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  1. So do you think this is a critical bug that the developers need to deal with?
  2. I could not find any links which I can download 181202 version. Can you give me the link here??
  3. Can you share me the old version? I could not find ANY options to download the 181202 version..
  4. Hi, I'm using PkHEX really well but when I updated it to the latest version, which is 19.01.02, some save files show the following error when I open them with PkHEX: I now found that around 2~3 Korean Gen 4 saves don't work with the latest version, but I remember they worked perfect in the previous version, 181202. Any ideas? I will attach my save files which is a korean platinum save and a korean soulsilver save.. so please have a look.. R4 한봉숙.sav 개소 소울실버.sav
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