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    Regarding PCJP2003 shiny pichu eggs, we have solved the PID/IVs. Here is the algorithm, and keep in mind all results from rand() are 32bit. seed = 0 -> 0xFFFF randA() - unknown randB() - unknown pid = ((randC() >> 0x10) << 0x10)) | (randD() >> 0x10) If force-shiny flag on (How this is determined we don't know) shiny = (randE() >> 0x10) & 7 pid = (pid & 0xFFFF0000) | ((pidH ^ tid ^ sid) & ~0x7) | shiny) IVs are generated normally on randF() and randG(). I think this is similar, if not exactly the same way as berry glitch zig, yet was released 8 months earlier.
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    It's almost as if certain Pokemon need to be traded to trigger the evolution. I wonder if a Traded Pokémon has a Handling Trainer to note that it has been traded away from the OT at least once?
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    Well, one thing's sure is that getting this to work in emulators isn't zeropain at all. :3 (get it, painless)
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    Version 1.0.0


    This file that I have posted contains all Pokemon that have been introduced into Generation 7 This Includes: ~ All Ultra Beasts! ~ All Alola Form Pokemon! ~ All New Generation 7 Pokemon ~ All Legendary Pokemon! Such as: Solgaleo Lunala Magearna Necrozma All Tapu Pokemon (Except Marshadow) Happy Genning! ~ Z
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    Also come to think of it, it's kinda like the distro cartridges. They're official stuff made by Nintendo at some point that we were never meant to be able to have, but managed to get at some point anyway.
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    There's also the AGATE Celebi and COLOS Pikachu. And probably the Colosseum E-reader mons. The door to the E-reader room is locked in the English games but if you can get in there, the Japanese E-reader and cards work with the North American games.
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    Yeah, like they're not completely legit since they were never released, but they're not completely hacked either since Nintendo themselves made them. GAMESTP Celebi was a really interesting one since it wasn't meant to be given out, but people got it legitimately anyway (if Nintendo considers changing the date on the distribution DSes as legitimate, lol.)
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    I think any of the non-banned pokemon, besides maybe Pikachu, would be good for the Battle Frontier
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    Yes, as long as they weren't banned Pokemon to begin with. So no Ho-Oh, Luigia, Celebi or Deoxys (there was a period in 2006 where it was given away at Space Center Houston). Also, I believe Bottle Caps ARE a permanent increase to stats, but they leave the IVs alone. I assume it was done that way so you couldn't just Bottle Cap a Ditto and breed, and also for Hidden Power.
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    I was curious if the source rom of the unreleased Meteor Jirachi is known, or was that something else that was made to be kept secret? That pokemon has been a bit of a curiosity of mine lately, since I always found unreleased events to be interesting. You'd probably just have to keep receiving the same pokemon over and over until it gives you a spread you're fine with. Basically like SRing for good IVs for legendarys in games before they were guaranteed 3 31s. But if you don't plan to keep it in Gen 3, then like Invader Tak said, you don't necessarily need worry about IVs.
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    IVs won't matter once Bank gets updated for Sun and Moon thanks to Bottle Caps. You'd only need to worry about Natures.
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    Alright; I did a thing. Basically, the abilities "Run Away" and "Klutz" are completely removed from the game, and the Pokémon who did have it, now have their hidden ability instead, if it existed in Gen IV. For example, Eevee now has Adaptability and Anticipation, and Ponyta now has Flame Body and Flash Fire. I made an exception for Aipom though, as they'd lose the ability Skill Link upon evolution if I followed this rule. Note that this will make the Raticates you find in numerous dungeons quite a bit harder, not only do they no longer run away from you, but they also have Hustle which will add 50% to their physical attack. Another thing is that I've made it so that Abra no longer loses the ability to float over water or lava when they evolve into Kadabra and then into Alakazam. I have no idea why it wasn't like this beforehand, especially considering all of Alakazam's sprites show them floating! Lastly, Castform's size has been reduced to 2 stars instead of 4, Gyrados' to 3 stars from 4, and Milotic's to 3 from 4. I don't believe Castfrom is overpowered like the devs evidently did, especially considering he's damaged by sandstorms. As for Gyrados and Milotic, as they're both non-legendaries who evolve from 1 star Pokémon, I think 3 stars is more appropriate. Interestingly, even though there's no Pokémon in the game who already has a size of 3, it works just perfectly and how you'd expect. So, yeah. I've done some testing with it and it all seems good. I think I edited both the male and female of each species, but let me if now if I missed anything. I didn't have a patch because of the various regions, and you may already have filled in the portraits with SkyEditor or changed the ROM in some way, so I'll just leave the files. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1-sBoZAiZiGdThBRS1iTVpYQlU To patch a ROM with these files, just download this, and follow this until the "romstats" folder appears, open it, and drop the files into "pokemon_data". Then hit "3a_CompileEverythingAndMakeRom.bat" and the rom.nds is your patched ROM. Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without @psy_commando's tools, I just made this to show off what they could do.
