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  1. Do you know how I can extract the save? I tried to use the FBI and JKSM, but I couldn't extract
  2. I understood, it is a pity that it is not possible to know his nature using only his stats, I tried to do some calculations using the basic statistics of the level 64 sceptile in the third generation, and I thought his speed was very low, seeing his other stats, I think he it should be brave, sassy or some neutral nature, but still, as you said, it is a random guess (or at least almost random in this case). Thanks for the help anyway.
  3. I was trying to make a backup of my GBA emerald pokemon, but I accidentally deleted my save, fortunately, thinking I might have this problem, I filmed my pokémons (including stats, natures, etc.), despite knowing that with that I can't know what the IVs and EVs of the Pokémon were, is enough for me (although if someone knows how to separate just by looking at the stats, I would love to know). But my problem is that I didn't accidentally record the nature of my initial (a skeptic), could someone please help me to identify its nature just based on the stats please?
  4. A few years ago, I started playing Pokémon Yellow on the 3DS virtual console, and copied the save to the computer, not knowing that it would corrupt my save. I tried to use an unlocked 2DS and convert the save to a gameboy save, but nothing fixed the corruption. Does anyone know what I can do to recover my save? (Save corrupted attachment for someone who can repair it) 00000001.sav
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