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  1. Here I have some Codes or Action Replays that work in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. I hope you enjoy it! North America/USA ID: 0004000000174600 [Max Money (Press X+Y)] DD000000 00000C00 00A14AC8 0001869F [1st Member (Hero/Leader) Pokémon: Stats] 10A130D0 00000XXX HP 10A130D4 00000XXX 20A13104 000000YY Attack 20A13108 000000YY 20A1310C 000000YY Defense 20A13110 000000YY 20A13114 000000YY Sp. Attack 20A13118 000000YY 20A1311C 000000YY Sp. Defense 20A13120 000000YY 20A1313C 000000YY Speed 20A13140 000000YY [2nd Member (Partner) Pokémon: Stats] 10A131D8 00000XXX HP 10A131DC 00000XXX 20A1320C 000000YY Attack 20A13210 000000YY 20A13214 000000YY Defense 20A13218 000000YY 20A1321C 000000YY Sp. Attack 20A13220 000000YY 20A13224 000000YY Sp. Defense 20A13228 000000YY 20A13244 000000YY Speed 20A13248 000000YY [3rd Member Pokémon: Stats] 10A132E0 00000XXX HP 10A132E4 00000XXX 20A13314 000000YY Attack 20A13318 000000YY 20A1331C 000000YY Defense 20A13320 000000YY 20A13324 000000YY Sp. Attack 20A13328 000000YY 20A1332C 000000YY Sp. Defense 20A13330 000000YY 20A1334C 000000YY Speed 20A13350 000000YY [1st Member (Hero/Leader) Pokémon: Move Modifier] 10A13174 00000ZZZ 10A13180 00000ZZZ 10A1318C 00000ZZZ 10A13198 00000ZZZ [2nd Member (Partner) Pokémon: Move Modifier] 10A1327C 00000ZZZ 10A13288 00000ZZZ 10A13294 00000ZZZ 10A132A0 00000ZZZ [3rd Member Pokémon: Move Modifier] 10A13384 00000ZZZ 10A13390 00000ZZZ 10A1339C 00000ZZZ 10A133A8 00000ZZZ [Team: MAX Exp] 00A130E4 004C4B40 00A131EC 004C4B40 00A132F4 004C4B40 [Team: 0 Exp] 00A130E4 00000000 00A131EC 00000000 00A132F4 00000000 [Team: Max Belly (Press L+R)] DD000000 00000300 10A130D8 00004E20 10A131E0 00004E20 10A132E8 00004E20 D0000000 00000000 [Team: Refill PP (Press L+B)] DD000000 00000202 20A13178 00000063 20A13184 00000063 20A13190 00000063 20A1319C 00000063 20A13280 00000063 20A1328C 00000063 20A13298 00000063 20A132A4 00000063 20A13388 00000063 20A13394 00000063 20A133A0 00000063 20A133AC 00000063 D0000000 00000000 [9999 Gold Bars] 00A14AD8 0000270F [Max Team Points] 00A150D4 000FF0B4 Europe/EUR/PAL ID: 0004000000174400 [Infinite Money (Press X+Y)] DD000000 00000C00 00A19588 0001869F [1st Member (Hero/Leader) Pokémon: Stats] 10A17B90 00000XXX HP 10A17B94 00000XXX 20A17BC4 000000YY Attack 20A17BC8 000000YY 20A17BCC 000000YY Defense 20A17BD0 000000YY 20A17BD4 000000YY Sp. Attack 20A17BD8 000000YY 20A17BDC 000000YY Sp. Defense 20A17BE0 000000YY 20A17BFC 000000YY Speed 20A17C00 000000YY [2nd Member (Partner) Pokémon: Stats] 10A17C98 00000XXX HP 10A17C9C 00000XXX 20A17CCC 000000YY Attack 20A17CD0 000000YY 20A17CD4 000000YY Defense 20A17CD8 000000YY 20A17CDC 000000YY Sp. Attack 20A17CE0 000000YY 20A17CE4 000000YY Sp. Defense 20A17CE8 000000YY 20A17D04 000000YY Speed 20A17D08 000000YY [3rd Member Pokémon: Stats] 10A17DA0 00000XXX HP 10A17DA4 00000XXX 20A17DD4 000000YY Attack 20A17DD8 000000YY 20A17DDC 000000YY Defense 20A17DE0 000000YY 20A17DE4 000000YY Sp. Attack 20A17DE8 000000YY 20A17DEC 000000YY Sp. Defense 20A17DF0 000000YY 20A17E0C 000000YY Speed 20A17E10 000000YY [1st Member (Hero/Leader) Pokémon: Move Modifier] 10A17C34 00000ZZZ 10A17C40 00000ZZZ 10A17C4C 00000ZZZ 10A17C58 00000ZZZ [2nd Member (Partner) Pokémon: Move Modifier] 10A17D3C 00000ZZZ 10A17D48 00000ZZZ 10A17D54 00000ZZZ 10A17D60 00000ZZZ [3rd Member Pokémon: Move Modifier] 10A17E44 00000ZZZ 10A17E50 00000ZZZ 10A17E5C 00000ZZZ 10A17E68 00000ZZZ [Team: MAX Exp] 00A17BA4 004C4B40 00A17CAC 004C4B40 00A17DB4 004C4B40 [Team: 0 Exp] 00A17BA4 00000000 00A17CAC 00000000 00A17DB4 00000000 [Team: Max Belly (Press L+R)] DD000000 00000300 10A17B98 00004E20 10A17CA0 00004E20 10A17DA8 00004E20 D0000000 00000000 [Team: Refill PP (Press L+B)] DD000000 00000202 