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  1. It might be interesting to look at the specific wording used in XY to describe the mega stones and their origin. I seem to remember that at some point when the player reaches Anistar city, professor Sycamore joins up and begins speaking about mega stones and their origins, comparing them to fire stones. It is, as of yet, really unclear what mega stones are exactly despite them being part of XY’s (albeit, extremely thin) plot. Also I’d be interested to see a direct translation of the Japanese text concerning the “Sinnoh myths” found in the library in DPP. Il serais à mon avis également fort intéressant de comparer la traduction française pour les éléments narratifs que j’ai mentionnés ci-haut.
  2. Ok fine, touché! “Their” doesn’t have to refer to something semantically plural. It can be used when the referent’s sex (or number) is unspecified. One of the entries in the Thesaurus for ”their" : belonging to or associated with a person of unspecified sex: she heard someone blow their nose loudly. I didn’t bother checking if the poster was male or female. Also online, you can never be sure so... (sorry) I'd also use a 3rd person pl. pronoun to refer to a single person, male or female or a party when I do not want to disclose any information about their identity in a confidential setting e.g., my client has agreed to your first proposal, but they are not willing to comply by the terms in the second proposal. “They" here might refer to one or more person or party, or even to a man or a woman. That being said, I ban theSlayer for using customized hacked moves that are not coded in the original game and corrupting people’s existence!
  3. I ban evandixon for using an “emoji" and being hypocritical in his rightfulness! Characters such emojis, an abomination of the XXIst century, are not part of standard written English. On top of it, he is correcting someone who was in turn correcting someone else for their, oh-not-so-flawless-grammar, when he himself errs by using abominable “emoji” punctuation!
  4. I second that. Ça serait bien intéressant de voir les différences textuelles et de les documentés. Je suppose que l’on découvrirait que le text japonais est beaucoup plus “libre” et moins “child friendly” à comparer de l'Anglais ou du Français qui se serait quant à lui fortement censuré et épuré de toutes références ressenties comme étant trop japonaises. Btw, did anyone ever make a complete text dump for xy oras & sun moon? I recall there being one for English but I’m not sure for the other languages?
  5. The purpose of this thread is to discuss, document and make public the resources available for RNG manipulation in Gen 7. Gen 7 RNG manipulation Ressources: RNG Calculators: wwwwwwzx's SMEncounterRNGTool Quandra’s PokemonSunMoonRNGTool For Mac users, jasenyoface has kindly made available a Wine bundle (v2.10a) for Quandra’s calculator, which can be downloaded here. NB.: You will require a timer for stationary and gift pokemon RNG manipulation. For Windows users, EonTimer is recommended. As another alternative, both Windows & Mac users can use emtimer (jap.). ***NEWS*** A port of wwwwwwzx's SMEncounterRNGTool and Quandra's PokemonSunMoonRNGTool is curently in development for web browsers. This will allow almost any device with a browser to run these calculators. It’s being developed by the same people who made pokeCalcNTR. You can access the project’s official GitHub link here. Other useful RNG manipulation tools: pokeCalcNTR is an overlay plugin that allows the user to view in real-time IVs, Nature, Seed, frames and much more in Sun & Moon. Plans are being made to make it compatible with Gen 6 as well. Do note however that in order to run this plugin you will require CFW, FBI and NTR Selector to be installed on your console. Also, you will need to have your copy of Sun or Moon on the latest firmware 1.1 in order for pokeCalcNTR to properly display the initial seed and current frame (otherwise “initial seed" will incorrectly be stuck on 0 while frames will remain fixed on a given number). Tutorials & other links of interest: This post shall be updated as new tools and ressources are made available.
  6. Not sure whether this is really a glitch. Did you retrieve the Silph Scope from beating the Rockets in the Game Corner? After you do this you are supposed to go and rescue Mr. Fuji from the Rockets in Lavender Tower. If you've done all of this and the guard is still there then, I would say the game is being glitchy.
  7. If I may add, the built-in IRC chat box isn't functioning for me. It just appears as a blank box.
  8. Pass powers I would imagine would mess up your PID frames. Plus the C-gear advances the frames by 25 if I remember correctly. But it sounds like you don't really care about the IVs and nature. Ahh... good luck with that one!
