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  1. I know this is old - 2014, yikes - but is there a move modifier? I want to get Ice Punch and ThunderPunch on my Machop, and Ice Fang and Crunch on my Totodile, for example.
  2. How do you download this now? As Darkiceflame posted, the site linked to is completely different, and there's nothing under 'Releases', nor any download links in 'Pipeline'.
  3. Is there a way to change which Mirage Spots (the random ones - Islands, Forests, Caves, Mountains) show up? I assume there's a set of flags linked to these elusive areas, that tell the game which are available and which are not; if these flags are located, then collecting the six Mirage TMs (66, 74, 84, 90, 91, 95) would be made so much easier, as would getting Fossils and Ditto and stuff.
  4. It's a shame https://teamcity.projectpokemon.org/ is down with a 502 Bad Gateway error; I suppose individual tools will have to do until it's either up, or the pk3DS GitHub has an actual release as a backup measure.
  5. So everything after 0x102 in a/1/7/0 is worthless? The file doesn't account for anything else?
  6. https://teamcity.projectpokemon.org/ is down with a 502 Bad Gateway. Maybe have an alternate release on GitHub? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I decided to try out BWTE2 ~ 1000, the version of BWTE for Black/White 2 that's been modified to support more Trainers than in the vanilla game (up to 1000 instead of the normal ~800). I generally like editing Trainers for a bit more of a challenge - even with Challenge Mode enabled. Mostly this involves replacing unevolved Pokemon with their evolved requirements should they be of a high enough level (e.g. replace a Lv. 24 Rattata with Raticate, or a Lv. 49 Gligar with Gliscor), or improving their movesets and/or held items (e.g. adding Life Orbs, Leftovers, and Choice items to later Gym Leaders and League members). I've done this to Platinum (vanilla) and SacredGold so far with no problems using PPRE beta 0.14, but BlazeBlack 2's a091 and a092 crashes BWTE 2 ~ 1000. The image attached shows the error message that pops up should I select N-5; should I select Bianca (-4 or something), it instead freezes, without showing the error box, and requires Task Manager to kill it. Drayano...I love your old hacks, I really do, but...removing that unused data from BB2/VW2 was in my honest and blunt opinion one of the very few major flaws in them. Oh, and yes, I did find this old topic: and I did read the included (dead) link: but neither of them really tackled the issue I'm facing (they're more about adding Trainers instead of merely editing existing ones).
    The original PPRE (beta 0.14 is still the latest release, unfortunately) had the ability to edit level-up moves, wild Pokemon data and Trainers, whereas this sadly does not. As a result, while this is compatible with Gen V whereas PPRE beta 0.14 isn't, this is an inferior tool, in my opinion. PPRC (Rom Changer) has the exact same options as PPRE2, but also has a better UI - use that instead. ANDT does have a level-up editor and a Hidden Grotto editor, so that's nice; too bad Drayano wrecked compatibility with standard tools by removing unused data in BlazeBlack 2/VoltWhite 2, the one main flaw in them...
  8. I'm trying to do the same as valdios1995, but these links are all dead - not to mention that Drayano removed unused data when making his ROM hacks, meaning the NARCs aren't the same as vanilla Black 2/White 2 (and as a result ANDT doesn't work).
  9. Apparently Atmosphere's been updated for 7.0.1, so it should work - just not SX from Xecuter. Talking about CFWs and homebrew, though, I personally find it quite important; I like to give my Pokémon 31*5 IVs and ideal EV spreads, and give them moves they are physically capable of pulling off but can't actually legally learn (i.e. Body Slam on Stoutland, Cross Chop on anything that learns X-Scissor or Cross Poison - what's the difference?, Close Combat on Luxray, Drain Punch on punching Pokémon - like Hitmonchan and Dusknoir). Also Nature and Ability, too. So I'll probably wait until PKHeX is updated to support it, or some other tool's made (like how PokéGen supplanted Pokésav, but PKHeX supplanted PokéGen).
