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  1. At time of writing, while ban reports have significantly trickled off since earlier this year, we are still receiving the occasional ban report on the PPORG and PKHeX Development Discord servers, seemingly related to the HOME banwave in January. We've been able to track some of the reports to earlier offenses, such hosting hacked raids prior to the hacked raid banwave during early Isle of Armor, or ranked/tournament cheating. It seems that they audited server logs and cleaned up a few stragglers they had neglected to ban earlier, and tacked them onto the HOME banwave. Given that they've demonstrated that HOME can track and accurately ban users who used the methods that resulted in the banwave, just because the banwave appears to be "pretty much over, and I wasn't banned despite doing X or Y bannable action" doesn't mean they aren't continuing to monitor network traffic and banning anyone foolish enough to attempt trafficking illegal pokemon via HOME going forward. The HOME banwave is thought to be the result of a permanent, ongoing security feature, not a one-off wave. As well, they've also shown the ability to view and edit Pokemon stored on the savefile, (including those in Poke Jobs AND in both Daycares, sending them there doesn't "hide them from HOME"), as HOME was used to automatically fix movesets for Alolan Form GO-origin Pokemon that had their opposite regional form moveset due to a bug with GO -> HOME transfers. This means that any illegal pokemon, glitch pokemon, etc. may be viewed by HOME any time you load your savefile into HOME, even if you don't place them into HOME storage itself. If you kept any illegal/glitch Pokemon on your savefile, proceed with caution with that infomation in mind. (Alternatively simply avoid using HOME altogether, or store any illegal/glitch pokemon on a profile/savefile, secondary switch, or emuNAND that is not going to be accessed by HOME.)
  2. Here are examples of the entrance animations, Top is Square (XOR=0), Bottom is Star (XOR=1-15) (Photos courtesy of Serebii.net: https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/shinypokemon.shtml)
  3. Update, surprisingly: If you selected the OT name "ASH" from the default name menu instead of manually entering it, the savefile's OT trash bytes would apparently grab "ASH\0JACK\0". This meant that editing Pikachu would still be broken if you had that exact OT selected from the default name menu and edited Pikachu at all, as PKHeX would still clear some of those trash bytes. This has been resolved here: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/d41fc571d05dfa8c455f5cd25c0be338b0e0a3fa
  4. Source: https://www.serebii.net/games/shiny.shtml
  5. Yup, their legality checks and "transfer/trade" whitelisting system have never been consistent, regardless of which generation of games you're looking at. It's surprising we haven't found more issues with it, considering the sheer number of encounters/events they have to keep track of, going back nearly 2 decades.
  6. This isn't a new issue either. Several past events were/are subject to this as well. Shiny Solgaleo and Lunala, (and several other HOME exclusives), were unable to trade in SWSH when HOME was first released, they were added to the trade whitelist at a later date. Shiny Jirachi from Channel/Colo Bonus Disc in Gen 3 were also barred from transfer until the first Tanabata Shiny Jirachi event, years later. Some events are still barred from transfer in other generations, such as the Odd Egg Pokémon from Virtual Console Crystal. (Odd Egg Pokémon must have the event move "Dizzy Punch" removed from them to be allowed past the whitelist, Nintendo has completely forgotten about that event to this day.)
  7. This bug still continues to occur in newer versions of PKHeX as of 14/06/2020, in both Stable and Experimental Builds of PKHeX, I've opened a Github issue here reporting it: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/issues/2859 Edit: Fixed here: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/8936c584173aacedbaac1734355a1eb2996d736e Thank you Kurt
  8. I'm having an issue with the latest version of PKHeX, (v200314 as of writing) Holding Shift while sorting to mass sort all boxes seems to unintentionally change a number of Trainer Data values, drastically increasing the values: egg_hatching, capture_wild, total_capture, trade, and wild_pokemon_encountered. I believe PKHeX is somehow treating sorting the boxes as brand new encounters (pokemon caught/encountered values) and also trades simultaneously, as I have performed no trades on this savefile, yet the "trades" value reached into the thousands after sorting a few times. Update, 18/03/2020: It appears that virtually any use of the Batch Editor to modify Pokemon also triggers this issue.
  9. This encounter actually can be reached directly after the Gladion Battle at the base of Mount Lanakila. The Rainbow Rocket arc does not need to be completed for this.
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