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  1. That project is extremely outdated. "The advice has always been "use the latest wine and whatever PKHeX normally requires"." https://discord.gg/tDMvSRv https://discord.com/channels/401014193211441153/679178558597496872/1228758200279629884
  2. This is a feature, not a bug. Also, Gen 1/2 have no personality value, so please don't report issues that don't actually exist for a given generation. This only happens for Pokémon generated in Gen 3 and 4.
  3. Why is PKHeX showing my Pokémon have illegal Contest or Battle Memory Ribbons? First of all, please check that the encounter is actually eligible for the Battle or Contest memory value you've given it, as PKHeX will flag impossible values. (As an example, Ditto/Unown, having only a single move, cannot have more than 20/40 Contest Memory due to being ineligible for Super Contests, and several species of Pokémon, such as Mythicals, are prevented from participating in the Battle Tower(s) and therefore cannot obtain the Battle Memory Ribbon at all.) If the issue persists even with legal values of Contest or Battle Memory ribbons, or after removing the ribbons entirely, this is a result of having edited those ribbons on older versions of PKHeX or PKSM, which resulted in an incorrect state for that ribbon. This can be corrected by either transferring the affected Pokémon to Pokémon HOME via Pokémon Bank, or by running the following batch command on the affected Pokémon in the Batch Editor in PKHeX. (The Batch Editor can be found under Tools > Data): .HasBattleMemoryRibbon=False .HasContestMemoryRibbon=False
  4. This issue has already been fixed in the latest dev build of PKHeX, met location text should appear correctly in future releases of PKHeX.
  5. If you're loading a savestate, or just have extremely consistent timing, you're going to have identical results often due to the RNG. You could potentially run into the same issue if you were using 5 separate actual DS's connected to a single source of inputs. One way to avoid it would be to reset them at slightly different intervals, and not reset/load the game using savestates.
  6. Eggs can be TSV abused in any game prior to SWSH, so you're just unlucky that the TSV doesn't happen to match the eggs you've tried so far.
  7. The Encryption Constant does not change when moved to Pokémon HOME, that is incorrect. Keep in mind that it's EC mod 100 = 0 when the EC is converted to Decimal. In Hexadecimal, it's EC mod 64 = 0 Either your math was incorrect, or PKSM's was. Also, if you cloned them in Gen 2, and then sent them up, they'd all receive new/different ECs, each with a 1/100 chance to be eligible to evolve to 3-Segment, if you only cloned 1 box, (20 pokemon), then you'd only have a 18.21% chance of finding one that evolves to 3-Segment. If you cloned them AFTER they had already been sent to Bank, then the EC would be identical for the entire box you cloned, so there's no chance for any of them to evolve into 3-Segment. You'd have just copied the exact same set of ECs, all of which already didn't evolve into 3-Segment.
  8. Your question was answered, please don't hide your post and repost the same thing. See PIDIV mismatch guides for Gen 3/4, and make sure you're also checking that the encounter slots are valid.
  9. New releases are ready when they're ready. There's no ETA. You can either use your switch and do a Surprise Trade, or wait.
  10. While those characters being displayed oddly is normal, your Mew is indeed illegal. I've removed the file you uploaded, but I wanted to point out that the trainer name had "Aiden" instead of "Aiden". Japanese Emerald only allows entry of full width latin characters, so "Aiden" typed on a normal English keyboard is completely illegal on your Mew. Not only is it not "legitimate" as the filename implied, it's completely illegal due to invalid characters. PKHeX doesn't currently flag this because it would require a tremendous effort to document "full character legality" across every game, trade/transfer method, and generation.
  11. I don't believe there's an editor for that, you'd likely have to find the block they're stored in, and edit that directly. That said, you can get them from the encounter database under Tools > Data if you're just spawning them in anyway. There's not much difference between directly hacking one in, and changing the wild spawn to something that can already spawn there.
  12. It can be illegal if you were doing it on an emulator with poor RNG emulation, which would generate invalid stats. It would also be illegal if you made it shiny, changed the gender, nature, or IVs, without recalculating the rest of the stats in something like Pokefinder or RNGreporter PID mismatch occurs when the immutable values (PID, IVs, anything else generated that cannot change legitimately ingame) don't all match a valid seed.
  13. That's definitely a fake cart, the board doesn't look right, and despite not being able to edit anything, multiple pokemon in the savefile have RNG legality errors (PID mismatch), so the game wasn't running correctly either. (not uncommon for bootleg carts to have glitches that aren't present on real carts, real carts work completely differently) The good news is the savefile appears intact, the bad news is bootleg carts are extremely hit or miss on whether they can be read/written to by savefile managers, including cart readers. Your best option is to dump the game ROM and continue playing on emulator, or buy a legitimate FR or LG cart to restore the savefile to.
  14. WISHMKR Jirachi only has 9 possible shiny spreads: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/rdxEbTm4/ If you're trying for a Channel Jirachi, use a guide for Channel Jirachi.
  15. Battle Bond Greninja does not exist in Gen 6, there's no way to do that properly.
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