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  1. Ah I see what you mean, miscounted my math, my bad.
  2. Weirdly enough, take out the Mew mission and you have 07 instead.
  3. 0212D8C8 000F0000 The address above uses that value by default for new missions added, at least for the Japanese version. 0212D8C8 000F0000 0F - New Missions (Changes when completing missions, also different depending on the missions you have, 0F is for all the missions, also works slightly different in the other regional versions since you can’t have all the missions at once as “new”) 00 - Is used in the other regional versions to determine if Ranger Net is enabled or not, as well as the password system, however this does nothing in the Japanese version. 00 - Manaphy Egg (00 - Mission wasn’t completed, 01 - Egg, 02 - Egg Transferred, in the other regions this is actually the byte for the Manaphy mission itself, 00 - No Mission, 01 - Mission Complete which renders the egg, 03 - Mission Not Completed/Mission Available) I still need to grab the byte for when you transfer the egg, nonetheless, that helps hopefully.
  4. Everything I put together so far related to the missions, I put it together in a plain basic format purely for testing purposes. This is part of the missions data, just located in a deeper part of the memory. I have no clue if this helps any, sorry if it's not organized the way you wish it to be, usually I do all the organization and what not needed after gathering the data I need. Mind you this isn't complete and I will likely keep looking/adding into this. I split the codes up based on mission data so hopefully that helps a little bit. The data is pretty raw in terms of how it's handled in memory, all the numbers and what not throughout the code lines is mostly the bytes that make up the Japanese characters for the missions, the data for the mission itself is at the top of each of them. Can't use just those addresses though because then the game would crash trying to understand the blank mission lol. WARNING: Yes these are cheat codes, HOWEVER, I advise you NOT TO USE ANY OF THESE CODES ABOVE, doing so will render data that doesn't work due to the lack of data needed based on testing and ultimately will taint your perfect saves if you do (maybe even corrupt it). This is purely for documentation purposes, you have been warned. P.S. If you can't read that warning above, I recommend seeing your eye doctor ASAP and getting yourself a nice set of glasses and or contacts of your liking. The warning isn't a joke.
  5. Alright so I beat the game with that save, and managed to make the two missions fresh again: https://i.postimg.cc/QCHmd6Hd/Pokemon-Ranger-Japan-12756.png
  6. I already did just that, I know exactly where the data is, however it's not as simple as copy and paste unfortunately. I was up all night doing multiple attempts, each of which failed. The closest so far that I have gotten was getting the missions to actually show up, but the code I made is pretty lengthy just to make it do that. Launching missions isn't successful either, all of them end up erasing themselves, if you launch all of the missions then Ranger Net itself disappears (I guess since there is no reason for it to stick around if no missions for it exist). I did research in both memory AND the save itself.
  7. Good thing I made cheats for the Fiore browser, worst case scenario players can use my new codes once I post them to complete their browser for the Japanese games if they wish. https://i.postimg.cc/3xnSVz64/Pokemon-Ranger-Japan-28843.png
  8. Going to assume said cart was never dumped. I have some type of slot 2 distribution dump flashed to NOR, it has a Japanese Ranger icon with the ID ZP3J. I thought it was the ID for the NDS Japanese game, however since the retail uses a different ID, I tried to play it smart by changing the ID, seeing if the data would transfer then. Nope, so I am unsure where to go next for the Japanese missions. I have a Japanese save with all the missions except Mew on it (came from this forum), and have beeing trying to figure out how I can write the data with cheats that way, so far it hasn't worked to the point that the missions actually load yet.
  9. Mind explaining the slot 2 method please?
  10. Pokemon Ranger (USA) Pokemon Ranger (Europe) The Japanese versions handled the missions differently and I would have to do more extensive work to see if I can make the missions work for Ranger 1.
  11. 0xE704 - Pokewalker Steps (32-bit) 0xE708 - Pokewalker Watts (32-bit) The documentation marked 0xE708 as the Pokewalker steps when it should have been the watts. Also I am sorry for the giant bump. At least you are getting the right information out of the post though.
  12. Hello everyone, back with something that isn't necessarily new but definitely needed. For a long time many users have used various Pokedex codes to complete their game faster than the intended way. I decided to look into the matter and even looked at all the original codes created by people in the past for each Pokemon game, after looking about the data given throughout the codes, I realized that most if not all the original Pokedex codes were writing the wrong data, not only that, but a lot of the needed data for the Pokedex was missing from some of the codes as well, causing graphical glitches when viewing certain Pokemon in the Pokedex and even crashing the game at times as well. I also noticed that some of the codes were named one way but they acted in a way that didn't result in what the title of the code was, which is very misleading to the user wanting to use the code. So I went out of my way and made Pokedex codes of my own that work the way they are supposed to and ones that won't mislead anyone wanting to use the codes. I also went the extra mile to provide extra codes for extra features of the Pokedex since most lists contain the basic features such as national mode. Without further ado, I present the new and improved Pokedex code list! Note: I will not guarantee this list to be finalized as I may improve the codes more to prevent any sort of issues these codes may bring to their respected games. I prefer being thorough about making codes so I can ensure only the best for everyone and not some silly joke(s). Diamond and Pearl: Pokemon - Diamond Version + Pokemon - Pearl Version (USA) (Demo) (Kiosk): Pokemon - Diamond/Pearl Version (USA/Europe): Pokemon - Version Diamant/Perle (France): Pokemon - Diamant/Perl-Edition (Germany): Pokemon - Edicion Diamante/Perla (Spain): Pokemon - Versione Diamante/Perla (Italy): Pocket Monsters DP - Dialga/Palkia (Korea): Pocket Monsters - Diamond (Japan) (Debug Version): Pocket Monsters - Diamond/Pearl (Japan): Pocket Monsters - Diamond/Pearl (Japan) (Rev 6): Platinum: Pokemon Platinum Version (USA/Europe): Pokemon - Version Platine (France): Pokemon - Platin-Edition (Germany): Pokemon - Edicion Platino (Spain): Pokemon - Versione Platino (Italy): Pocket Monsters Pt - Giratina (Korea): Pocket Monsters - Platinum (Japan): HeartGold and SoulSilver: Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Version (USA/Europe): Pokemon - Version Or HeartGold/Version Argent SoulSilver (France): Pokemon - Goldene Edition HeartGold/Silberne Edition SoulSilver (Germany): Pokemon - Edicion Oro HeartGold (Spain): Pokemon - Edicion Plata SoulSilver (Spain): Pokemon - Versione Oro HeartGold/Versione Argento SoulSilver (Italy): Pocket Monsters - HeartGold/SoulSilver (Korea): Pocket Monsters - HeartGold/SoulSilver (Japan):
  13. Alright, I tweaked each of the codes, now you don't need to have the PC open to spawn the Clefable in box 18, you can now do it freely as long as the save is loaded.
  14. I tested these already, they work, the Clefable only generates when you are already in the PC box. Mind you the Clefable is only visible when you switch boxes. I can prove it works too.
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