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  1. Anthem of our dying day - story of the year:)
  2. sorry but i dont know what you mean by that could you explain
  3. if i remember correctly its been a girl for a while now
  4. i can battle if you explain everything more indepth on the rules
  5. ya and i got it and started my pokemon playing career
  6. might be a bit of an exaggeration but i have been a pokemon fan for as long as i can remember
  7. im gonna be 15 next saturday so ya its been that long
  8. that would suck if that were to happen but thats rite i never thought about that
  9. any code you want i can make as long as its reasonable my e-mail is dbz90069@yahoo.com just e-mail me and i will get back to you with the code
  10. ya but if they could make it and make it good they could take forever to make it (thats a bit of an exaggeration cuz i want to play something like it in my lifetime) and the space would be a problem but gaming changes more and more every minute so later in time they could very well come out with something like a pokemon game that goes to every region and still look descent.
  11. ya especially if pokemon has been your life for the past 15 years
  12. ya and if that would happen the pokemon game revolution would pretty much be complete because of the changes that have been made since r/b/y like changing to full colors and then later have events to get pokemon and now its o a touch screen so they need to finish it by giving it the possibility to go wherever you want in the pokemon world because that would be amazing.
  13. the next game(s) they should make should allow you to play in the region that it is set in and then beat their pokemon league and then have to get the national dex to unlock all the pokemon and then have a boat you can ride on to go to the previous regions so you can be in that region to catch and train all the pokemon from that region and beat their gyms and pokemon leagues and go through all the regions like that. Now that would be a game id spend my money on to play.:)
  14. spin offs are the bomb because its like the real game but a little better
  15. 1.electric (cuz of pikachu and shinx) 2.grass (cuz of celeby and treeko) 3.fire (cuz of the starters from kanto and hoenn)
  16. i can battle anyone if they want
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