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  1. It can be illegal if you were doing it on an emulator with poor RNG emulation, which would generate invalid stats. It would also be illegal if you made it shiny, changed the gender, nature, or IVs, without recalculating the rest of the stats in something like Pokefinder or RNGreporter PID mismatch occurs when the immutable values (PID, IVs, anything else generated that cannot change legitimately ingame) don't all match a valid seed.
  2. That's definitely a fake cart, the board doesn't look right, and despite not being able to edit anything, multiple pokemon in the savefile have RNG legality errors (PID mismatch), so the game wasn't running correctly either. (not uncommon for bootleg carts to have glitches that aren't present on real carts, real carts work completely differently) The good news is the savefile appears intact, the bad news is bootleg carts are extremely hit or miss on whether they can be read/written to by savefile managers, including cart readers. Your best option is to dump the game ROM and continue playing on emulator, or buy a legitimate FR or LG cart to restore the savefile to.
  3. WISHMKR Jirachi only has 9 possible shiny spreads: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/rdxEbTm4/ If you're trying for a Channel Jirachi, use a guide for Channel Jirachi.
  4. Battle Bond Greninja does not exist in Gen 6, there's no way to do that properly.
  5. The Contest Ribbons in ORAS require OT Affection stats under Memories, the Training Ribbons requires at least Rank 2 Medals in every stat. I can't reproduce the Battle Memory or Contest Memory Ribbons flagging as illegal in the latest dev or stable builds of PKHeX on a Colo/XD origin Ursaring in USUM.
  6. As previously mentioned, PKHeX flags it as legal when it is in-fact illegal because the RNG correlation is not something PKHeX validates. The PID, EC, Gender, IVs, Nature, Height/Weight/Scale, (basically any immutable value) etc. are all correlated to a specific RNG seed. While PKHeX cannot validate this properly and will flag them as legal even with no valid seed, other programs can validate Legends: Arceus seeds. For an example, see https://github.com/kwsch/EtumrepMMO TLDR: If you're making or tampering with a Legends: Arceus Pokémon, making it shiny, have 6 perfect IVs, etc, it's illegal even if PKHeX shows it as legal. Either upload legitimate, untouched pokemon, or figure out how to properly account for the RNG correlation when editing them.
  7. The file has been removed. Please do not upload poorly hacked illegal pokemon. The Shiny Hisui Zorua in question had 6 IVs despite being a wild encounter, had 0/0/0 for Height, Weight, and Scale, and you left a note saying that changing the gender wouldn't alter the legitimacy, when it would, and it was illegal to begin with. Legends: Arceus Pokémon have PIDIV correlations that PKHeX doesn't validate, the checkmark in PKHeX doesn't mean it's legal if it still has incorrect values.
  8. It's been mentioned before, but while the official guidebook states it should appear with 1/100 odds on Pokémon sent through Surprise Trade in SV, it doesn't appear to have been coded to exist. Several people traded over 5000+ Pokémon without seeing a single instance of it occurring (one person while livestreaming the entire time), which would be near impossible if it was the intended 1/100 chance. No one has found a legitimate instance of the ribbon in the wild.
  9. You need to select the correct encounter type for your target encounter. Valor Cavern won't appear in the wild section because it contains no wild pokemon, and Azelf isn't generated as a wild encounter, it's a static encounter with a Method 1 PID
  10. It's still not ok to spread, because regardless of whether YOU use it online, someone else could, which is a potential risk to everyone involved. Please do not upload SV or Legends: Arceus saves under any circumstances.
  11. PKHeX works for every game in Generation 1 through 9, including spin-off games that store fully formed PKM data, like Stadium, RS Box, Colosseum, XD, Ranch, Battle Revolution, etc. If you can extract your savefile in a format PKHeX accepts, (not savestates, the actual savefile), it can usually be read.
  12. This appears to be an issue with the server whitelist, not PKHeX. I was able to reproduce the issue with multiple past-gen origin Mismagius, but it seems to trade perfectly fine as a Misdreavus
  13. I believe the four related to OT Memories are OT_Memory, OT_TextVar, OT_Intensity, OT_Feeling, which control these values in descending order: Likewise, if you're editing the memory for the latest "not-OT" handler, there should be "HT" versions of all four. Which values are legal depend entirely on the Pokémon in question, it's case by case.
  14. That isn't how they normally generate in-game, no. All Pokémon caught or hatched by you should have your exact Trainer Name and IDs. The reason the SID is different is likely a result of you holding down the ALT key when clicking the Shiny button, which alters the Trainer or Secret ID instead of the PID to turn it Shiny. This means they're legal shiny Pokémon, but not legitimate, and they won't behave as if you caught them on that savefile. See the guide for PID mismatch if you want to change the PID instead.
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