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    Already shared this with Sabresite. Yesterday I discovered another unknown 3rd Gen Event Pokemon Algorithm. A special PID Type that is only used for the PCJP03 Shiny Pichu Eggs! 1st rand() (Unknown) 2nd rand() (Unknown) 3rd rand() PID High (tid ^ sid ^ (rand() >> 0x10 for PID low) 4th rand() (Unknown - Used for Shiny PID?) 5th rand() (Or this one? Or both?) 6th rand() (IV1) 7th rand() (IV2) It's still an unsolved puzzle but I can say that it looks a little bit like a hybrid between the rand()3 Algorithm + the BGF Zigzagoon's Algorithm.
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    Two bugs I noticed while editing my Platinum save file: 1) Editing a Pokemon's EV's to 252 will randomly give it a whole bunch of ribbons as well 2) After editing the first time and saving, a Bad Egg showed up in my daycare center (without me having ever touched the daycare center editing panel)
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    If you're interested it's at the same sources as the 10ANNIV :^) I figured out that much. If you open the windows and roms in a proper sequence, it'll start to connect to transfer everytime. But no matter what, even if I close the first window after it says "Transferring", the second window remains permanently frozen. I have no idea how I got it to work that one time. Edit: It looks that like after it goes back to the pokemon selection screen in the first window, if you select a pokemon again, it'll unfreeze the second window and will finish the transfer of your original selection successfully. Works every time. It's a little weird from the way it's supposed to work, but it does transfer in the end.
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    Luckily I can and prefer to use actual hardware as well It would just be nice if we knew a method where the 10ANNIV worked with an emulator just as well as everything else.
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    With all the BS you guys have had getting this thing to work with emulators, I'll stick to actual hardware.
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    He might be showing that the 10ANNIV generation method (or at least the multiboot ROM interface) is older than we think.
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    I was just remembering this after we talked about フェスタ メタング... Sorry for the bad quality. It's from an old video. ポケモンをうけとっています。 でんけんを切らないでください。 ポケモンがやってきました! たいせつにしてね。 でんけんを切って、 ケーブルなぬいて ください。 Source of the video: http://www.filb.de/events/pokemonfesta2005 Looks a bit familiar, right?
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    Also speaking of which, I remembered earlier a glitch I discovered several years ago (well, if somebody else ran into that glitch before I did, then nobody ever said anything about it online...) I have absolutely no idea how the glitch worked or how it happened, but I was playing through Emerald and going through Route 113. I ran into a Spinda, and I caught it, except when I got to the Pokédex screen, that shows the Pokédex entry when you register a new Pokémon, Spinda's sprite was shiny. I got really confused, and then I thought I had caught a shiny Spinda and I just somehow hadn't noticed it on the battle screen. But then when I checked its Summary, it wasn't shiny, so I was even more confused. Then my Pokédex just permanently had a shiny Spinda sprite showing in the list, which is definitely not supposed to happen. It's really a shame that I had the habit of constantly restarting my save files for fun back then, because sure enough I started over that save file, and all traces of the glitch are gone. I wish I could have dumped that save file and uploaded it here so people to look at it. \: maybe someone could have figured something out. As far as I'm aware it just happened randomly, not something I'd know how to replicate. I know the Pokédex registers the spot placement of the first Spinda you ever run into, maybe there's a specific spots combo that causes some kind of glitch and makes the game register a shiny sprite? I just went and tried using cheats to make it so the very first Spinda I encounter was shiny, but the sprite in the Pokédex showed up as regular Spinda so that can't be it, I don't think s: