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  1. Rate Please. I personally find it simple, yet elegant.
  2. There are zero black dots. Even if you were to hypothetically count the black pixels that comprise the bulk of the image (ie:the border, the black squares, etc) they would not count, as they are not TRUE black. The color black is presently beyond human ability to recreate. Black is a color that absorbs all color, with no reflection, therefore, if it has even 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001% luminosity, it is not technically considered black. Thus, I can safely say there are no black dots. (Overthinking things in order to make yourself right is a great way to troll!)
  3. 4) The bible does in fact contain quite a large amount of factual historical data. Jesus was a real person, who did real things, but beyond that there is quite a lot of speculation. Many of the events that happened actually did happen, and we even have evidence to support that some of the acclaimed miracles are legitamate; however, the main reason that I choose to take the path of science, is for the simple fact that science attempts to prove its case. A christian who sees something unexplainable will be apt explain it away by saying "God did it". While a scientist will say "Why did that happen." and perhaps he'll try to learn why. With religion there's no pursuit of knowledge, there's just explaining everything away with a magic man in the sky. Science at least makes the effort to explain things, and is willing to accept when it's found wrong. (ie: Big Bang theory is declining, as is Einstein's Theory of Relativity) I do not hate the morals that Religion intends to instill. Forgiveness, peacefulness, and love of humanity are great things to teach people, but to shun learning in favor of some ultimate divine creator only serves to weaken Humans as a race. Remember, according to the bible, God created Human's stupid, and wanted to keep it that way, but Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and became intelligent. God created Humans to be stupid, and the devil tricked us into being intelligent. 5) Learning forgiveness can be achieved by anyone, you don't have to be a Christian to learn that. In fact, you would probably be better off without. Religion offers a so called paradise in reward for good behavior. Your forgiveness may not actually be sincere if all you care about is getting into heaven. I'm not saying this applies to everyone, but that it's entirely possible that some individuals act this way. The point is Christianity isn't automatically going to make you healthier through forgiveness, as forgiveness and tolerance can be learned by anyone. 6) Death is a cruel, unfortunate, and unavoidable part of our lives. All things must eventually come to an end. I believe you spoke with the message "How can you keep your peace, when you're about to die and go to hell/void" It's quite simple, I have accepted Death as a part of the natural order of things. I don't want to die, but neither will I be suddenly trying to find God in a last ditch effort of salvation should I find myself in a situation where I may die. 7) Almost all religions require belief that their God gave you life and that you must believe and follow that God's 'rules' in order to get into 'heaven'. The only notable exceptions I can think of are polythiesistic religions, which are far less common than Monothiesm. Here's a couple of interesting points though. Did you know that the Poetic Edda and the Elder Edda (Nordic bible equivlents) which both predate the bible by several thousands of years contain many of the SAME STORIES found in the bible? Heaven, hell, Adam and Eve, the entire concept of Hangings, and the Endtimes were all pioneered by the Norse. In fact, the Cross is a Nordic Symbol as well, used to represent the world tree Yggdrasil. Lastly is a short quote, the author of whom I have forgotton. If God is willing to smite Evil, but not able, Then he is not Omnipotent If God is able to smite Evil, but not willing, Then he is Malevolent If God is both able and willing to smite Evil, Then whence from does Evil come? and if God is neither able nor willing to smite Evil, why call him God? I've yet to get a reasonable response to this quote. My final point, is on what the Bible claims heaven is. Essentially, it is a place where you forget your family, you forget your friends, you lose everything that you had ever loved, and instead you know only God, you love only God, and you think only God, and reach an absolute Euphoria for being allowed to exist in his splendor. Call me crazy, but that doesn't exactly sound enticing. Anyone who cares about individuality in the least, would hate this concept. You are stripped of everything you are for the sake of 'eternal happiness'
  4. Christianity is not a religion, it is a genre of religion. Christianity is any religion that believes in the lord jesus christ as the Messiah. The most true incarnation of Christianity is Catholicism. The rest are more-or-less spin-offs to accomodate the desires of men. I am an aethiest, but I am not self-centered or egotisitcal. I love life, I treat all living things with respect. Even to the point where I will not waste even a single morself of food. (I choose not to be a vegetarian, as even though i cherish life, death is a natural and inevitable process, but when I choose to eat something that required the taking of a life, I make sure that not a single bit gets wasted, as wasting life is truly abominable) I view life as the single greatest accident in the history of the universe. Beyond life, I love humans. I find humans simply fascinating. No other species has become so adept at survival that it sought alternative forms of pleasure to pass the time. Movies, Video Games, even Hop-Scotch. Humans are so good at survival that we don't feel the threat of death each and every day, and have time for games. We are truly remarkable creatures, and I am thankful to count myself among them. I do not like the general stupidity of the human race, but I feel that with time we will mature as a race. I do not hate religion either, it is simply my belief that the science is closer to the truth than religion, and takes a more sensible approach than 'big sky man did it'. It has yet to reach the truth, but at least it's trying, rather than explaining everything away with mystic mumbo jumbo. While I agree with the majority of the 10 commandments, I absolutely despise some of the other messages laid out by Christianity, first and foremost being the apparent hatred of homosexuality. 2/3rds of all species have homosexual urges, so why is it suddenly a sin? According to the chatecism of the catholic church, it is because it denies new life; however, that's BS as through surgery it is now possible, and even then, adoption brings light to an otherwise dark life, that at least in my opinion is akin to bringing in a new one.