  9. O’ where art thou Ex-ef-far owner of the sacred files!? Saint Matt has called out to you many times and never you answereth his prayers. Perhaps I was wrong, perhaps our Lord Pokecheck will be no more… Alas, people have fallen to wicked and perverse ways through unconscientious editing and tricking of others. While we should hold in awe and deep reverence the wise ones that made editing possible, the ways of the people and what they did with the tool is pure evil. Heed well mine words now mine brethren, although Pokecheck is not there to bear witness and be judge, redness is rampant everywhere! Heed well mine words brethren, they who sin in illegality shall be judged when the Day of Worlds cometh! Disqualifications, save corruption, bad eggs, online bans and consoles purposefully stuck on old firmwares are the unholy punishment of the Devil for those in whose hearts laziness and trickery of others prevails! We the holy and pious ones suffer under a reign of terror and falsehood without you, our Lord Pokecheck! Yet amidst it all, remains a long forgotten craft, the holy art of RNG manipulation. Those who would be wise enough to crack it deemed it useless. Where is the glory they said? What good shall arise from this long and painful endeavor? It is a difficult road to thread, yes. O’ that evil AES! But all the tools are there, and it is the only thing left to be done… it must see the day! Hope is with me! My body is holy. I, am, legit!
  10. It's not that simple. From what I understood, Bond697 tried contacting xfr multiple times but to no avail. The guy seems to have just vanished off the face of the earth unless something else is going on that we don't know about. So everything has been left on stand still. It would seem that at the root of the problem lies the fact that xfr has all or most of the database's files.
  11. Ok, I don't know what is going on there. Somehow Gyarados lv.1-100 has the encounter slot 4 which probably means some other process is used to determine the level. Anyway, unfortunately I'm not sure how the game generates them. I guess you could research it on an emulator, but that might be long and tedious. I'm pretty sure some people around here know what is going on. I mean, someone out there had to test this before slapping Gyarados lv.1-100 under slot 4, right? Well, unless they didn't do their homework properly... If you ever do discover how the RNG produces these Gyarados I would appreciate it if you would let me know.
  12. I checked my encounter slots list for BW2 Gyarados and for some reason I cannot find it under Location #95 (i.e., Nature Preserve) but I assume it's like any other pokemon, and it has a specific encounter slot for a specific level. You might want to consider the fact that it is only found in "rippling water". I can't remember how the "rippling water" mechanic works though but it should be directly tied to the PID frames. So to answer your question, unfortunately I'm not sure what the deal is here. As an aside comment, if you do end up attempting RNG manipulation in the Nature Preserve, keep in mind that there is perpetual mist there and that this will cause the frames to skip in an erratic and unpredictable fashion making it hard to hit the desired frame. Let me know if you find an answer to your question.
  13. Every time you boot the game a new seed is generated so unless you can extract the save or feed the relevant data (PID, frames, etc.) to a calculator while the game is still running, you cannot determine the current state of the RNG. Actually ROP access (Web browser exploit) would be ideal for RNG manipulation purposes and is probably possible from what I hear. The only reason no one has worked on it is that most of the people with the technical know how deem RNG manipulation useless since we can now easily enough edit and breed legal/legit flawless pokemon. The logic behind that baffles me especially in light of the competitive scene of previous generations. A lot of people for instance would be fully willing to use the Web browser exploit strictly for RNG purposes as they had done in previous years using RNG calculators and Pokecheck (for SID). Editing your pokemon and RNG'ing them are two completely different things. Some people are willing to do one, but not the other. But let's not get into that here.
  14. I wouldn't be so sure about that. It is very likely that bad RAM edits could potentially cause save corruption or render the game unusable until the save is deleted. But the way PKHex is presently setup makes it difficult to produce data which is not stable in some way and could harm your save. Most of the edit options in the program, in appearance at least, seem relatively safe. Of course there is always a way to mess things up. If you carelessly fiddle with stuff like the flags, gender of your character (old PKHex) there is no saying what could happen. But in most case, you'd have to be pretty reckless, dumb, or be purposely screwing with the RAM to get the save corrupted. Then again, PKHex and the ROP access exploit force the software to do things it wasn't designed to do. Although they were extensively tested, there remains the very real possibility that errors could creep up.
  15. Unfortunatetly, it isn't that simple. Softwares, including update patches, on SD cards are linked to their respective consoles which means you can't simply swap SD cards around between 3DSs. Downloaded software/patches will only run on 3DS from which they were obtained. It simply won't work and I'm not sure what the best alternative is for you. As an aside, may I say I love the title of this thread "Update Ver. 1.4 is more fun". I'm having a real blast.
  16. I had the same thing happen to me on the 12th of March. The IP address was It apparently originates from the city of Jiaoqiao (Jiangxi) in China. Probably just a bot. Unless your password is really weak they probably will never get in.
