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  1. I had exactly such a problem as well. Eventually I bruteforced the save to work with many tries. Then again, I think it has something to do with wiping your save clean and then loading up your old save again via jksm. Try the following: - Backup External Data, then wipe it and try again to load the save. - Start a save in the language your old save is, play till the you can save, save, then load your old save via jksm.
  2. Let's say I load my safe onto desmume, activate an action replay code there, encounter a legendary and then catch it. Will this legendary be in any way altered from a normal encounter? I'm not quite sure how these codes work, but afaik they should just remove the trigger that marked these pokemon as caught and so there should be no difference...
  3. It has trash bytes, but good luck getting an answer to the specifics. Yes, Pkhex does them automatically, that does not mean tho that they are legal. For pre Gen 6 use Pokegen for trash bytes, for Gen 6 and 7 maybe Kapho will answer one day. You can assume tho that pre Gen 6 trash bytes created by Pkhex are 100% not legal. Then again, Gamefreak does not care at all for this.
  4. PKHeX offers the ability to redo events but I'm not sure how the four gift/trade pokemon triggers are handled. I'm talking about the Porygon one and alike. Can someone share the values? Thanks.
  5. Well, today I installed menuhax homebrew via the browserexploit and randomized my Pokemon Y game. Also installed svdt and everything works basically (except online functionality ofc). If I would downgrade to 9.2 now and set up a separate firmware for online functionality, do I have to wipe all my achieved progress like menuhax first then? Also, is everything like hans and alike working on 9.2/custom firmware just as it is working right now or do I have to cut some functionality? And why is 9.4 not enough to set up custom firmwares? And why would you not recommend to follow this guide (https://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-getting-arm9loaderhax.417719/) to directly install arm9? Is it really that more risky?
  6. Let's say I stay on my firmware (9.4.0-21E) and buy a second 3DS for playing. Will there be any problems by using my old 3DS for genning in this case? ----> ---> 1. Is it likely that Sun/Moon will be able to be browser injected? 2. When I move my gamecard from my old 3DS to the new one and there update THE GAME to a new version, will this affect the usability of the game once i put it back into my old 3DS to gen? As far as I know patches only get saved on the SD card and not the game card itself, so it should work? 3. But if I dont transfer the SD card, will my progress be saved accross the two systems? 4. As far as I know the browser injection works off by accessing a website hosted by project pokemon. In case this service gets taken down, where can I access these files to setup an own little server for my needs just in case? 5. Let's say I install homebrew on my current version and then firmwareupdate, will I no longer be able to access homebrew even after being installed? You say you gotta make a custom rom, but I guess that severly hinders your online compatability of your system? Or is the custom firmware separate to your real firmware?
  7. I'm still on the firmwareversion from browser-exploit-times and will update now. What is the current method of pokemon injection? Thanks for your information.
  8. Last time I made use out of save editing I used the browser method, one of the first ones of this generations. The exploit was fixed ages ago and my DS is still on that firmware to this day because I didn't want to give up the possebility to edit saves. So, what is the current situation? Is there an equally easy exploit available these days? I don't like stuff that directly modifies your firmware/operation system. Thanks for your help.
  9. Last time I was dealing with Hacking in Generation 6 was when the Browser injection exploit existed. As we all know, it worked like a charm. Hence, I did not update my 3DS when a fix was announced. Unfortunately, I can't play online with this version anymore, which kinda turned me away from the game completely. So, is there a new convincing way to inject with current versions, maintaining online functionality? Greetings.
  10. When a Pokemon had the same abilities in slot 1 and 2 in gen 5 downwards, the counter always resets to 1 while poke moving. That is the reason.
  11. Can I just inject extracted XY boxes into an ORAS savestate or will that damage the game?
  12. How can i find out if my 3DS is nand? My Version is 9.4.0-21E and it's a standard (not XL) 3DS from about winter 2013. Im asking this since I'd buy a card reader tomorrow but only if it should work.
  13. N

    "Link Trade"-location

    There are three locations concerning "Link Trade": "Link Trade" "Link Trade (2)" "Link Trade (G4)" Is my assumption right, that "Link Trade (G4)" refers to egg trades in gen 4 (on a gen 5 .pkm-file) and is hence the correct location for a to Generation 5 transfered Shiny Ranger Manaphy? In which cases you use the other two locations? What is the difference? Thanks.
  14. In Japanese Pokemon Games there are special characters for latin letters (so called "Fullwidth Latin Letter" - e. g.: "P"), when you nickname or set a OT. Is this also the case for Korean game versions when you nickname a Pokemon/name yourself as a trainer (OT)? Thanks for the help.
  15. N

    Encounter Type

    Hello, the Encounter Type is important for Gen 4 and 3 Pokemon. For Gen 5 you just select the Shaymin one. My questions: 1. Does the Encounter Type resets when u transfer a Gen 4/3 Pokemon to Gen 5? 2. Does the Encounter Type resets when u transfer a Gen 4/3 Pokemon to Gen 6? 3. What is the Encounter Type for Gen 3 Pokemon (with a fateful encounter) to select in PokeGen for a transfered Gen 5 File? Thanks a lot.
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