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  1. chikorita is the best i have to go with him
  2. Anthem of our dying day - story of the year:)
  3. sorry but i dont know what you mean by that could you explain
  4. if i remember correctly its been a girl for a while now
  5. i can battle if you explain everything more indepth on the rules
  6. i already knew that it is weird though
  7. just PM me when you can:bidoof:
  8. ya and i got it and started my pokemon playing career
  9. might be a bit of an exaggeration but i have been a pokemon fan for as long as i can remember
  10. im gonna be 15 next saturday so ya its been that long
  11. i can battle if you want to
  12. that would suck if that were to happen but thats rite i never thought about that
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