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  1. I have already the 4 pkm file ready. I'll be at home the whole evening (and tomorrow too). My friend code is 0232-9176-0938 (Ultra Sun) and the 4 pokemon are in the post. Thank you. Pkmn.rar
  2. Yeah, thank you very much. It's a pity for Tapu Koko, but I'll try aearching for the problem.
  3. We were both asking for a trade. Sorry if I made you lose your time EDIT: PkHex said that Tapu Koko is legit. Region locked or something?
  4. Hi, I just added your friend code, but I think I have missed you. What a pity.
  5. I'm avaible again for a couple of hours.
  6. My 3DS is updated, so I cannot inject pokemon myself (I need 4 events I missed since I bought the game recently and a ditto). My friend code is 0232-9176-0938 and the 5 pokemon are in the attached file. I'm in UTC+1 and I could trade even now. It would be great if somebody oculd waste 5 minutes to help me. pcdata.bin
  7. I'm looking for a legit/legalhack living dex with 6 IV and HA to transfer to Pokemon Sun through the Pokemon Bank. I don't really care about moves and levels because I'm probably going to breed these pokemon in the new game. Is there something like this? I'm sorry if someone already asked the same question.
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