  5. Interesting discussion, but it irks me when you say any of this is 'truth'. One thing most people fail to realize, is that all religious texts are written by mortal man, and not just written, but retranslated several times over by mortal man. Did you know at one point in time a homosexual was merely someone who attended a unisex school? The religious texts have been re-written several times over so that the texts can fit within whoever ruled during that era's beliefs. While I am discrediting Religion here (or at least attempting to) I do not mean to say that science is any better. The only Truth that is absolute, is that we don't know any Truth. I have my personal theories (read: not proven, but speculation) on what I think is true, but ultimately, nobody knows. On to the subject, the Islamic texts clearly state that it is not a sin to lie to an infidel, so for that reason alone, I choose to feel it as one of my least favorite religions. That one line essentially says 'it's perfectly fine to hate everyone who isn't the same as you'. While I don't hate any one person who is islamic, nor do i hate people for being islamic, I do not give it as much credence as i would any other. I probably just ticked everyone here off, but these are my views.
  6. I'm just commenting on Wraith and Okami's discussion. This is for religious views only, and I am not engaging in this particular debate, but I wish to settle their little mini-debate. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (A rulebook on christianity, more-or-less) Suicide is the ONLY unforgivable sin. At the very basis, it is Murder. Even if you are murdering yourself, it is still murder, which is a Cardinal Sin. While Murder in and of itself can be forgiven, Suicide cannot, as you can't repent if you are dead. Bear in mind though, that Martyrdom and Suicide are completely different. Martyrdom is A-OK according tot he Catechism. That is all. (Weather you are Catholic or not is a different story, and these are not my personal views, as I'm an atheist, but I did grow up taking religious classes, so I think I know a thing or two)
  7. Einstein's Theory has sadly been disproven several times now Wraith, a bit late on the trigger there. Under very specific circumstances (that I won't pretend to fully understand) we have accelerated photons (the essence of light) to move faster than light. we have also achieved this with sound waves. Neutrinos are interesting things though. Whenever there's a massive exchange of energy in the Universe, such as the existence of a Star or the detonation of a Nuclear Bomb Neutrinos are created. If you grow a tree, then burn it, the energy produced from burning the tree is not the same as the energy it took to grow it. This is known as Entropy (and is very slowly dooming the entire Universe, but that's not a big deal). That 'lost' energy, is where Neutrinos come from. At this point in time, several trillion Neutrinos are floating around your thumb. Here's the truly remarkable thing about Neutrinos though. They don't have mass, at all. This means they aren't affected by Gravity, nor would any object with mass be able to interact with them. (All those neutrinos floating around your thumb right now are free to pass right through your thumb without even 'acknowledging' your existence. Due to this unique nature, they can accelerate infinitely, and I mean infinitely. This means that, assuming one could properly direct a Neutrino (Which SERN has done, but only to around 12000 of them. Considering their relative quantity, that's not a lot) then it's possible to get it to accelerate faster than light. (which it has in fact done) This doesn't exactly mean we'll have Time Travel though, as Neutrinos are sort of the exception to the rule; although they can Time Travel. (We don't know how they do it, but they have been known to jump a few seconds into the past. When tracing a neutrino, they've noticed they'll occasionaly get impossible blips that suggest time travel, but there's no way to prove it, or explain it. Also, I would like to revise my personal time travel theory. Imagine you have a few lengths of rope. Each rope represents a "World Line" These world lines are all completely unique, where major historical events are changed. For the sake of naming things, let's say we are Alpha world line, but maybe on the Beta world line, hitler took over the world, and we're all germans. Now imagine each and every strand of hair on that rope, is it's own miniature world line. These are called "Divergences" They comprise of the small changes in a world, such as "did I ask her out today" or "pizza for dinner or Spaghetti" Through time travel, it easy to alter the Divergences; however, Altering the entire Worldline is impossible. (And if such a theory were to be correct, and you sucessfully changed the divergence, you wouldn't remember it, so it's sort of a moot points.)
