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  1. If you are giving them away to people you will have to do it before May 20th on the 20th they will be shutting down the Wifi for all DS Games that are Not 3Ds Games. http://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/vyWpoM6CBIe6FjW8NIY7bvzOrgBURhzw
  2. I have had a few Legendary Event Pokemon not go though also. I am just right now trying to put over pokemon I caught and did not RNG at all I have had a few not make it but they were things that I really did not care about so I think there are probems with the check.
  3. I know that but given my brother reset my emerald and lost me my TRU Mew. I would like to be able to get Mew back on the game. And because I can not find a TRU Mew File for Gen 3 games only Gen 4 games. I stuck with going for the Old Sea Map. I have an Xploder for GBA but from what I have geather is there is No codes for Emerald for it. I might get an Gameshark I know there are codes to get to Faraway Island using one but I have not found one for cheap in a long time
  4. Thank you. I have no idea were to get a GBA Flashcard at so I will try to printing off for the Eon ticket Any thoughts on how to get the other ticket events for FireRed, and Emerald. (Naval Island, Birth Island, and Faraway Island) All of these are English Games.
  5. I am doing this with my retail cart so How do I go about doing it that way Also how would you do the old sea map for Emerald
  6. Thank you but I found GBA Back up tool also and it seems easy to use. But Thank you I will try this out and see if I like it better
  7. How do you back up GBC game saves to even use this program? I did not think there was a way to back up game saves for GBC games
  8. I used this to put the Eon Ticket into my Key Items. But it would not let me go to the island. Is there something else I need to do to get it to work
  9. Because my brother reset my Emerald and lost me my Mystery Mew that I had traded onto it from my Fire Red. I am wanting to back up all my save files for all Pokemon Games have. What do I need to buy to back up my retail games for Gen 3 Games and if need to re-upload theme back to the retail Cart Side question Is there any thing like the Pokegen for Gen 3 Games.
  10. My brother Reset my Emerald and lost me my Mystery Mew so I order me an Xploder SP hoping to get me the Old Sea Map so I can at less have Mew back on it. But I have looked and can not find a working code for it. Can any one help me out. I need the master code and the code for Old Sea Map that all I am looking for. If any one has the Event Item codes and Master code for Fire Red and Leaf Green. I want to be on the safe side in case he reset them also. I told him he could play them but not to reset the games till I traded all the events to my DS Games but he decie to go a head and reset so I lost my first official mew
  11. It semas they under did it this time. No new trio maybe there more pokemon then what the pokedex is showing Maybe the rest will all be events. I think that they focas more on older pokemon to much this time an not as much time on new pokemon.
  12. I am catchig all the pokemon in an area based on serebii's info of what can be found. Before I move onto a new area. I have missed a few pokemon because I ran out of pokeballs. I need to go buy some Great Balls and Ultra Balls. I have a system 1-10 Pokeball 11-20 Great Ball 21-Up Ultra Ball Master Ball used on 1 Legendary (In less I trade over pokemon holding Master Balls then I will use Master Balls on all Legendary Pokemon The others I use in case I am out of Pokeballs or if I know they have a higher chance like Dive Balls on Water pokemon or Dusk Ball on Dark or Night time Pokemon. Of course if I am out of a Ball I will use what ever I have expet the Master Ball I currently on route 8 If the Male and female have diffirent looks then I get 1 of each. or if they evolve diffirently then I get them both.
  13. I was searching the GTS and some one is asking for a Genesect, But I thought till the bank comes out we will not be able to trade with Gen 4 an 5. To use the GTS you must either have or seen the pokemon.
  14. jaws 4210-3993-8141 I will be adding ever one above me tonight
  15. We might not be able to PokeGen newer Pokemon. But as long as we are able to do it to Gen 4 and Gen 5 Then people will use older pokemon. I higly dought that TPCI will ban all older pokemon from regionals given alot of the older pokemon are part of the new pokedex also. If they ban older pokemon then I for see less people entering Regionals or Nationals this year. What I for see is people traning 1 to 2 Pokemon of the newer pokemon but the rest of the teams will be older pokemon. So when it comes to competive play I for see a more and more people using Gen 4 and Gen 5 to train Gen 1-5 Pokemon then use the bank and transfer to send them to Gen 6 and only using Gen 6 to temp to train Gen 6 Pokemon
  16. I hope they make it so we can see the EVs and IVs with out an AR mostly because there is still no AR that works with 3DS games. I also hope they bring back the VS Seeker
  17. I finally go it to work. A friend of my took a look and found out the drives were not installed right Update I had to get a new HD and its now not wanting to install the drives at all.
  18. I got the NDS + but I can not get it to download right (I have Windows 7 64) I have done every thing and it not working
  19. I vote for Mystery Gift editing as long as the AR codes work for USA Games I hate the fact both MGE and Pokesav has no AR support for Gen 5 I have both programs and it hurts not being able to use AR Codes a lot of times
  20. I was wondering when a more updated version might get released with AR codes working for Black and White. I noticed the AR Code Export only works with Gen 4 games but not Gen 5
  21. Codes that work on the ARDSI to Give a Player THE LIBERTY PASS MOVIE VICTINI 1 of each of the MYSTERY EGGs SNARL ZOROARK
  22. I try this on my AR and it keeps going to a white screen I think the code is to big for ARDSi and ARDS (The new one that works on all DSs + 3DS) (I order this one from the UK and I have try it it does work on the 3DS just not 3DS games) What is the code to just get the following events. I need ones that work on a ARDSI MOVIE VICTINI 1 of each of the MYSTERY EGGs SNARL ZOROARK
  23. is there a code to change your C-Gear. I missed the Victini Skin and I want to get it. Is there any codes for this.
  24. Dang I was hoping of not having to get a new flashcart the only one mess up my DS and I was hoping for a way around it. Thank you
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