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  1. I see. Well I guess the only thing us hopefuls can do is continue waiting to see if the site's return becomes a thing in the near future. Thanks for the info.
  2. Please bring back the site. I know the creators have other stuff going on in their lives but it would be nice to at least have access to the pokemon in the database again (especially the gen 4 & 5 events that people have already rnged and kindly uploaded for everyone to get. Big thanks to those guys). Its still possible to get them to your own copies of the gen 6 games (through various steps of using pokegen to insert the .pkm files and using flashcarts or the nds adapter plus). Basically just throwing it out there that there are still people out there who would love to see the site make a return. Thanks to the people who made the site a thing in the first place and to all those who contributed.
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