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  1. It says on http://www.pokemongoldsilver.com/us/#/news/celebi/ Viste GameStop Store on February 21st It says nothing about Wi-Fi Event it says vist GameStop
  2. Some people are starting to wonder with the fact Nintendo has now say the event will start the 21st not the 27th a lot of people are wondering why the big change in dates
  3. I think for the USA that nintendo will send out a new cart with celebi on it to make up for the dates mess up
  4. I emailed them a week ago and got the same email I starting to this they have no plans on updating the AR to work with HG/SS I hope B/W does not have the same problem or I might start looking into other ways of geting my save files
  5. I had a GBA AR and it could not do backups of games could you post a pic of yours
  6. is there a code to give you the shiny Beast and Celibi
  7. I was think of ordering the JP version of Pokemon Black or White but Amazon.com says it does not work on USA DSi or USA DSi XL I need to know if this is true or not before I go out and by either of these games
  8. Check a Pokemon EV Infinite/Max Slot Coins Instant egg Cloning code
  9. Mew vs. Arceus being Theory of Evolution vs Religious creationism But I think its more Like Greek Myth like this In Greek Myth out of the Void came Chaos Chaos Created the Unviers then he Created Chaos It says Arceus was made out of the Void Arceus Created the Univerise then Mew Mew and Arceus had Lugia Ho-oh Rayquaza Regigigas 2 of every other Pokemon (Non Legendary) Arceus went off and made the following Pokemon on his own Cresselia Darkrai Heatran Dialga Palkia Giratina Uxie Mesprit Azelf Mew went off and Made the Following Pokemon on her Own Latios Latias Deoxys Celebi Jirachi Shaymin Manaphy Lugia had 3 Children Articuno Zapdos Moltres Ho-Oh Took 3 Pokemon and made them into The Dogs now I have a Theory on this also Ho-Oh tool the 3 orginal Evolution of Evee and made Raikou Entei Suicune Manaphy had Phione Regigigas had 3 Regirock Regice Registeel Rayquaza had 2 Groudon Kyogre And Mewtwo was made by Man
  10. I am looking for a code to give you each of the Pokewalker Routes but only 1 at a time instead of all of them at the same time I was wondering if some one has made it yet
  11. I think the Crown Beast are edited because when I Check to see were the pokemon came from it says Movie08 not Movie13 Is this normal or have they been edited if you need a Pic I will take a Pic of them later today Also I belive I still have Birthday Charmander That I can upload if I can find the game I told my brother he can have it but he been leting go a lot of pokemon so I will see if its till on the game
  12. I need a few codes for my USA Soul Silver I need a code to give me each of the Event Courses but 1 At a time not all of them at once I also need a code for the World Championship Eevee I like it were I have to pick the Courses and the Pokemon up from a Poke Mart I also need the code to Pokewalker Step Count 100,000 I know there is a code to do 9999999 but I do not know what to edit to lower it to 100,000 only
  13. Does any one have the Code to unlock the Winter Path on english games I also like the code to unlock all Rounts 1 at a time in case I miss them I do like to get them the normal way but I also like having a backup plan in case something happens
  14. is there a code to let you get all 3 Starters (Like in the old days) I have both the Japan and USA Soul Silver so one for each would be nice thank you
  15. Is there a codes to trick the game into giving you the extra Missions I finally went out and got the game (Our store lowed the price of the game and I decied to finally pick it up) Thank you very much
  16. I email codejunkie and they told me they are workonjg on this but that an Update for the DSI AR might not works so they are also working on making a New DSi AR if they have to
  17. thank you but what about the one from the Pokémon Colosseum Disk given out in Japan Reason I am asking is I am trying to find a Celebi that might active the event in Soul Silver/Heart Gold I was told that one of the past one could do it but it has to be fatefl encounter
  18. I do not have the file to them right now a freind of my has them and he told me the trade them to me but i wanted to make sure they are Faful encounter before I get them from him (he been know in the past of creating pokemon and pass them off as the real
  19. what about the Celebi from the Jappaness Demo Disk for Colosam (I know I miss spelled it)
  20. yes they are or yes they are not sorry your post is kind of confusing to me
  21. I was wandering if the 10th Anv pokemon have the Fateful Encounter I got a celebi from a freind and it is a 10th Anv but it does not have the Fateful Encounter and was wandering if this is normal
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