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  1. Quick question: How safe is the Gen 4 Hall of Fame extractor/exporter you made? Want to use it for one of my games and just want to be sure it won't mess with any other values. Would it help if made the changes I wanted, exported the save and then opened the save again in PKHeX and simply exported again (so that PKHeX can fix any values gone awry if there are any)?

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    2. english09


      I was referring more to the importing of Pokemon data into the Hall of Fame (changing the Hall of Fame records) - could using the program affect any other parts of the save file?

    3. theSLAYER


      Keep a save backup if you're worried.


      I've programmed it to replace the hall of fame entries, and correct the checksums, nothing else.

    4. english09


      Ok perfect, thank you :)

  2. Gen 3/4 PID and Initial Seed

    Ok because I noticed my Gen 3 Manectric (edited IV's and generated a new PID for it in accordance with its method) was originally marked as legal with legality checker and is now marked as illegal with PKHeX (file attached below). Is this a false positive/negative or an actual issue with the way the PID was generated? 310 - MANECTRIC - C2A6C6AED9B0.pk3
  3. I noticed that PKHeX seems to now take into consideration initial seeds with a given TID and SID on a game to calculate whether the PID of a Pokemon is possible with that game/TID/SID combo. Am I understanding it correct that this is a new level of legality checking and that we should now use RNG reporter to find legal PID's for our Pokemon given a TID/SID combo? Does this mean that many Pokemon that were marked as legal in the past (such as with the old legalitychecker.exe program for Gen 4) are now going to be marked illegal?
  4. Emerald Steven Encounter

    You can also use Trigger's PC (Pokebank for Gen 3), which has an option to reenable the Steven battle
  5. XD Eevee PID?

    What's the best way to generate a legal PID for the XD: GoD Eevee (given a certain nature and set of IV's)? I've been trying with XDCheck but I keep getting the "unable to match encounter conditions to a possible RNG frame" error when legality checking
  6. I need help.

    It worked! Thank you so much
  7. I need help.

    Still the same only the first five columns show, even with the new version you posted in that link
  8. I need help.

    Just downloaded the latest version (170128) and the box screen is cut off after the fifth column - I attached an image for reference. P.s. I'm on Windows 10.
  9. Two Gen-IV Related Bugs

    Two bugs I noticed while editing my Platinum save file: 1) Editing a Pokemon's EV's to 252 will randomly give it a whole bunch of ribbons as well 2) After editing the first time and saving, a Bad Egg showed up in my daycare center (without me having ever touched the daycare center editing panel)
  10. Thank you so much for your help, this is huge! Finally able to recover some old Pokemon's data (PID) for recreation, again I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your help
  11. I'm currently trying to change an Aron's PID to match the new IV's I gave it and I'm getting inconsistent information from across serebii, PKHeX, and Pokegen regarding whether Ability Slot 1 is Sturdy or Rockhead. When I use PKHeX to import my Aron from a Gen III file format to Gen IV+, it says it had Sturdy (as it does in-game), and says that Sturdy is Ability Slot 1. BUT, when I search my Aron's PID with PID-IV.exe, it says that this PID could only have Ability Slot 2. Am I missing something here? Did they switch from Gen III to IV?
  12. So to view the PID info in the save file myself using HxD, do I simply open up the .sav file in HxD and try searching the full PID in Hex form?
  13. Will this extractor work with DP/Pt? Edit: Never mind, silly question. Do you plan on making one for DP/Pt?
  14. Will RAM2SAV still work for S/M? If not, what are the other options for extracting a save file from a retail S/M catridge?
  15. Any chance we can get a Hall of Fame hidden data viewer/editor implemented for past generations similar to the one already implemented for Generation 6?