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  1. Ah.. that makes more.. sense. not sure what N3dsXl ship with.. anyway. Again thanks for all the help thus far. If I need more when SmileHax comes around I'll make a new topic in the appropriate spot :3 ~Nat
  2. Sorry don't know how todo mentions lol. They didn't have any New 3Ds in stock anymore, the Hyrul one I'd seen is long gone. They would have been pretty good about the whole transfer thing, If I'd set it up needing a PC for the last step then doing it in shop would take very little if it's just transferring my NNID and the licences to what titles I had. That said lol can't do it if they don't got any. I've held a 2DS.. it.. horrible imho.. I'm not opposed to a hardmod but if I was going to that length then ya.. would rather do it on a newer unit for that much work. Am kick'n myself hard I didn't go for that Hyrule edition.. and the Monster Hunter um.. Generations? think it's properly called, not Unlimited.. is way too costly and coming out way too soon for me to be able to swing that.. maybe Craigslist or ebay? I mean.. I'd be giving up my beautiful metallic purple.. so I'd want something with at minimum a decent visual fidelity to seem worthy the loss of said beloved color in favor of the hardware an other improvements. ~Nat
  3. I bought/downloaded SmileBASIC last night. as mentioned, I don't have access to any other 3DS for the "secondary" exploit options. OoT on the HomeBrew wiki lists it works solo on my Firmware but ONLY for "New 3DS" not my Old one without the camera nub. No worries you're fine, I followed most of it <3. I don't really have the means to get a newer 3DS atm.. the new Monster Hunter Unlimited is apparently having an exclusive N3DSXL release to go with it, would love that but up here in Canada the new units are pretty much 300 after tax. Only reason I was considering the Hyrul one was cuz it was 160 used and with trading in my current one, would'a brought that down to 100 ish. that I could'a "one" in a pinch but as I don't work and am on Disability. would have made the rest of the month very tight. I think for now I will keep on curent firmware and delay any other firmware updates it trys to push for least a while. I don't play Online much at all so long as Y or few of my other instaleld games don't get pissy then that shouldn't be a problem. I am heading to the mall atm.. so I'll see if my EB has any other used New3DXls.. an their costs. Thank you both for such grate help, I know dealing with a easily confused noob who is already pretty "omfg what is what where do I start what do" .. can be pretty .. ickky. lol. but I really do appreciate it. ~Nat Edit: I also still can't log out of the forum..everytime I click its "Bad Gateway:"
  4. If i was gonna go through the trouble of a hard mod.. would rather be doing it on a newer 3ds.. had had an opportunity to grab the LOZ N3DSXL for about half of what it would cost new an I second guessed myself.. was gone the next day lol. I mean I love my purple one but Monster Hunter is a game I would like to play.. and it is imho very much not playable without that camera nib. Last time i did a CFW was on my old PSP (which died a battery leak). it was very straightforward.. can't recall what I used but sounds very close to the opthelper you mentioned where it did a check stage before attempting. and yes that is more true to the point Eshop support an such now that I've been reminded would be more so my worry of loss.. while the inability to re-sell the games back to a shop or someone else is bit of a snag, not having a small binder full of carts in my backpack is nice.. course the price of lot'a these is still pretty ouch lol. Kind'a interested in the FireEmblems but.. 60 bucks up here each. That aside yes.. though I don't think Y hasn't been updated in awhile it still as I mentioned Firmware checks.. maybe waiting might be an idea? I don't mean to sound wishywashy on doing a CFW as I know how nice those have the potential to be at least from a PSP and Wii perspective.. was fun making my own anime or game themes lol. Guess I'm also balencing how much I use my 3ds atm.. which is usually bit rare these days but I do pick it up at least once to three times a week at night before bed. Sorry to sound so indecisive. ~Nat
  5. My Local EB (GameStop) did not have Freaky Delux in stock an the system said nun within a 20km radius.. so if that root then online would be the option..that said. I did pick up a 20$ nintendo card, so I've enough I'll grab SB later to night.. I've seen a video of proof of concept.. so hopefully it will be up soon. (twitter page with the same handle as the listed author of the SmileHax on the homebrew wiki. but of course my consern would be it getting patched or such, there is a listed update for the program on the eshop if you search the program.. so it may already have been patched? honestly.. the idea of being able to back up saves and inport them to avoid any coruption like before is in and of it self a high point of interest.. but I'm so well. noob to it that I still don't quite get all the pro/con/risks. Arm9Loader is said to atm be fine for "updating" as the hack itself does not get overwritten somehow and is an altenrative boot mode? but the bottom line would be my digital copy of Poke Y at times does firmware check an if I'm not on current cuz I missed an update notification, it will not let me play till its updated. ~Nat Edit: also I can't seem to log out of the forum lol. keeps saying bad gate way
  6. Sorry for double post. wanted make sure ya saw the reply. it worked perfectely level 1 female Litwick with Ember and Astonish. Shinyy. its got a blue flame an the red star in the bottom left of its screen. Thank you soooo much for your help Ammako! Now on the other topic of actually getting homebrew on my ds.. I'm curious what steps I'd need to do. I've got enough Nintendo shop $ that I should beable to get the SmileBASIC that you and the others mentioned.. If I did get that, what would be the next steps? Could I then downgrade further to do something bit more permiant or would it be best to stick with something that only activated when I wanted to use it so not to potentially brick or lock out my 3ds? How would updates an the like work if I went either root after such? This was one of the posts I'd found https://www.reddit.com/r/3dshacks/comments/4iry4s/ which talks about a arm9loader thing.. but that has to be installed by down grading wayyy back or something. yet seems to suggest that updates are fine. though Ive no idea the diffrences between the NANDs it talks about and only that NAND is a kind of memory spot or something.. that then lead me to this guide https://github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki that talks about the steps to get it on my 3ds if I chose to do that.. but as staid How would that effect my ds? what would be the risks in terms of online interaction or potential lock out or bricking an the like. how would I keep things uptodate so they didn't get all mad and go "oi your firmware isn't __ you can't play me" ? ~Nat
  7. Got the egg. lol running around town to try an hatch it. ~Nat
  8. I've not got anything from her atm but I can try and get hold of her to do that first if that helps. ~Nat Edit: apprently she'd perfer if it had my id so if we do an egg that hatches off my id and I just send her the shiny litwick then that should work fine.
