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  1. No existe el PID shiny de umbreon y espeon por lo menos no legalmente
  2. NormalTimes

    gen 3 kangaskhan

    I guess you're looking for this. 115 - KANGASKHAN - E68229424806.pk3
  3. thanks to an additional data is that some PID with "shiny skip" if they mark legal although they are few
  4. with a different tsv also continues to dial illegal ,so the PID will never be legal?
  5. The pokemon always marks illegal even when it has an OT of TSV 3044
  6. NormalTimes

    gen 3 kangaskhan

    exactly what nature are you looking for and do you want it shiny?
  7. Togepi , mareep and scizor Those pokémon will always have 0 ivs? will always have the same nature? and the same gender?
  8. How is tsv calculated? So that pokemon can't be shiny?
  9. the combination PID and IVS is marked as illegal , there's some way to make it legal.
  10. this only happens with the soul silver shuckle 213 - Caparazz - D079000214D7.pk4
  11. Shuckle its marked as illegal when i know totally legal also my shuckle also is spanish maybe the difference is only in the english versions
  12. please please you could upload the eevee of pokemon XD shiny
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