  8. Waterheart, Sunny, your requests will be done Tomorrow.
  9. Axew, your Avatar is complete. I did this rather quickly. If you would like any Revisions please let me know. Sunny, I am working on yours now. PIE: Again, if you can prove your GTS is better than the rest, then I will make that request for you. Water: Did you want a banner, or a signature, there IS a difference. If it's a banner, it can be done in about 10 seconds flat. -IMORTANT UPDATE- At this time this thread is no longer accepting requests. Once these requests are filled THIS THREAD WILL BE LOCKED. I will; however, be making another thread at a later undisclosed date. I currently run another art shop aside from my participation in this one, and I've gotten backlogged lately. I need to make a website layout and a youtube profile. Expect my thread to be open about 1 month after this one closes @Toffeuy: Tragic news mate, I'll miss you quite a lot. If you have them, can you please send me the PSD for my Sig, and Avatar? I still never quite got that lovely style you managed to on them. (Although my professional eye can now see a very slight mistake in it)
  10. Well well well, looks like this went ahead and DIED without me, at this point I may just make an entirely new thread. To those waiting on me your work is being done now, I sort of forgot about photoshop's existence for a little while, and I apologize.
  11. @ILovePie: I won't make it if it isn't true: Pm me detailing your GTS and what SPECIFICALLY makes it better than the two or three we already have. (In terms that someone whose only ever coded pong in java when he was in high school would understand) EDIT: The reason I ask is because I can see this being used as an advertisement. If this were just a simple signature for yourself claiming to be the greatest master of all time then fine, but I have qualms with making an add that isn't truthful.
  12. Have you worked out the solution to my problem yet, or made any progress in that direction?
  13. @WaterHeart: On it @Axew: Spoke with Toffeuy, I'm working on it @Sunny day: Cute name, and I'll get on that later. @Gin:Toffeuy has expressed interest in your Signature/Avatar, he's a bit busy right now, but he'll get to it once he's back. On a side note, I'm working on a rather massive project on another site, so things might be a little slow. My recommendation is to just check back here once or twice a day, more than likely late in the evening (US Central Time). I hope everyone here is satisfied with the work that I produce for them.
  14. <p><p><p><p><p><p>I have a rather massive request on my other site. I'll take care of Axew's soon but I'll be working on my other project (For all tense and purpose it is a desktop background of sorts) for the majority of my time. That water guy I can take on as well, but perhaps you should do Gin's whenever you get back.</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  15. Sorry about that, Toxicroak was meant to be Politoad, fixed.
  16. The way you formatted this makes it difficult to quote, so I'm not going to bother with quotes. The first thing I notice was that you're trying to use Mew. Understandable. Mew is unpredictable, so perhaps you could get some surprise sweeps in. I can see what you tried to do with it, Psyshock so your precious sweeper isn't walled, and Fire Blast to take out steels that normally stop you, for the most part, this works. Except against a select few like Heatran. Heatran won't even be touched by Mew, and can 2HKO it in return. (Especially easy if it gets a boost) So Since what you claim to be your key sweeper is now walled by a common Pokemon, I look for your ways to counter it. Scizor is walled as well, and you aren't running Super Power. This leaves your own Heatran and Gliscor as the only things that can stand up to it. Gliscor is easily 2HKO by Fireblast and will find it difficult to switch in, while using your own Heatran is a bit of a gamble. If it runs Air Balloon and you haven't popped it yet, then Gliscor is your only hope. (And again, since it gets 2HKO'd by by Fireblast, and the time wasted Ice Fanging will kill you) But then I notice you have Chansey, so let's take a look at that. Chansey, at first people seemed to latch onto the idea that Chansey was godly superior to Blissey thanks to a little thing called Eviolite. Well I'm sorry to say Gin but this was proven completely untrue a while ago. For starters, Eviolite, while giving Chansey astronomically more special defense than Blissey, only gives it 31 more points in defence, while sacrificing around 100 HP in the process. Points that are VERY critical. Next, it loses the ability to heal off damage at the end of each turn thanks to Leftovers. Which is even more net HP loss over a period of time. Even if you use it purely as a special wall, over a period of time Leftovers recover will outbalance the Eviolite Defence bonus, resulting in less PP wasted over time. Now I take a look at Chansey's personal weakness. physical fighting types. You seem to have this factor alone covered relatively well, but what about if we add in a mixed sweeper? I'm going to use Infernape in this example because he's awesome, carries HP ice enough to destroy your Gliscor, and takes everything out but Mew. If Mew is gone, and you run into Infernape, you pretty much just lost. Now then, with that I can say that your biggest threats are Heatran, and Infernape. Aside from Perish Song variants Politoad is walled by Chansey. Thunderus is often walled as well. Fun Fact: Hammer Arm variants can only 3HKO Blissey, use that to your advantage. Dragonite is a tricky one though. So here's my recommendations. Burungeru (Jellicent) Is an all around great mixed wall, and takes care of Infernape and Heatran with absolute ease Bronzong is another good mixed wall, and although it struggles against your biggest counters, it tanks Dragonite like a pro, sliding it in somewhere wold be worthwhile. Consider Giving Mew Drain Punch or Focus Blast, to assist with Tyranitar your team is well suited for it, consider running Sandstorm to counter Rain. That's my two cents. Final Opinion 7.5/10 (Because Infernape isn't too common anymore)
