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  1. Forgive me, I'm extremely rusty on all of this! I just uploaded my Pokemon Red save to PkHex and I saw the red exclamation mark next to both of my Glitch Mew (one from Gambler and one from Jr. Trainer in Cerulean). To check what a legit one looks like, I uploaded the one on here and it also has the red exclamation mark. Just to test, I edited one of my Mews to have one of the 90s distro IDs and OTs, but it still came up with a message: "Unable to match an encounter from origin game". Even the legit Mew from this forum has that flag. I am going to teach myself how to transfer from Gen I to the current Generation and am curious if that "encounter from origin game" flag will prevent the Pokemon, even the legit one, from being transferred. Or do all Mew in Generation I have that flag and, for Mew, it is something I can ignore? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Haven't posted here in 8 years. Got swallowed up with school and other stuff and recently got interested again while playing Gen I on my phone. Looking to get back into casual play and am also saying 'howdy' to those who may still be active from my time as a player.
  3. I am curious about figuring out how to find my seed and delay and whatever relevant info I need through ARM9. I also want to know how to use RNG Helper from Smogon in this process.
  4. I want that new Mewtwo-EX card personally... *Drools*
  5. So has it been officially confirmed that いえるかな is the OT for the Fukushima and Miyagi POKEMON with YOU Tour Pikachu? Thanks for the info, guys!
  6. However, the language of the Pokemon is set to English (first time for a Gen V WC as far as I can tell), so regardless of the language of the game you download it to, the pokemon will always be "Scrafty." I was just asking for clarification of whether it was possible to be an English Pokemon but with a non-English country origin. I didn't think it was possible and got confused, but now I understand that's not the case. I was impressed for a second, though. Thanks for the clarification everyone.
  7. Even though the Scrafty's card is from a foreign language, will the Scrafty's country origin still be English, or will the Scrafty be in English while its country origin be different I.e. English language Scrafty country origin Spain?
  8. Hi. Not trying to be rude, so please notice that. Just wanted to know how you know it can be any nature if you haven't retrieved yours yet. Thanks!
  9. 48? O_o So there are 48 Celebi in the game that can be distributed to 48 different GBA cartridges?
  10. Yeah, I was talking more about RNGing. I wouldn't think changing/stopping the game from doing what it normally does is legal. Thanks, though! Well, that's the end of that discussion! If I recall correctly, does the Disc distribute to both the GBA and GameCube? Are they both generated differently? Have you been able to manipulate the disc to give you shinies for both? Is it possible for one to receive from one distribution simultaneous shinies to both games?
  11. Well, seeing that I'm quitting Event Trading soon, I might start studying this stuff so I can understand fully everything you guys just said. Hahaha I'd also not feel like a mooch on all you guys' research. I feel bad just waltzing in and saying, "Hey, I'm too lazy to learn for myself, so could you guys tell me if Colo. Pika can be shiny?!" That's how I feel, anyway. I would love to be able to manipulate the game's coding like that to have a fully legal shiny Victini.
  12. Wouldn't contributing it be the same as someone hosting a giveaway on Gamefaqs or wherever of it? I mean, the person who got it can do what they want with it afterwards, right? I don't know what you guys think, though. *cries and runs away*
  13. So you have managed to get shinies, you just don't know 100% how the algorithm works, correct? Awesome! Have you managed to get any shiny Pikachus?
  14. I believed it could, but I've been getting a TON of people telling me it's not possible, so I was wanting proof. On the Pikachu, I've never seen one around, so I'm curious on that.
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