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  1. It can feel a little awkward. Pokemon games tend to only feature American English. Imperial units, with US spelling and punctuation throughout.
  2. In the first generation if a level is skipped, the moves are permanently lost. Pokemon Stadium 2 has a relearning feature.
  3. What happens if you use a Japanese e-reader? I'm aware the original printed cards are Japanese, and they must be scanned by a Japanese e-reader.
  4. Dot codes are region locked. If you're trying to use E-Cards that have been modified for use with an English E-reader, it won't work when scanned by a Japanese E-reader +.
  5. Sounds complicated. But I'm happy if it's a more legal-feeling way to distribute Japanese Jirachi, to original Japanese Ruby and Sapphire carts.
  6. Check this out. It would appear you have to start over, or cheat. http://furlocks-forest.net/wiki/?page=Pokemon_Ruby/Sapphire_New_Battery_Glitch
  7. No. And it isn't just these. I don't see the "Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Chibi Theme" either. Edit: Nintendo's original press release. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180201005510/en/Nintendo-Download-Flip-Crypt
  8. Unless Celebi is a spectacular botch job, I'll be happy. Recall VC Gen 1 Mew was never released in the US.
  9. Alright. I took out the bit about Pikachu. The PAL e-reader desk clerks have no dialogue. I didn't mention whether the e-reader trainers do.
  10. Oh I didn't have Poke Coupons.
  11. Cool but how did you confirm Pikachu exists in German, French, Italian, and Spanish? I thought it was definitely established the transfer doesn't work for PAL versions of Colosseum.
  12. On the fence about finding somebody to hook me up with the cast theme. Spending another $11 for it is lame, yet I've missed out on enough out-of-print DLC already. (RBY themes, DK Original Edition, DBZ Super Butoden 2...)
  13. Thanks for the progress! I have no idea how the Celebi or Pikachu OT languages are determined. Is there any chance the story mode was started in a different language, than that used at the time the transfer was performed? If the save was downloaded online, no telling what's been done to it.
  14. Have some good vibes, man. Would you please stop being stubborn and hear me out? I just said the regular PAL version of the game supports each language.
  15. In other words, a very simple answer solves the most important confusion here: Nintendo printed two editions of the PAL game disc. The "2AC" release supports English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. The "2A6" release's origins and purpose are less clear. "German" could also refer to the country of Germany, as opposed to a difference in supported text languages. We need more details. Assuming what we know now about the game IDs is right, then distinctly French, Spanish, or Italian copies of the game don't exist.
  16. Notice the different "Game ID". Another interpretation of Ralf's info we haven't investigated, is the game having an alternate "2AC" release (which if dumped would be a separate ISO image). Even though the standard "2A6" PAL version can be played in German. Try the codes on this page for your copy. It's possible we've been mistaken all along about the other languages needing new codes, since the page does not claim or represent in any way that its codes only work with the game running in English mode. https://www.gc-forever.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2023 Edit: The below list of Game IDs supports the separate German ISO idea. https://sites.google.com/site/gamecubentscgameidlist/
  17. My hopes are getting more and more dashed, that's for certain. Unfortunately I'm pretty confident I've established for the record that the existing PAL English code cannot be used to receive Agate Celebi or Colos Pikachu. We'll have to wait and see if somebody hacks the game further to find them.
  18. I used the English PAL AR code, with the game set to English.
  19. If the dialogue pointers are broken, then the game won't call up the screens to connect to the GBA for Celebi and Pikachu. I've been wishy washy about testing this further but take a look here. Straight from Dolphin how the PAL bonus disc content loads for me. I don't own a good capture device for a real console.
  20. The PAL ereader room (and IIRC the bonus disc content as well) has some kind of problem with missing English dialogue. You're greeted by blank text boxes when "talking" to the NPC at the desk. Not sure about other languages.
  21. Irritatingly, and a wasted marketing opportunity I might add, Nintendo of America has never distributed Mew to the 3DS releases of Red, Blue, or Yellow. So I'm wondering if I could trade one over from a PAL system that legally acquired the event.
  22. Nope, I don't own them. Korean Gen 4 games can ONLY trade with Korean Gen 4 games. For a Ranger egg, or in fact any Manaphy hatched from said egg to be legit or legal to possess in any Korean Gen 4 game, would require that Ranger officially supports linking to Korean games.
  23. Good. Anything else I've forgotten to ask about? GS can't have Celebi with a Korean nickname and OT, if I'm not mistaken. Trading from a foreign game will keep the name in Latin characters. Of course most of their unobtainables may be bred to fix the name. Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, and Mew are a no-go for that.
  24. To be honest, I haven't actually tried linking Ranger to a Korean game to confirm a lockout there.
  25. I don't have a decent Korean save on hand. Then again, as far as I can tell, there's no mention in the PKHeX documentation that it supports editing Korean gen 4 saves.
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