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  1. As you can see in the picture, everything looks good and legal in Pikachu. The only thing that does not change are the attacks. BUT: If in the attacks I place the following: Thunderbolt Quick Attack Dig Volt Tackle They mark it to me as LEGAL. I save the file, close the PKHEX, open it again and keep marking it as legal. But, when transferring the save to the game, when I enter my game and go to PC POKEMON, there is no Pikachu, there is an EGG. And if I transfer the save again and then see it in PKHEX, in the PKHEX I mark a empty RED box. Try all the options modifying Pikachu, transferring it to the game etc etc. Only this happens when I place those movements, one of those ATTACKS is the one that produces the BUG. Fix it plz.
  2. So ... If you dial PC 10,000, is it LEGAL or not? - Entonces... Si marca PC 10.000 es LEGAL o no?
  3. Thanks for trying to help me. I already solved it using the POKE SAVE (re-activating Poketch)
  4. If I choose any of the options marked in the image and save it the save. When I continue my game, it says this: Damaged game The previously saved game will be loaded.
  5. Yes, I'm in the stage where I can use it, I'm in Veilstone City, I'm in the casino and when I left I did not have the activated Poketch anymore. When you say activate the Poketch with PKHEX you mean as in the image below? If I select another function of the Poketch of which I have ACTIVATED and I save the save, at the beginning of the game, a message tells me: SAVE DAMAGED will be started from the last saved game. And I still do not have the Poketch function
  6. Hello my friends, please, I need help!!! I was playing Pokemon Diamond and I closed the Poketch function as you see in the image below. I Touch All the keys on my keyboard to see if it was activated and I do not succeed... I Use the DeSmuME EMULATOR HELP!!!!!
  7. I also want all the Unowns shinies Do you have any saved?
  8. They already helped me with the problem. And the solution was that my save file was .SAV soPKHEX considered the game as CARTRIDGE. The only thing I had to do is rename the .SAV file to .DAT (VC format). And I already mark it as LEGAL. Thank you as well. My english sucks sorry
  9. Hello my friends. I have played in the Virtual Console Pokemon Crystal in which it includes the event of the GS BALL when you finish the game (The League). I've captured Celebi in the forest ... but in the PKHEX it marks me as illegal. Why? :c
  10. Do you keep marking it as illegal? Play the Pokemon Crital in the VC that comes with the GSBALL EVENT. Catch Celebi but here he marks me as ILLEGAL. Why?
  11. HELLO! Could someone please send me PID/s with the most perfect IV/s possible for Unowns in 3 gen? I do not understand much how to generate them with RNG. So, I'd like you to send me the PID so I copy it and paste it with your respective IVS please. Greetings.
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