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  1. https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokemon-dream-radar-cart-redirect-patch-use-save-file-on-sd-instead-of-nds-cart.550958/ Has anyone used it? Would the Pokemon be exactly the same as if they transferred to a normal cart?
  2. So the PID + IVs generate on its own like a normal Pokemon? Would this differ at all compared to a perfectly normally caught one from the Dream World era?
  3. What exactly happens on injection? Are you injecting a .pkm or is it similar to a WonderCard where you're picking up or capturing a Pokemon that the game generates within itself?
  4. Or unlock story flags so that you can access certain areas without clearing them?
  5. Title, especially for Gen 2 > 7, or Gen 5 > 6. My 3DS can't have a PokeBank subscription.
  6. Title. If you edit (via RAM editing/etc.) the current RNG state (or PRNG State for the GC games) to generate a specific Pokemon for you, does this affect legality at all or is in any way identifiable?
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