  17. Same as last Gen V, the formula is apparently still seed = seed * 0x5d588b656c078965 + 0x0000000000269ec3 and there is a Mersenne twister. The XY RAM address for generating seed is 0011E550 (ExeFS); Seeding function for Mersenne Twister is 0011E5C8; and TinyMT PRNG is 00163CC4. This was discovered by Bond697 and Magical a while ago. See bottom of wiki: http://projectpokemon.org/wiki/Notable_Breakpoints#Pok.C3.A9mon_X_.2F_Y_.28U.29 Also, you might want to keep an eye on this thread: http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/xy-rng-research.3492890/. Bond697 edited his original post about 2 months ago only to add one sentence stating that RNG'ing in Gen VI "may come down to using a GPGPU program to (relatively)quickly find seeds in games that are already loaded and going from there." I imagine he thought no one would notice he had edited his now one year old post! Are you planning to work on this?
  18. I was talking about something more on along the lines of an obligatory system update without which you would be blocked from the browser. Not updating wouldn't fix your problem since the browser would still be locked anyways without the proper firmware in the same way as the Eshop was rendered unusable unless on firmware 9.5. In other words I was wondering whether Nintendo could just simply block the browser and in doing so, thoroughly stop the use of spider3dstools. Yes exactly. That's what I thought too. And as you probably are aware, it is kind of a weak point for piracy. It remains to be seen whether the Big N will catch on... Hopefully not.
  19. Sorry, let me rephrase better his question. Could Nintendo potentially block access to the browser if you didn't update to a newer system firmware? This would have to be a system firmware and not some simple Eshop patch thing as you say. Back in the early days of the 3DS, the browser, although present on the console needed to be unlocked via a system firmware update. It was unusable otherwise. I wonder if the same thing couldn't be done to potentially block hackers? Render the browser unusable until you update to later firmware and voilà, no more exploits! It's a good question. I don't want to lose RAM2sav...
  20. Nevermind the grand debate of whether RNG’ing is cheating or not. The point of this post was to know whether it would be possible to view the RNG state with spider3DSTools. It’s a fully legitimate question and I’ve actually been wondering the exact same thing ever since the new web browser exploit was released. By the looks of it, I assume it should be possible (given that the people-with-the-know-how would want to put the time and effort to work on it). However, don’t take my word for it. I’m no authority on the matter. I, for one, am genuinely interested in the prospects of RNG’ing in Gen VI, if only for the sake of research. I mean why the hell not at this point? If they can pull this one off too I will be utterly amazed.
  21. I'm curious, by what means do you expect we will be able to determine (in-game) the state of the RNG and the current initial seed?
  22. While what Kaphotics is saying is true to the best of my understanding, we may not need at all the initial seed. In this case it's an LCRNG. Even if the seed is generated by the AES MAC as Kaphotics says, it's still theoretically possible to find the current RNG state with enough known inputs. However, I was told that attempting to do so by doing a brute-force search, for instance, using the values of the Pokemon animations on the stat screen would be extremely difficult and take months to do. People have actually tried it and failed, or rather their means to do so failed them... Nevertheless, even if we could easily find the RNG state, there is no saying that it would be possible to yield desired results. Just the same, I'd like to hear what OmegaDonut and Slashmolder have to say about this now. A lot of progress has been made since the games have been decrypted and dumped. Those people who have access to the code surely know what would be the best way to look into this although they may quite understandably be reluctant to do so. Who knows, there might be shortcuts we are not aware of which would make the search quicker. GameSync data? Wifi packets? I dunno. I'm still optimistic about this although the picture admittedly does seems pretty bleak. As I was told countless times: "it will probably never happen". Anyway at this point, with the games decrypted, dumped and datamined there doesn't seem to be much constructive things left to do. Perhaps those with the "know how" will look into the possibilities of RNG'ing in Gen VI again? Or, maybe they simply won't...? : L
  23. Did you even read what I wrote and check the link I posted? Seems pretty clear why Pokecheck is in the state it is now. Also, who ever said they didn't care? These things take time to do. People are busy and have lives you know. I was told by Bond697 about a month ago that "some work had apparently been done" and that Pokecheck is not dead. But I don't feel comfortable talking about it since to be honest I'm no authority on the subject and I haven't the faintest clue exactly what has been done. Hence, to avoid saying something wrong, spreading false hopes or quite possibly vexing someone, I will refrain from speaking any further about this. Whether Pokecheck will ever come back or not is up to them ultimately, but it seems likely that it will at some point in some form. But take that with a grain of salt. If you guys want to know more about it, why don't you ask them yourselves?
  24. Mine brethren, do not utter such foul words, thy words are blasphemy!! Have ye not any faith in our Lord, he who can see the hearts of Pokemon, he who knows which are the spawn of the Devil and which are the legit children of God, born of true holy parents? Have ye not any hope comrades that the one true God shall return? Mine brethren, I tell ye this now, he shall return, he who can see through every pokemon’s heart, its PID, IVs, Nature, OT, Hatched/Met location, happiness level, and even the SID! Oh the SID! The writing will be bloody red if it is evil! And all shall know the Truth! They come, those who will bring back the Truth! There is hope!
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