  17. Aside from Gyarados and possibly Jolteon, you have a fairly large Infernape Weakness. That's just at a basic glance.
  18. Seems simple enough, but I'll give Toffeuy a bit of time to see if he's still on this or not.
  19. http://www.mediafire.com/?u5gypmkgdr92byx There you Axew, not entirely sure how much can be gleamed from this.
  20. Sabeta

    <p><p><p><p><p><p>I haven't started anything yet, I'm in the process of beginning another Project that someone requested of me on a different forum. Unless Toffeuy has taken it up then there's still time to change anything you want.</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  21. That bit of background there is actually a custom bush, it was slightly ruined by adding the grey in because most of the blocks overlapped, but it still looks beter than if I had just left it all black and been done with it. I can teach you how to make a Custom Brush if you want though. I'll mail you the PSD, but I use CS5, not PSE, just to make sure we're on the same program here.
  22. Whenever you wish to connect to the actual GTS or the Random Wifi Matchups, you need to go back to your DS' settings and switch it back to Auto-Obtain, otherwise you won't connect. Hope that helped.
  23. I downloaded it yesterday, and the DNS and GTS server both launch properly and give me what looks to be the same Dialogue that I usually see when running either Hyper GTS or even this program when in send mode, and once I can even connect to the server properly with my DS, it isn't until I try sending in the .PKM that any problems arise, but I can send my DS the files no problem. I can't give my computer the files, but I can recieve them. This isn't too huge a deal, I'll need some other way to get my SID, but for curiosities sake I would like this figured out, and I can't imagine there being any problems with my Router or DS, as like I said this worked perfectly when I was still using Hyper GTS for Gen-4, and literally nothing on my computer aside from the OS (See my first post) has been changed.
  24. I'm just off to bed, so I can't screenshot it atm. Administration Privilege accessed. Step1: Generation V [black & White] Step 2: GTS Mode: Recieve IP: Start DNS, Start GTS (I've also tried it vice versa, as I sometimes had to do with Hyper GTS) DS Settings Automatically Aquire DNS is set to [NO] Primary DNS is Secondary is There is no form of Encryption, the connection is completely in the open, with no WEP or WPA codes that could get in the way. Testing Connection works. As I said, I can send just fine; although one point of potential interest is that my DS is referred to as the program by the IP; instead of .4 like I would imagine it would be. Is that significant at all? And I'm using the IP Address that my router displays as using to connect to the Internet via accessing another router. (Think Nintendo USB, but in reverse), and as I mentioned before, this IP has already worked for sending using this Program, just not Recieving. Once I offer the Pokemon, I have to wait about 3 minutes for me to get the communication error message, and then demand I turn it off.
  25. "I seem to be running into a problem with both this AND Shiny G/DTS I haven't tried to recieve Pokemon yet, but I for sure can't send them to the DNS server and create a .SAV of them. For legality concerns whenever I sav a Pokemon I simply catch it wild and modify it as needed, so when I try to send it in I simply get the message saying something along the lines of the network connection has been broken, telling me to shut off the power. (No error code) I've already checked to make sure I have the right download, I have my Firewalls disabled, and nothing on my computer has changed since I was using HyperGTS in Gen-IV (Which still works actually) with the exception of the OS, which is now Windows Seven 32 bit (From Vista 32 bit) I have Python version 2.7.2 I have not forwarded my ports, but I know that they are unblocked, I haven't needed to forward them for Hyper GTS though, so I don't see why I would need to start, this is entirely for personal use. I will test later if I can send Pokemon, and edit this message if I can. SABEDIT I can indeed send Pokemon to myself, but it's fairly useless until I can Recieve them and find my SID. " Copied over from IR-GTS thead, I have the same problem with both programs though.
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