20A17C38 00000063 20A17C44 00000063 20A17C50 00000063 20A17C5C 00000063 20A17D40 00000063 20A17D4C 00000063 20A17D58 00000063 20A17D64 00000063 20A17E48 00000063 20A17E54 00000063 20A17E60 00000063 20A17E6C 00000063 D0000000 00000000 [9999 Gold Bars] 00A19598 0000270F [Max Team Points] 00A19B94 000FF0B4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XXX - HPs Digits. Examples: 000 = 0 HP 064 = 100 HP 0C8 = 200 HP 12C = 300 HP 190 = 400 HP 1F4 = 500 HP (Max HP in the Game!) YY - Stats Digits. Example: 00 = 0 Stat (Lowest Stat) 19 = 25 Stat 32 = 50 Stat 4B = 75 Stat FF = 255 Stat (Max Stat) ZZZ - Moves Digits Here are some digits. 000 No Move 001 Pound 002 Karate Chop 003 DoubleSlap 004 Comet Punch 005 Mega Punch 006 Pay Day 007 Fire Punch 008 Ice Punch 009 Thunderpunch 00A Scratch 00B Vicegrip 00C Guillotine 00D Razor Wind 00E Swords Dance 00F Cut 010 Gust 011 Wing Attack 012 Whirlwind 013 Fly 014 Bind 015 Slam 016 Vine Whip 017 Stopm 018 Double Kick 019 Mega Kick 01A Jump Kick 01B Rolling Kick 01C Sand-Attack 01D Headbutt 01E Horn Attack 01F Fury Attack 020 Horn Drill 021 Tackle 022 Body Slam 023 Wrap 024 Take Down 025 Thrash 026 Double-Edge 027 Tail Whip 028 Poisoh Sting 029 Twineedle 02A Pin Missile 02B Leer 02C Bite 02D Growl 02E Roar 02F Sing 030 Supersonic 031 Sonicboom 032 Disable 033 Acid 034 Ember 035 Flamethrower 036 Mist 037 Water Gun 038 Hydro Pump 039 Surf 03A Ice Beam 03B Blizzard 03C Psybeam 03D Bubblebeam 03E Aurora Beam 03F Hyper Beam 040 Peck 041 Drill Peck 042 Submission 043 Low Kick 044 Counter 045 Seismic Toss 046 Strength 047 Absorb 048 Mega Drain 049 Leech Seed 04A Growth 04B Razor Leaf 04C Solarbeam 04D Poisonpowder 04E Stun Spore 04F Sleep Powder 050 Petal Dance 051 String Shot 052 Dragon Rage 053 Fire Spin 054 Thundershock 055 Thunderbolt 056 Thunderwave 057 Thunder 058 Rock Throw 059 Earthquake 05A Fissure 05B Dig 05C Toxic 05D Confusion 05E Psychic 05F Hypnosis 060 Meditate 061 Agility 062 Quick Attack 063 Rage 064 Teleport 065 Night Shade 066 Mimic 067 Screech 068 Double Team 069 Recover 06A Harden 06B Minimize 06C Smokescreen 06D Confuse Ray 06E Withdraw 06F Defense Curl 070 Barrier 071 Light Screen 072 Haze 073 Reflect 074 Focus Energy 075 Bide 076 Metronome 077 Mirror Move 078 Selfdestruct 079 Egg Bomb 07A Lick 07B Smog 07C Sludge 07D Bone Club 07E Fire Blast 07F Waterfall 080 Clamp 081 Swift 082 Skull Bash 083 Spike Canon 084 Constrict 085 Amnesia 086 Kinesis 087 Softbiled 088 Hi Jump Kick 089 Glare 08A Dream Eater 08B Poison Gas 08C Barrage 08D Leech Life 08E Lovely Kiss 08F Sky Attack 090 Transform 091 Bubble 092 Dizzy Punch 093 Spore 094 Flash 095 Psywave 096 Splash 097 Acid Armor 098 Crabhammer 099 Explosion 09A Fury Swipes 09B Bonemerang 09C Rest 09D Rock Slide 09E Hyper Fang 09F Sharpen 0A0 Conversion 0A1 Tri Attack 0A2 Super Fang 0A3 Slash 0A4 Substitute 0A5 Struggle 0A6 Sketch 0A7 Triple Kick 0A8 Thief 0A9 Spider Web 0AA Mind Reader 0AB Nightmare 0AC Flame Wheel 0AD Snore 0AE Curse 0AF Flail 0B0 Conversion 2 0B1 Aeroblast 0B2 Cotton Spore 0B3 Reversal 0B4 Spite 0B5 Powder Snow 0B6 Protect 0B7 Mach Punch 0B8 Scary Face 0B9 Faint Attack 0BA Sweet Kiss 0BB Belly Drum 0BC Sludge Bomb 0BD Mud-Slap 0BE Octazooka 0BF Spikes 0C0 Zap Cannon 0C1 Foresight 0C2 Destiny Bond 0C3 Perish Song 0C4 Icy Wind 0C5 Detect 0C6 Bone Rush 0C7 Lock-On 0C8 Outrage 0C9 Sandstorm 0CA Giga Drain 0CB Endure 0CC Charm 0CD Rollout 0CE False Swipe 0CF Swagger 0D0 Milk Drink 0D1 Spark 0D2 Fury Cutter 0D3 Steel Wing 0D4 Mean Look 0D5 Attract 0D6 Sleep Talk 0D7 Heal Bell 0D8 Return 0D9 Present 0DA Frustration 0DB Safeguard 0DC Pain Split 0DD Sacred Fire 0DE Magnitude 0DF Dynamicpunch 0E0 Megahorn 0E1 Dragonbreath 0E2 Baton Pass 0E3 Encore 0E4 Pursuit 0E5 Rapid Spin 0E6 Sweet Scent 0E7 Iron Tail 0E8 Metal Claw 0E9 Vital Throw 