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  1. OMG You're back we missed u all i was waiting so long for another pokemon because i don't have some good here they are : Thnx wannnie_619
  2. OMG !! that sig is AWSOME !!! thanks a lot ! :):):) Wannie_619
  3. [sprite]273[/sprite][shinysprite]273[/shinysprite]
  4. [sprite]271[/sprite][shinysprite]271[/shinysprite]
  5. Hi i would have a sig pls with my name on it (Wannie_619) pls with an underscore and wih the background from the Platinum boxart (just the black-white-red stripes NOT with giratina and "pok"mon Platinum version on pls) thnx Wannie_619 ps:i made th avatar by my own u like it? pls send me a pm to say if u like it (everyone may do this
  6. can u make a sig for me? i want a sig where is on : Wannie_619 (cool written) and anice cool background u can choose it must be VEEEEEEEERYYYYYYYYYYY cool pls thnx and grtz Wannie_619
  7. when can i get my pokémon? thnx for doing al the hard work to make our pokémons ---------- Post added at 05:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:53 PM ---------- hi, can someone make a SIG for me? pls i need one with the name on : Wannie_619 (pls pls with an underscore "_") in a VERY cool lettertype and with a VERY cool background thnx and grtz Wannie_619
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