  9. Lol No worries I do that a lot in other programs an get all "ahhh shit.. i didn't hit enter again." meanwhile 2+ hours have past an my friend thinks I had some diabetic event and am twitching on my floor or some shit. Forgive my ignorance on such matters, I wasn't sure how it worked or such.. I've honestly never done much trading with any of the newer games, think "proper" trade I did was on hard BGC Crystal with the old cable and everything >///< Whichever way is easiest an will cause less issues honestly. Didn't know shiny chance or such was tied to any IDs.. just thought they were low RNG.. Either way It would be awesome to give her an egg and avoid the trade xp buff as you said so she can take her time with it an shape it how she likes. She plays wayyyy more than I do.. I mostly play around with Pokemon Shuffle before bed these days but would like to actually get somewhere in pokemon Y.. save got corrupted after a sys update so had to reset it while back which kind'a killed my drive so I only have my starter two or three caught poke and bunch of event ones. Added on my end :3 its only 7:30 here an I'm usually up till 1 or 2 ish. ~Nat
  10. Thank you all for the replies :3 From the lists mentioned only SmileBASIC would let me do it on my own.. I do not have access to any 3ds that was previously exploited to do any of the secondary methods. I got bit excited when I saw the smashbro one but then quickly realized it was for the new 3DS line not the old one. As mentioned it would be much easier to ask if someone would be willing to trade me something for the egg in question.. don't really anything that would be of equivalent value for a shiny though.. besides maybe my second event Celebi that was given lvl 100. the first one was lvl 10 and in my active party lol. my friend code .. if I found the right string lol. is 3196 - 4946 - 9700 Umi is the Mii I've registered as well me. SmileBasic for Canada is around 15 bucks or so.. plus tax for whatever stupid reason.. steam and PSN never charge me tax but Nintendose *grumble* That and I can't find any further information "how" to get that working or set up from the homebrew wiki page as there is no further link. ~Nat Edit: also if the "Trade xp boost" or how pokemon traded tend to grow faster. would be a thing regardless of who's ids the egg has.. then it having mine would be no problem.
  11. Thank you for the reply KonohaDaze, Yes to clarify I do NOT, currently have access to homebrew of any form on my Old 3DS device. This is part of my confusion as some web pages say it's possible to get it on my current firmware and others say it isn't. and nun are alll that clear on the steps or things I'd need to do it.. some talk about downgrading, others talk about having a spific game and someone else who already has homebrew channel.. One I found talked about making a actual hardware mod thing that let me dump my er.. Nand? as a backup file and also be able to replace it with a down grade to an older one.. of which then gets me a bit more confused as to how to keep that safe or usable with Poke Y as it being a Downloaded digital copy tends to at times check version an request I firmware update if there was one available that I'd missed the notification on. Second.. I'll admit I've not played pokemon in quite a while and as such was honestly not sure if Chandelure had a previous form. So a Egg with a shiny Litwick for her to train an play with an evolve on her own would be a corrected course of action. As said I'd like to purely just make it shiny, no haxoring or buffing or any such that might be construed as illegal to either my or her game and system. She does a lot of online play and I'd hate to be the cause of her system getting locked out if that is a thing. my further concern would be getting my own system locked out of the shop or other features which is why I'd hoped there was away to grab the save off the SD card and remove any software or os changes to the 3ds.. ^^;; honestly lol, I just wanted to surprise her with something nice that she actually f'n mentioned she wanted ~Nat
  12. Yep utterly confused noob here..(ignore my account age.. I utterly forgot I'd made it lol look me 5 registration attempts to notice it saying "your email is already registered") I've googled and browsed through the forum a bit but honestly I'm confused by lot of the conflicting results i've found so thought it simpler and quicker to just do this. I have a old Purple NA 3DS with latest pushed firmware 11.0.0-33U I have Pokemon Y was a downloaded installed game on the system not a cartridge. My goal was to make a egg and place it in my box containing a shiny Chandelure that a gf of mine wanted with legal base stats. no buffing or crazy shit just simply making it shiny and have it as an egg Eggs can still be traded right or was that never a thing and I'm on some bad memory trip? The idea of the egg was so when it hatched it would be her pokemon rather than mine IE her trainer ids no trade xp training buff so she could mold it how she wanted I thought an egg would also help prevent her (and me) getting flagged and banned from like anything net wise with pokemon.. as some of the pages I read said nintendo was doing that. What are the steps I can take to do this? my PC has a SD card reader and the game/saves are saved to said card. Lot'a pages said that doing it on the pc should work as it removes the 3ds system from the editing process.. others say that you need to have access to hombrue an whole host of other things to do it. Appreciate your time in reading this. ~Nat
  13. Wee thank you again D4rk <3 Rather odd though. I searched for it via advanced search but it never came up. =.=;; ~Natasha
  14. Hey all, had a quick question. was looking for the Winner's Path files for the poke-walker, I know it's listed in the event down loads but when I tried to down it. I get an error saying the page I was look'n for don't exist. can anyone give me a hand? ~Natasha
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