0EA Morning Sun 0EB Synthesis 0EC Moonlight 0ED Hidden Power 0EE Cross Chop 0EF Twister 0F0 Rain Dance 0F1 Sunny Day 0F2 Crunch 0F3 Mirror Coat 0F4 Psych Up 0F5 Extremespeed 0F6 Ancientpower 0F7 Shadow Ball 0F8 Future Sight 0F9 Rock Snash 0FA Whirlpool 0FB Beat Up 0FC Fake Out 0FD Uproar 0FE Stockpile 0FF Spit Up 100 Swallow 101 Heat Wave 102 Hail 103 Torment 104 Flatter 105 Will-O-Wisp 106 Memento 107 Facade 108 Focus Punch 109 Smellingsalt 10A Follow Me 10B Nature Power 10C Charge 10D Taunt 10E Helping Hand 10F Trick 110 Role Play 111 Wish 112 Assist 113 Ingrain 114 Superpower 115 Magic Coat 116 Recycle 117 Revenge 118 Brick Break 119 Yawn 11A Knock Off 11B Endeavor 11C Eruption 11D Skill Swap 11E Imprison 11F Refresh 120 Grudge 121 Snatch 122 Secret Power 123 Dive 124 Arm Thrust 125 Camoflauge 126 Tail Glow 127 Luster Purge 128 Mist Ball 129 Featherdance 12A Teeter Dance 12B Blaze Kick 12C Mud Sport 12D Ice Ball 12E Needle Arm 12F Slack Off 130 Hyper Voice 131 Poison Fang 132 Crush Claw 133 Blast Burn 134 Hydro Cannon 135 Meteor Mash 136 Astonish 137 Weatherball 138 Aromatherapy 139 Fake Tears 13A Air Cutter 13B Overheat 13C Odor Sleuth 13D Rock Tomb 13E Silver Wind 13F Metal Sound 140 Grasswhistle 141 Tickle 142 Cosmic Power 143 Water Spout 144 Signal Beam 145 Shadow Punch 146 Extrasensory 147 Sky Uppercut 148 Sand Tomb 149 Sheer Cold 14A Muddy Water 14B Bullet Seed 14C Aerial Ace 14D Icicle Spear 14E Iron Defense 14F Block 150 Howl 151 Dragon Claw 152 Frenzy Plant 153 Bulk Up 154 Bounce 155 Mud Shot 156 Poison Tail 157 Covet 158 Volt Tackle 159 Magical Leaf 15A Water Sport 15B Calm Mind 15C Leaf Blade 15D Dragon Dance 15E Rock Blast 15F Shock Wave 160 Water Pulse 161 Doom Desire 162 Psycho Boost 163 Roost 164 Gravity 165 Miracle Eye 166 Wake-Up Slap 167 Hammer Arm 168 Gyro Ball 169 Healing Wish 16A Brine 16B Natural Gift 16C Feint 16D Pluck 16E Tailwind 16F Acupressure 170 Metal Burst 171 U-Turn 172 Close Combat 173 Payback 174 Assurance 175 Embargo 176 Fling 177 Psycho Shift 178 Trump Card 179 Heal Block 17A Wring Out 17B Power Trick 17C Gastro Acid 17D Lucky Chant 17E Me First 17F Copycat 180 Power Swap 181 Guard Swap 182 Punishment 183 Last Resort 184 Worry Seed 185 Sucker Punch 186 Toxic Spikes 187 Heart Swap 188 Aqua Ring 189 Magnet Rise 18A Flare Blitz 18B Force Palm 18C Aura Sphere 18D Rock Polish 18E Poison Jab 18F Dark Pulse 190 Night Slash 191 Aqua Tail 192 Seed Bomb 193 Air Slash 194 X-Scissor 195 Bug Buzz 196 Dragon Pulse 197 Dragon Rush 198 Power Gem 199 Drain Punch 19A Vacuum Wave 19B Focus Blast 19C Energy Ball 19D Brave Bird 19E Earth Power 19F Switcheroo 1A0 Giga Impact 1A1 Nasty Plot 1A2 Bullet Punch 1A3 Avalanche 1A4 Ice Shard 1A5 Shadow Claw 1A6 Thunder Fang 1A7 Ice Fang 1A8 Fire Fang 1A9 Shadow Sneak 1AA Mud Bomb 1AB Psycho Cut 1AC Zen Headbutt 1AD Mirror Shot 1AE Flash Cannon 1AF Rock Climb 1B0 Defog 1B1 Trick Room 1B2 Draco Meteor 1B3 Discharge 1B4 Lava Plume 1B5 Leaf Storm 1B6 Power Whip 1B7 Rock Wrecker 1B8 Cross Poison 1B9 Gunk Shot 1BA Iron Head 1BB Magnet Bomb 1BC Stone Edge 1BD Captivate 1BE Stealth Rock 1BF Grass Knot 1C0 Chatter 1C1 Judgement 1C2 Bug Bite 1C3 Charge Beam 1C4 Wood Hammer 1C5 Aqua Jet 1C6 Attack Order 1C7 Defend Order 1C8 Heal Order 1C9 Head Smash 1CA Double Hit 1CB Roar of Time 1CC Spacial Rend 1CD Lunar Dance 1CE Crush Grip 1CF Magma Storm 1D0 Dark Void 1D1 Seed Flare 1D2 Ominous Wind 1D3 Shadow Force 1D4 Hone Claws 1D5 Wide Guard 1D6 Guard Split 1D7 Power Split 1D8 Wonder Room 1D9 Psyshock 1DA Venoshock 1DB Autotomize 1DC Rage Powder 1DD Telekinesis 1DE Magic Room 1DF Smack Down 1E0 Storm Throw 1E1 Flame Burst 1E2 Sludge Wave 1E3 Quiver Dance 1E4 Heavy Slam 1E5 Synchronoise 1E6 Electro Ball 1E7 Soak 1E8 Flame Charge 1E9 Coil 1EA Low Sweep 1EB Acid Spray 1EC Foul Play 1ED