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  1. It is not identifiable if done correctly, but the same applies to something created for scratch.
  2. I tested Scizor and the result always was a Hasty nature and 0 IVs for all the stats.
  3. Remember to make backups every now and then, just in case something goes wrong again.
  4. I loaded your save and after the 3 guys from Team Plasma left, the screen goes black. EDIT: I'll run it with an actual cart. Hopefully it will work this way. EDIT 2: Same black screen as before. The save is probably lost.
  5. So loading the save state and then saving didn't work? Maybe someone can help about this if you upload the corrupted save.
  6. Do you have any save backup? Or any save state? If you can load an earlier save state you should be able to recover the save. If you used PKHeX with it, you may have a backup of the save in its folder.
  7. The TID goes from 00000 to 65535. No secret ID for those gens.
  8. I might be able to help you. Send me a message tomorrow.
  9. Hack ROMs can be installed as CIAs. Your best bet would be to edit the rom as a .gbc. Once complete, you can build a .cia from it and install it in your 3DS.
  10. I see. It makes sense because those saves are from early-mid 2017. Thanks for clearing that up.
  11. So I was analyzing my Sun save and I realized that one of the Pokémon I did all the 6th generation contests with was being flagged as illegal. I decided to look into my save backups and found a backup before any contests were done and another one after that. After the contests, orginal OT affection went from 0 to 140. All the backups I found after that point show its value back to 0 because probably due to trading with PKHeX between games. Did older versions reset the mentioned value to 0 when trading from one save to the other? The first picture is from the original save, without the contests done. The second one is after the contests had been done. The third one is when it was traded (using PKHeX) from the Alpha Sapphire save to an Omega Ruby save (that has the same OT).
  12. Use Admiral Fish's fork of RNG Reporter for Colosseum and XD PID finding: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/Admiral-Fish/rngreporter/build/artifacts Once opened, go to Time Finder -> GameCube Time Finder. In there you can select the target game and find the desired PID. If you are going for a Colosseum shiny (XD shadows can't be shiny) after finding the spread you want to go to the main window again and go to 3rd Gen Tools -> TID/SID manipulation. In that window you want to select the XD/Colo tab and insert the PID you wanted and for the PRNG field use any realistic intial seed like this one: 773255AE. You should get a TID/SID combo that makes your spread shiny and if that is not the case you can increase max frame number in the search parameters. I do not recommend you to make them from scratch. Find a Colosseum save with all the shadows caught and use those as a reference. I also remind you that the proper way of getting these Pokémon would be through in-game obtention with the help of RNG abusing. Your choice after all.
  13. Here you have it. Have in mind that that roamers in R/S/FR/LG (not Emerald) suffer from the roamer glitch that causes the game only to store 8 bits of its IV data, making everything except the HP IV affected, (Attack IV can't go over 7 and the rest is always 0).
  14. Does trying to store them in the PC and then deleting them from there work? It may do.
  15. Spanish Pokémon names are identical to the English ones.
  16. You would need CFW or a JP 3DS or a regular DS/DS Lite (any region).
  17. There was a discussion here not too long about Gen 1 glitch Mew and if it should be considered legal or not. I would expect the same situation if the Gen 2 games get released but unless Pokémon/Nintendo releases an event that activates the flag IG those Celebis won't go through PokéBank.
  18. You mean the one I downloaded files from? I'm sure it was from the pkmdb.com website back in 2009, when I was a kid that liked to mess around with PokéSav and had no idea about Pokémon legality or anything related to that. Going through those files will be funny but I might find interesting stuff. But at least these files seem to be around, unlike what what happened with PokéCheck, the biggest loss ever in terms of .pkm files (I still have like 10+ boxes of content from the site I'll end up uploading after a cleanup).
  19. I'm sure that I had the files from that website on my old computer. I was going to place it in another room (it is now disconnected) which means I can search next week. That being said, aren't those uploaded here already? I might be wrong, thanks for the upload!
  20. Before one of the updates that made work PKHeX exactly like the bank does the Egg Met Location from the Manaphy I rng'd in Platinum changed from Pokémon Ranger to Faraway Place for some reason (getting it flagged as illegal). Fixed now since that field stays unaffected when I drag the Manaphy from Platinum to Sun.
  21. Are you sure that the rom wasn't modified at all?
  22. The Chromebook VBA-M (according to what I found after a bit of research) is based on an old Mac version of VBA. If I'm not wrong that version only supported save states (so no .sav loading), had not option for cheats and even fast forward was missing.
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