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  1. english09

    pokemon shadow

    It's a current bug with PkHeX, I'm having the same issues
  2. For it to be Shiny with you as the original trainer, we'd need to know your Trainer ID/Secret ID (if you want it to be your own Mewtwo). Otherwise, here you go: 150 ★ - Mewtwo - F68E75404DC5.pk7
  3. Hi StarsMmd,

    I saw your XG rom hack and had a few questions:

    1. Do you know where in the save file the Shadow Monitor data is?
    2. More specifically, where the data for each Pokemon registered in the Shadow Monitor is?

    I'd like to edit a few Pokemon in my save file's shadow monitor registry using a hex editor - is the PID saved for each Shadow Pokemon or is it simply gender and ball used to catch it?

    Thank you for your time,


    1. StarsMmd


      I'm not sure of the exact location but I can tell you what the data looks like so you can search for it. The pid is saved once the pokemon is first seen in battle.


      Alternatively, if you send me the unencrypted save file I can search for it and let you know where it is. :-)

  4. Very Interesting stuff - Thank you so much for entertaining my curiosity!
  5. Does this also mean that for every possible PID you can get any Encryption Constant?
  6. What about Generation 6 and 7? Are those based on the physical system and its MAC Address as well?
  7. Starting with Generation 5, a Pokemon's PID and IV's are no longer correlated (thanks to the separate PIDRNG and MTIVRNG). It was said in practice that you could edit a Pokemon's IV's and it would still be considered "legal". Question 1: Does that mean any combination of PID and IV's can be generated legitimately through normal gameplay (and on any date?), or just that Nintendo's Hack Checks won't notice (thus making the Pokemon technically legal but not really). Additionally: In Generation 6 and 7, Pokemon now have an Encryption Constant along with their PID and IV's. In the 3DSRNG program, it shows that each frame has an associated PID, EC and IV's. Question 2: Does that mean that IV's are once again tied to PID and EC (thus meaning you cannot just willy-nilly change IV's anymore while retaining true legality?) By "true legality" I mean legality which will never be undermined by future discoveries and updates to PKHEX's legality checker (true legality being functionally identical to a legitimate Pokemon). Lastly: If I want to generate PID and IV combinations that are identical to ones you could obtain through normal in-game means, is RNGReporter/PIDRNG the best way to do so (taking into account starting frames for specific Pokemon (i.e. Distortion World Giratina at 11))? My goal here is to edit my Pokemon in a way which eliminates the risk of them eventually some day being identified as illegal if there are any new discoveries in Legality research (so I don't have to be worried about going back and re-editing them, which happened with one of my XD Pokemon with one of the more recent PKHEX updates). Thanks again, - english09
  8. What other variables would then be able to dictate a correlation? I guess my ultimate question is: Will a random PID, EC and set of IV's still be completely legal and possible to generate within the game without any external devices for any given date, OT ID/SID, etc.?
  9. Kind of a random question, but curious: For a Pokemon generated in Generation 6 or 7, is there any RNG-related correlation between its PID and Encryption Constant (EC)? Or can any Pokemon have any of the infinite combinations of PID, EC, and IVs? Example: If I received three Pokebank Event Hidden Ability Incineroars (A, B, and C), then took the PID of Incineroar A and the EC of Incineroar B and edited Incineroar C to have those respective PID and EC (of A and B), whilst retaining its IV's; would Incineroar C still be considered "legal" (i.e. could it still have been generated naturally through the game's RNG with this combination)?
  10. Hi, I was wondering what program you are using in this thread that allowed you to get to the page tab titled "Gamecube RNG": 



  11. What is that program you're using on the left with the title "Gamecube RNG"? I have RNG reporter but I can't seem to find that option for "Gamecube RNG" that you have.
  12. Hey there, I was just curious (given there's no save file editor that views/edits hall of fame data for the Gen 3 games) if it's possible to do it effectively with a hex editor, and if so: how would I go about making changes whilst also recalculating checksums etc.? Thanks in advance, - english
  13. How do I play with PkHeX's source code?
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