Simple Beam 1EE Entrainment 1EF After You 1F0 Round 1F1 Echoed Voice 1F2 Chip Away 1F3 Clear Smog 1F4 Stored Power 1F5 Quick Guard 1F6 Ally Switch 1F7 Scald 1F8 Shell Smash 1F9 Heal Pulse 1FA Hex 1FB Sky Drop 1FC Shift Gear 1FD Circle Throw 1FE Incinerate 1FF Quash 200 Acrobatics 201 Reflect Type 202 Retaliate 203 Final Gambit 204 Bestow 205 Inferno 206 Water Pledge 207 Fire Pledge 208 Grass Pledge 209 Volt Switch 20A Struggle Bug 20B Bulldoze 20C Frost Breath 20D Dragon Tail 20E Work Up 20F Electroweb 210 Wild Charge 211 Drill Run 212 Dual Chop 213 Heart Stamp 214 Horn Leech 215 Sacred Sword 216 Razor Shell 217 Heat Crash 218 Leaf Tornado 219 Steamroller 21A Cotton Guard 21B Night Daze 21C Psystrike 21D Tail Slap 21E Hurricane 21F Head Charge 220 Gear Grind 221 Searing Shot 222 Techno Blast 223 Relic Song 224 Secret Sword 225 Glaciate 226 Bolt Strike 227 Blue Flare 228 Fiery Dance 229 Freeze Shock 22A Ice Burn 22B Snarl 22C Icicle Crash 22D V-Create 22E Fusion Flare 22F Fusion Bolt
  2. The harmony scarves are very special scarves featured in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Their origins are mysterious, and only some of the backstory is revealed later in the game. We can learn a little more through data mining at least. Thanks to SPICA, a tool made by @Reisyukaku and gdkchan that can open BCH models, we can see the in-game representation of the scarves. In the game's ROM, there's an archive file called gimmick_graphic_unpack.bin. Inside it, there's some models for the scarves, named scarf01.bch through scarf05.bch. Here's the one we see in-game: scarf01.bch While this is pretty cool, it doesn't show much more than we can see from the illustration shown at the top of this post. The other files show us the actual pattern: scarf02.bch The other scarf files, scarf03.bch through scarf05.bch look just like scarf02.bch. It's possible that plans to show more of the scarves were cut for whatever reason. Here are the raw textures for each model: scarf01.bch's Texture scarf02.bch's Texture
  3. I am a native English speaker, but I study French on the side. One day, I thought to myself, "Why not try playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon in French?" So I did. I started with Explorers of Sky, and there's not really much to say about it besides practicing reading a foreign language while learning one really helps. When Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon came out, I lost interest in that playthrough and moved on. While the French Explorers of Sky (Explorateurs du Ciel) was pretty straightforward translation that said more-or-less the same thing as its English counterpart, in Super Mystery Dungeon (Pokémon Méga Donjon Mystère) it's clear that the team took a few liberties... and it worked out great, especially in comparison to the English translation, where at some points there's obvious errors in translation. I'm going to point out a few of my favorite differences, including the English text, the French text, and my best loose translation of the French text back into English (literal translations are hard to read, so oftentimes loose translations are better). This post contains unmarked spoilers. Stop reading now if you have not played the game and want to avoid spoilers. 