  23. Take a Print out of the website with you in case they tell you that its not starting till the 27th we called ours and they told us the 27th so we are going to print off the website page and highlite the area that says 21st and see what they say
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