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  1. Hola ¿Has creado un editor para Pokeathlon? ya es 2021 desde tu ultimo post del 2016 Hi Have you created an editor for Pokeathlon? It's already 2021 since your last post in 2016
  2. Hi everyone. Would it be possible for someone to know or know a program to edit the pokeathlon records in PKMN HG/SS? More specific to obtain the achievements of the rooms, such as making 5,000 sprints ... please! T__T
  3. Owww! :c And they could not make an EDITOR so that we have the trophy in the room of the MULTI ONLINE / FRIENDS fights? Plz! . . ¿Y no podrían hacer un EDITOR para que tengamos el trofeo en la habitación de las luchas MULTI ONLINE/FRIENDS?
  4. . . So, putting those values in PKHEX, can I fight the boss in subway battle? I want trophies in my room, but I don't want to battle 49 times. . . Entonces, ¿poniendo esos valores en PKHEX, podre luchar contra el jefe en metro batalla? Quiero los trofeos en mi habitación, pero no quiero batallar 49 veces.
  5. Hola, he notado que cuando cargas un SAVE de PKMN White or Black con el editor Pokestar Pokemon Enabler 3.7 y vas a la seccion HALL OF FAME con solo darle click al UPDATE sin modificar nada o modificando la fecha de entrada, cuando regras al PC en la partida para mirar tus RECORDS aparece este ERROR... ¿Podrian FIX? Hi, I have noticed that when you load a PKMN White or Black SAVE with the Pokestar Pokemon Enabler 3.7 editor and go to the HALL OF FAME section just by clicking UPDATE without modifying anything or modifying date too, when you re-start the PC in the game to look at your RECORDS this ERROR appears ... Could you FIX?
  6. Yes, I'm not familiar with those issues (hex editing).
  7. HEY! You were right, it does not have to be an trade for GTS, to do so with the Union Room and having the other game registered in another location was enough to activate the ship. What happens in the guide in Spanish did not clarify that ... Another doubt, Pkhex does not have the function of 49 consecutive victories in the Subway battle. Is there any editor that has that? Thanks for the inconvenience ^^
  8. Ok, here I send you my SAVE Yes, I have registered my location but I have never done a trade for GTS, only with another console via Wifi (from my brother). POKEMON W.11.sav
  9. Do you want me to send you my SAVE so you activate the ship to go to Uniy Tower?
  10. Hello PKHEX a query ... Could you make an editor for Pokemon Black and White in your next release or update to get the GOLD / PLATINUM trainer card? For that there would have to be an editor of: Battle SubWay Win 49 times in a row in the individual super battle lines and in Super Double Metro in Battle Metro. And an editor of all the powers of Nexus Zone! I would like to see my tree in its maximum size plz. And please, let there be something to activate the Unity Tower on the map ... While activating the destinations with flight, when you use the ship to return it hangs or sometimes it cannot be climbed. THANKS I LOVE PKHEX ^^
  11. Yo logre encontrar los PID para UMBREON y ESPEON shiny de Colloseum, pero no con las hembras :c
  12. What I was looking for in PokeSav or any other program is a RECORDS EDITOR for example to edit 300,000 Walks in platinum and have all the objects of the mansion. And also, an editor of Hall Of Fame.
  13. Hi. I would like to know if PKHEX intends to take an option in 4th Generation to edit the records, more specifically in Platinum, so that the STATISTICS trainer card is more beautiful. ^^ Or someone if you know of any other program that has RECORDS EDITOR.
  14. Could someone pass me a download link of PokeSav Platinum Spanish? Plz. Thanks.
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