1. Realizing you're a child English Nuzleaf: Why, your childish pranks even got me caught up in your mess, I reckon! Hero: (Childish pranks? Do I look like a child or something to the Pokémon in this world...?) French Pifeuil: Heu là ! Avec tes bêtises, me v'là embringué dans des histoires de gamin ! Héro: (De... de gamin ? Est-ce que je suis un Pokémon enfant, dans ce monde ?) French -> English Nuzleaf: Why, your nonsense got me caught up in the business of a child! Hero: (Of... of a child? Am I a Pokémon child in this world?) This difference is a minor one, but shows that instead of simply looking like a child, you've become one. Gates to Infinity's English translation did the same thing: you think to yourself about how you look like a Pokemon, rather than thinking how you've become one; however, I don't know off-hand what the French version says. 2. Entering Foreboding Forest English Pancham: [To hero] Where'd you come from? You're not from the village. Pancham: What's the matter? Skitty got your tongue? Shelmet: Well, no one's gonna understand you if you don't ever speak up. French Pandespiègle: D'où tu sors ? T'es pas un gamin du village, ça c'est sûr. Pandespiègle: ... Bah alors ? T'as perdu ta langue ? Escargaume: Tu sais, y'a un truc qu s'appelle « communiquer ». C'est pratique. French -> English Pancham: Where did you come from? You're not a child from the village, that's for sure. Pancham: ... So? Have you lost your tongue? Shelmet: You know, there's this thing called "communication". It's useful. It took an extra few months for the European version to be released, presumably to perfect the non-English translations. I say it certainly shows with things like this. 3. School Life: Evolution English Audino: All right, children! It's time for health class. Audino: Today we will be learning about evolving. Shelmet: What? Evolution?! Partner: Isn't that, like, maturing quickly? Pancham: What are you talking about? Don't you know what Evolution is? Pancham: Evolving just means that you get bigger. I for one want to get bigger. Audino: Well... That's one way to sum it up, yes. Goomy: What? We'll get bigger?! Audino: It's not only your bodies growing larger, though. It causes many other changes. Audino: Evolving does bring you closer to being an adult... so in that sense... Audino: [Partner]'s assumptions are not entirely off base. Deerling: (What's that supposed to mean?) French Nanméouïe : C'est l'heure du cours de sciences ! Nanméouïe : Aujourd'hui, les enfants, je vais vous parler de l'évolution. Escargaume: Lévo... l'évolu-quoi ? La Partenaire: L'ébullition ? Genre quand ça bout et qu'il y a des bulles ? Pandespiégle: Pfff, n'importe quoi ! T'es complètement à l'ouest ! Pandespiègle: L'évolution, c'est quand tu deviens un grand Pokémon balèze ! Ça me fait trop envie ! Nanméouïe: Hé bien... oui, on peut voir ça comme ça. Mucuscule: C'est vrai, on peut devenir plus grand ? Nanméouïe: Oui, sauf que l'évolution ne concerne pas que la taille, mais aussi bien d'autres aspects. Nanméouïe: Elle permet en quelque sorte de devenir adulte... Votre corps bouillonne... Nanméouïe: [La Partenaire] n'avait pas tout à fait tort en parlant d'ébullition, en fait ! Vivaldaim: (Je ne vois pas trop le rapport, mais si Madame Nanméouïe le dit...) French -> English Audino: It's time for science class! Audino: Today, children, we're going to talk about evolution. Shelmet: Evo... evolu-what? The Partner: Boiling? Like when it boils and there's bubbles? [Note: the difference between the words for "boiling" and "evolution" is the same as the difference between "b" and "v"] Pancham: Pfff, whatever! That's completely wrong! Pancham: Evolution, that's when you become a big strong Pokémon. That makes me want to evolve too! Audino: Well, yes. One could see it like that. Goomy: That's true, you can become bigger? Audino: Yes, except evolution is not just about size, but also a bunch of other aspects. Audino: It allows you in some way to become an adult... your body boiling/seething... Audino: [The Partner] is not entirely mistaken when talking about boiling, in fact! Deerling: (I don't see how that relates, but if Mrs. Audino says so...) This is probably my favorite. Too bad this joke just doesn't work in English (and that the English translation team missed out on opportunities like this). 