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  1. Have you discovered anything about how the seed is generated in 10anniv and aura mew roms? I am curious to know how it works!
  2. I found the date when my battery ran dry with pkhex. then I updated the RTC with the toool you linked me. And now everything works fine!! Thank you very much!
  3. I have an Italian cartridge of pokemon emerald. My battery ran dry so I replaced it with a new one. Now the clock is working but all daily based events are frozen. I think it’s similar to the berry glitch of ruby/sapphire. Does anyone know how to fix it? Thank you !
  4. Is this project still alive? I can't reach the website...
  5. Luca.b


    Hello! I am 20 years, I am from Italy and I love pokemon games. I'm interested in 3gen games, RNG and pokemon events. Nice to meet you!
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