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  1. The EC (Encryption Constant) is located in the OT/Misc tab of PKHeX, near the bottom. If you're looking for a specific pattern, try Spinda Painter: https://gatorshark.webs.com/Spinda Painter.htm
  2. You have to complete the Cresselia event first. Many players are not aware of this and complain before looking at the typical ingame requirements. Are you sure you've met the ingame requirements, PKHeX aside?
  3. Try using the Encounter Database on the latest dev build instead, there have been a few additional updates to Move Shop flag legality since: .MoveMastery=$suggest or $suggestAll are options for the Batch Editor on latest dev build as well, they should be able to correct any flag issues.
  4. Only the language has to be different. OT/IDs don't matter, as far as I'm aware it literally only checks the language tag.
  5. Masuda Method requires two compatible Pokémon with different language tags. You can see the language of a Pokémon in it's summary page ingame, in the upper right: Any two language combinations will work, (English and Japanese, German and Chinese, etc.), as long as the two Pokémon have different languages, Masuda Method works. The language of your savefile does not matter, the Masuda Method would work with "an English savefile, 1 English parent, and 1 Japanese parent" but it would also work with "An English savefile, 1 Spanish parent, and 1 Korean parent".
  6. Please don't necro a post that hasn't been touched in 4 years. No, as far as I'm aware there are no glitches that remove the shiny lock for Victini, nor alter the PID to be shiny. Even if you found one, the result would be indistinguishable from simply cheating to get one.
  7. Additionally, some moves cannot be obtained by Sketch even on a legal/legitimate Smeargle, either because they're unavailable in that game/generation, and/or because the move Sketch doesn't affect them. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Sketch_(move)
  8. Serebii and Bulbapedia aren't the holy grail of documentation. There are often hidden values that are not shown to the player, or not immediately obvious. Alpha Pokemon always have one of their moves already mastered, despite not visiting the Move Shop, or being at the correct level to master it normally. Do not try to hand-generate pokemon if you don't know what you're doing, use the encounter database under Tools > Data and simply search for an Alpha Riolu encounter, or install and use AutoLegalityMod/PKHeX-Plugins to import/legalize one.
  9. Kurt/Kaphotics figured this issue out in the PKHeX Dev server. You need to progress the game further/open your boxes at least once before trying to edit the game in PKHeX. This isn't a bug with PKHeX, it's a feature of Pokemon Yellow.
  10. Notice how the stats on the left are all 000 with a red background? That means it doesn't exist in that game. If you're trying to import a Cacturne into Sword/Shield, that's your problem, and that's why it says incorrectly transferred. It's only available in Gen 3 through Gen 7 (SMUSUM), and BDSP (but BDSP can't have transfers from past gen yet).
  11. If you have access to a hacked switch, you can easily add this Swampert to your savefile. (Back the save up with JKSV or Checkpoint, open in PKHeX, drop the Swampert in) If you do not have a hacked switch/have an unhackable switch, you can use one of the various Sysbot.NET discord bots to have them trade you your Swampert.
  12. Pokémon cannot be transfered between Gen 1/2 and Gen 3. It's not possible to trade them from Red/Blue to FireRed, and even with PKHeX it would be an incompatible transfer (not legally possible, there would be legality errors) Even using an emulator that can simulate trades like VBA-link or mGBA, that trade still wouldn't work. Sidenote, why do you care about a glitch to get unlimited shiny Ditto if you plan to use PKHeX and/or do an incompatible transfer anyway? You can just use PKHeX to make unlimited shiny Ditto in whatever game you want.
  13. Cheat codes are often sloppy when editing values. Chances are it just sets everything to 999, doesn't bother to check if that's a possible value. If you have certain impossible values when going to interact with some of the legendaries or mythical pokedex entries, the game just soft-locks, or will even prevent you from catching that legendary/mythical because it refuses to spawn. This is also why you should keep savefile backups, with JKSV or Checkpoint. If you had an older savefile from BEFORE using that cheat, you would be able to just undo the damage yourself by restoring an old clean backup. Now if you want to fix it you unfortunately have to do Slayer's suggestion of fixing your pokedex progress by hand.
  14. Both of these assumptions are false. All Pokemon that originate from a Gen 8 game, LGPE, or GO have a HeightScalar and WeightScalar value, and these are retained regardless of transfers. (They're never "reset to zero" or altered in any way) SWSH displays the average height/weight for the species because those Height and Weight values are unused. They're generated, but SWSH doesn't do anything with them. When you transfer from LGPE to HOME, those Pokémon remain in the LGPE format and have their displayed height and weight properly scaled by those values. (LGPE converts them to HeightAbsolute and WeightAbsolute to display the variable sizes) When you transfer them into SWSH, they change to SWSH format, and stop using those values for Height/Weight calculation. This will be true for as long as they remain in the SWSH format. If you'd like to confirm this, use PKHeX to view a Pokémon in LGPE, transfer it into HOME, then SWSH, view that same Pokémon in SWSH, and confirm that the Height/Weight values under the Main tab are identical after the transfer. As a sidenote, BDSP and PLA also have HeightScalar and WeightScalar values. Like LGPE, PLA also uses them to calculate HeightAbsolute and WeightAbsolute to display the variable sizes ingame. There isn't any transfer compatibility between these games and HOME yet, but you can expect the same to be true for them as well. (aside from PLA's Alpha flag, which may be lost/become unused outside PLA)
  15. They're not actual event pokemon, these are fan-made and wouldn't be legal in any game, and I'm not sure the "files" for them ever existed in the first place. Whether the creators want to post any illegal fan-made event pkm files is up to them, but chances are they would have done it by now. Also this thread has been dead for 3 years, and clearly isn't going to be completed or see any new activity, so I'm going to lock it. In the future, please don't resurrect long-dead posts like this just to request files for event Pokémon that never existed in the first place.
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