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  1. if i were to make it in pkhex, how would I do it? i attached 2 bulbasaurs: 1. is gmax legal and the other isnt. why? gmax.pk8 001 - Bulbasaur - 5A2F46E1EB74.pk8
  2. is it possible to have gigantamax on a bred pokemon? I am genning a pikachu with gigantamax. the pikachu is bred and hatched on route 5. same settings for bulbasaur as well.. but pikachu is legal and bulbasaur isnt and its giving me the same error as above. EDIT: because bulbasaur cant frekin gigantamax!!
  3. so how do i make a pokemon on pkhex with TR moves? how do i fix that TR flag interface issue?
  4. I've been using PKHEX since XY/ORAS and never ever did I face this kind of predicament. I have about 200+ pokemon in my boxes and each and every one of them are with a different sid/tid(they were transferred over bank and home i dont know if that makes a difference but none of them have my tid/sid that i've been using since those games. Is there ANY WAY that i can change ALL OF THEM to the TID/SID/Trainer name in the trainer info? PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! i've just changed like 50+ and m done.. its sooooooooooooo annoying and tedious pls help!
  5. So I just hacked my Switch today(speaking of which I have a few questions regarding that too but dont know where to ask them, could you point me to the right direction?). The first thing i did was to get into PKHEX and noticed something under Trainer Info. When you click Trainer info it opens trainer data editor, Under $ there is a W.. What does W stand for? EDIT: NVM It stands for Watts i believe.
  6. Trainer ID and Secret ID is Trainer Information..I too wish they could make it more obvious than putting the info under "trainer info". Guys could you please make a size 25 font ID and SID editor and make it flash yellow, red, and orange, more seizure inducing flashes the better..
  7. So let me get this straight.. No fossil pokemon can be in a ball other than a pokeball?
  8. I have 31 boxes via PKHeX, and when i scroll to 31st box, my game freezes everytime. Any explanation why?
  9. Is it possible to transfer a pokemon from dream world/dream radar to pokebank/pokemon moon?
  10. @theSLAYER144 - Articuno - 8BF364349AE5.pk7 Invalid: Unable to match an encounter from origin game. Same error.. is this a glitch on pkhex's part or m i doing something wrong here?
  11. i didnt have my 3ds at that time. I just got it back..n it went through.. Its not hatched..i made it look like I caught it at level 10.. it went through.. thanks
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