4. School Life: The Temperature English [The bell sounds] Goomy: Phew! I thought today would never end! Pancham: It's a real drag lately, huh? And it's been so crazy hot all the time. The Partner: Yeah. When it gets this hot, I feel feverish and my brain gets flunky! Shelmet: Your brain gets "flunky," huh? More like you're kind of flaky, [Partner]! Espur: [Partner], I don't think that's the word choice you were going for. French Mucuscule: Pfiouuu, c'est enfin fini ! Pandespiègle: J'suis trop crevé... Vous trouvez pas qu'y fait super chaud ? La Partenaire: Ouais... Il fait vraiment chaud, c'est la faute du « réchauffage climatique » ! Escargaume: Bouahaha ! Mais quelle gourde ! Elle sait même pas parler correctement ! Espur: Mais non, [Partner], on dit le « réchauffement climatique ». French -> English Goomy: Phew, it's finally here! [Summer vacation] Pancham: I'm so exausted... Do you not find that it's super hot? The Partner: Yeah, it's really hot; it's the fault of "global reheating"! Shelmet: Hahaha! What a blockhead! She doesn't even know how to speak correctly! Espur: No, [Partner], it's called "global warming". As an inexperienced French reader, this is the same kind of mistake I'd probably make. Note the difference in the suffix of "réchauffage" and "réchauffement". "-age" is more in the context of cooking, while "-ment" is what she meant. Also, in case you didn't know, the French translation assumes the player to be male and the partner to be female (hence Shelmet referring to the partner as "she"). This is because there's not that much wiggle room to control what the characters say in response to the gender of the player and partner. Items Most of the item names are more-or-less the same in both languages. A few of the emera's stand out. The Type Bulldozer is an "Ignore-Type", which doesn't sound as cool in my opinion. They make up for it by making the Toughness Emera the "Esprit Tenace", or Tenacious Spirit, which is way cooler. There's various other differences, but these stood out to me. Overall, both translations do the game justice, and the partner is just as adorable in both. ("[Hero]! Good mor-ning!" and "Ohé, [Héro] ! Coucooou !"). Hopefully this was an interesting read. If anyone who's more experienced in French found I made any mistakes in the translations, feel free to let me know. [Upon learning the Nexus is destroyed regularly] English: "(From what I saw yesterday, I can imagine...)", French: "(Eh ben, la vie n'est pas facile pour ce pauvre Pilier Atlas...)", French->English: "(Oh, well, life is not easy for the poor Pokémon Nexus)".
  4. I just finished rewatching Gurren Lagann and noticed there's quite a few similarities between the final bosses of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon and Gurren Lagann. It should go without saying there's major spoilers for both in this post. The Boss Hive mind of many different entities (bad thoughts and emotions in PSMD, the people of the Anti-Spiral home-world in Gurren Lagann) Speaks in an all-present voice to lower the hero's morale (when I first played PSMD, I imagined Dark Matter's voice as the Anti-Spiral's for some reason) Seeks to annihilate all life on Earth Earth lost to the boss many generations before to the story (in PSMD they kinda defeated Dark Matter, but failed since it would be a problem again) Until just a few days before the final battle, is unknown to the majority of characters in the story Has the power to "permanently" immobilize people in another dimension that's actually possible to escape from (the Voidlands in PSMD, "extra-dimensional space, trapped in a series of universes that are created instant to instant as they are perceived" in Gurren Lagann) The Battle Reached after an almost non-stop series of