  10. ...Well, it's not entirely based off of the Game Boy games; Ruby and Sapphire did completely revolutionise the underlying mechanics (Nature, IVs ranging from 0-31 instead of 0-15, EV system that caps at 510 total and 255 in a specific stat, Ability). As for "home console game", Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness (not made by Game Freak, and therefore never really mentioned, sadly) kept the exact same battling and underlying mechanics as the GBA games, but added Shadow Pokémon and Snagging them on top. XD also had Battle CDs and Battle Bingo, which were pretty enjoyable sidequests. I too would like Sword and Shield to add something like this to bolster the experience, but Game Freak doesn't seem to have the same creativity that Genius Sonority did - they created utter masterpieces in Black/White (the best mainline Pokémon narrative, hands-down) and Black/White 2 (best amount of additional content - PWT, PokéStar Studios, Keys, Hidden Grottoes, Black Tower/White Treehollow, Challenge Mode), but followed them up with the complete borefest that was XY (weak Trainers, boring region and characters, almost no additional content, inexplicable nerfs to Steel and special moves). Not to mention how they screwed over Let's Go - reducing the roster to only 151 Pokémon (plus Alolan formes, oddly) limits both the player's and the AI's team variety (Agatha and Lance are once more forced to use non Ghost-type and non-Dragon-type Pokémon), motion controls are dumb and repetitive and gimmicky, lack of held items and Abilities make battling less enjoyable, removed consistent and reliable EV system in favour of unreliable Candies, lacks the additional content the Game Boy Advance remakes introduced - the Sevii Islands - meaning the postgame is pretty much nil. FireRed and LeafGreen also locked players to only 151 Pokémon, even to the point of disabling Golbat's evolution into Crobat and placing the two-Pokémon Daycare in a postgame location to prevent breeding Pichu and such, but they at least removed this restriction upon obtaining the National Pokédex - Let's Go has no such leeway. Anyway...this got a bit long. TL;DR - GBA brought about a revolution under the hood, and innovative home console Pokémon games have been made before, but not by Game Freak. Oh, and Game Freak is the worst at times.
  11. ...And the evil Team will be after controlling the Daycare system, trying to create "perfect" Pokémon via breeding? Rejecting all babies without 31*5 IVs for being 'genetically inferior'? Team Smogon?
  12. Recently, I became interested in playing some DS Pokémon ROM hacks again; while I could edit vanilla Platinum, SacredGold and BlazeBlack easy enough (mostly using tools from HackRomTools for Gen IV and ANDT/Pokémon Rom Changer for BlazeBlack), BlazeBlack 2 posed a problem, due to Drayano having decreased the file size by around half (quote from https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokemon-blaze-black-2-volt-white-2.337303/#post-4450405: "the patch also eliminates the leftover unused data in the rom"). This means narc files, extracted via NarcExplorer 3 (from HackRomTools) don't actually work; I tried extracting a/0/1/8 (movepool) from BlazeBlack 2 and feeding it into ANDT, only to be met with a bunch of nonsense (a whole list of Lv. 0 moves that kept repeating, the list of Pokémon only extended to Arceus and the Gen IV alternate formes, and ANDT thought it was a HGSS file). I found a Pokémon Rom Changer tool specifically for BlazeBlack 2 on Reddit, but that only edits Base Stats, TM/HM compatibility, Abilities, types, etc. - no learnset editing, though. ANDT is fully compatible with the original BlazeBlack and the unpatched Black 2 ROM, but not BlazeBlack 2. I would try hex editing - I've had to do it for Persona 5 and Kingdom Hearts II.5 Final Mix, via PS4 Save Wizard - but I don't have the right hex editor or any knowledge of how to hex edit learnsets (offsets, how it's formatted). Quite unfortunate, really; I just wanted to give Cloyster Pin Missile (what's the difference between Spike Cannon and Pin Missile?), condense Serperior's learnset (so I don't have to wait until Lv. 68 for Leaf Storm...), and add Night Slash and Cross Poison to Toxicroak's learnset (those knuckle claws should be more useful), among other changes.
  13. Is there any way to edit Yellow and/or Crystal on the 3DS VC? Not edit the player's Pokémon - PKHeX can do that already - but edit item data, move data, Pokémon stat data, Pokémon learnset data, wild Pokémon data, Trainer data, etc.? I don't think PK3DS supports Gen I/II; as far as I know, it's VI/VII-only. I'm putting this in 3DS R&D because a) there's no GB/GBC R&D forum, b) these are technically 3DS games, and c) I don't know of a more appropriate place to put it.
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