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  1. Awesome. Thanks so much. Another thing I noticed.. I went in the encounter database and searched for chansey with the same original terra type as the one I have. The one generated via encounter database is legal and the one I legally caught is illegal even when the level, origin game, location, met level, obedience level, and all are the same.
  2. Sorry, I don't understand. Could you elaborate pls? Do I need to turn them off? Delete them? How do I fix this issue?
  3. So I am on a spree of collecting pokemon after beating the game. I almost filled a box up and wanted to edit pokeballs of the Terra-Mons to differentiate them from those found in overworld..to my surprise every pokemon I caught in caves has a red exclamation symbol and the error is: "Unable to match an encounter from origin game." When I check the encounter, I don't find anything out of the ordinary. I have attached the files below. PS: Terra-Mons found in over world(with sparkles) are fine and without any errors. I have the files posted below showing a terra chansey in cave with exclamation and a terra Mimikyu in overworld without an exclamation. Could someone please explain the issue within? Thanks so much. 778 - Mimikyu - 2853F0A8FC63.pk9 113 - Chansey - 3292F3C59EEA.pk9
  4. the sinistea I attached was caught legitimately in game without cheats. its an authentic one. I would like to edit it to have 31 in HP, ATK, SpAtk, SpDef and SPD. 28 in DEF and Make it star shiny with my OT, SID and TID. I used the overworld8 app and entered the legitimate PID it asks for, once the program gave me the new EC, PID, IVs, HT, and WT..entering it shows a green check on PKHEX, but as soon as I right click and set it, i get a red exclamation. If you ever get curious about antique sinistea again, i request you to please help me out with understanding it too.
  5. got it, thanks. good to know this way i dont waste my time getting shiny using edizon. Next question was the Sinistea.. I want an Antique Star Shiny Sinistea caught in glimwood Tangle to have 31 IV in HP, ATK, SpAtk, Spd, SpDef. 25-30IV in Def with my OT/SID/TID. I tried the overworld8 program but no matter what, it gives the red exclamation sign and the error is always PID mismatch even though I have changed IV, EC, PID, Ht, Wt as per overworld8 program. I would appreciate if i can get instructions on how to get it done? The sinistea is attached in my original message up top.
  6. I am currently filling in the gap between now and until SV releases so thought of picking up Sword. I am using Edizon cheats to catch specific shiny overworld/random/eggs/fossils/den pokemon. I have found a Dhelmise and Shiinotic and they both were flagged with the red exclamation, mentioning "encounter type PID mismatch. Is this a bug or is it flagged illegal because it is illegally acquired in game? how can I fix it? PS: Using the same edizon shiny cheat while hatching gives me a legal shiny, but flags it as illegal if its overworld or random in grass. the Edizon Cheat i am using: [Always Square Shiny Wild/Egg/Fossil Pokemon] 04000000 00766844 1400003A 04000000 00766854 14000036 04000000 007773C4 2A0103E9 [Always Star Shiny Wild/Egg/Fossil Pokemon] 04000000 00766844 1400003A 04000000 00766854 14000036 04000000 007773C4 52000C29 ALSO.. I am trying to make this Antique sinistea have 31 IV in HP, ATK, SpAtk, Spd, SpDef. and rest 25-30IV and be star shiny. I tried the overworld8 program to no avail. SO if I can get instructions on how to achieve this feat, I'd really appreciate it. 781 ★ - Dhelmise - 4075261EFBFD.pk8 756 ★ - Shiinotic - FB58B1458C9A.pk8 854-01 - Sinistea - AA5A32B682B6.pk8
  7. i see it now, i was using serebii and it shows TM05 as thunder punch for Groudon, didnt notice another TM for BDSP only. thanks for the prompt help!
  8. Giving Thunder Punch and Fire Punch to Groudon is flagging them as invalid moves even though it can learn them via TMs. how to fix the error? Thanks in Advance. 383 - Groudon - B6ABA56106D9.pb8
  9. Just to understand this better, are we allowed to inject a pokemon from pkhex to Home using this plugin?
  10. Awesome. Thanks so much for clarifying this. really appreciate this.
  11. EC? also I notice the program you gave me generated same PID for all three pokemon, and all three pokemon are evidently legal with same exact PID.
  12. Ok.. I think I understood it.. so PID, IVs, height, weight all weighs in on whether the pokemon will be shiny or not? Because as soon as I change the height and Weight, it gives me the exclamation mark.
  13. I actually got them from one of the files available on this website. no Idea where the original owner got them from. On topic, this thing worked!!! Kept the IVs Kept my SID Kept my TID Kept my OT Kept the square shiny!!!! thanks so much!!!!! really appreciate it
  14. Let me take a look at this.. i will probably have another question regarding this.. by the way, thanks for such a prompt reply.
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