smaller battles (starting when going to Revelation Mountain the second time in PSMD, started when departing Earth in Gurren Lagann) Sacrifices are made to get the heroes to the final battle (they're less permanent in PSMD though) Takes place in another, space-themed dimension (whatever it is in PSMD and "a super-spiral universe where thought is given form" in Gurren Lagann) At least one hero was present in the first battle generations ago (Mew and possibly you in PSMD, Lord Genome in Gurren Lagann) A former enemy is present to help (Nuzleaf, Yveltal, and the Beheeyem in PSMD, Viral in Gurren Lagann) The heroes fight with a bigger, more powerful form (evolved forms and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) The finishing blow was dealt with the form available from the start (unevolved forms and Lagann) Different themes play during the first and last parts of the battle, the first of which gives the impression of how serious it is and how impossible it should be, the second of which gives the impression of hope and how certain the heroes' success is Everyone on Earth is able to watch and cheer the heroes on (despite most if not all Pokémon having been turned to stone in PSMD) Upon being defeated, the boss talks about keeping the world safe in the future, which is agreed to (the potential for Dark Matter to return averted by Mew in PSMD, Simone agreeing to keep the universe safe from the spiral nemesis in Gurren Lagann) The End Getting a wireless call from a friend almost immediately after the battle, reporting about how everyone's OK (from Dedenne and Rossiu) Returning home The partner/Neia disappear after hanging on a little longer than originally intended Emotions are experienced The hero returns to his passion (expeditions in PSMD, digging tunnels in Gurren Lagann) Credits, then an epilogue
  5. Officially, regional variants of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon offer different languages: the Japanese version can only be played in Japanese, the North American version can only be played in English, and the European version can be played in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Unofficially, however, the North American version contains language files not only for English, but for all the other languages. This thread overviews some of the differences between the languages in the North American version and the European version. Because I can't read Japanese and because it's very unlikely they'd change Japanese between versions (seeing how the Japanese version was already released), the Japanese files which are present in each ROM have not been analyzed. There are unmarked spoilers below. If you have not played the game and wish to remain unspoiled, stop reading now. English American English and British English (message_us and message_en) are listed separately in the North American ROM, while the European version only contains British English (message_en). Because the North American ROM's British English file is mostly empty, this language comparison compares American English in the North American version to British English in the European version. According to my programmatic analysis, most of the differences are outside of normal text and dialog. It seems that the British English version contains extra strings used in testing, as evident with strings such as "\A10D\C106Multi-Player test\C10F", "\A10D Modify Inventory", and "\A10DDebug Start Message". I have found a few minor differences and have underlined the differences. These are too minor to give any extra discussion. North American: Press \A09D to open the menu, and select \C105Move Settings\C10F to view the range of your party's moves. Moves with \A0C2 will hit a target through the corner of a wall! Moves used by big Pokémon have effects on a wider area. They have symbols such as \A109. European: Press \A09D to open the menu, and select \C105Move Settings\C10F to view the range of your party's moves. Moves with \A0C2 will hit a target through the corner of a wall! Moves used by big Pokémon have effects on a wider area. They have symbols such as \A103 and \A109. North American: \C200Online communication with other players \C200is restricted by Parental Controls. \C200This feature cannot be used. European: \C200Online interaction with other players \C200is restricted by Parental Controls. \C200This feature cannot be used. Here's the most significant difference I've seen, present in personality_analysis and common: Hash NA EU 431371926 \C200So cool! It's \F600! \C200It's \F600! 1022575489 \C200How cute. ♪ It's \F600! \C200It's \F600! These strings are used to introduce the auto-determined partner after taking the personality test. Because gender differences are already so subtle, removing its presence even more seems like a bad move. It's possible they did this because some other languages like French and German have to assume the player and partner to be a particular language, but that doesn't explain why English is affected. French Following my previous language analysis on the differences between English and French in these games, I began to wonder how the North American version differed. The sections I analyzed do not appear to differ at all. There are, however, many other minor differences. Fixing Incomplete Translation \A10D\F601がラピスゆかふんだ \A10D\F601 marche sur une éphélite. Some strings they forgot about, which is fine since the North American version does not officially support French. Good thing they fixed it before the release. Leaving Serene Village Hash NA EU 11110968 Bonne chance, mon gars. « Bonne chance, mon gars. » When reading the letters given to you prior to leaving Serene Village (aka Bourg Tranquille), they added quotation marks to what the letters say, presumably to set apart actual dialog from letters. Lombre It may not be surprising that Lombre is Spanish, and they work in Spanish words to his dialog. Hash NA EU 1748202028 Caramba ! Mais tou es encore une niña ! Caramba ! Mais tou es encore oune niña ! I only know a few words in Spanish, certainly not enough to be able to comment on why they'd make this change. The effect, however, is a slight change in pronunciation of "une". Rather than attempt to describe it using words, it's best to use Google Translate to sound it out for you. Entei's Roar Groooarrr ! GROOOAAARRR ! I like it. Misc Some differences are there to fix minor grammatical errors: Quel délice, ces jus de baies ! Quel délice, ce jus de Baies ! They changed "ces" to "ce" so it would agree with "jus" instead of "baies". I'm not sure why they capitalized Baie, but it was probably a combination of striving for consistency and Baie being in the names of items (Baie = Berry). Other differences are painfully minor. Hash NA EU 411722759 Mais c'est une booonne nouveeeelle, ça ! Mais c'est une booonne nouveeelle, ça ! Upon seeing this, I wondered if there was a difference, but I reassured myself that these differences were programmatically determined. Turns out they removed one of the "e"'s from "nouveeeelle". There's countless other differences, which likely the result of using the time they had to improve things as much as they can. They can be seen here. Others If anyone's curious as to what other differences there are in other languages, my programmatic analysis can be found here. I am not elaborating on the other languages here both because I can only read English and French and because it seems to be more of the same minor adjustments to improve the overall experience.
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