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  1. Editing items for Colosseum/XD with PkHeX could still mess up the Shadow Monitor, as PkHeX doesn't seem to handle the Shadow Monitor well at all. If you want to edit while minimizing the risk of the Shadow Monitor messing up, I'd recommend the editing program PkmGCSaveEditor. It's a save editor for Colosseum/XD which seems to leave the Shadow Monitor unchanged/un-corrupted when you make other edits.
  2. I've had this issue before. It seems to be because PkHeX tries to update the shadow monitor whenever an update is made to a Shadow Pokemon that is tied to one of the Shadow Monitor slots (e.g. changing PID), but it often updates it improperly and causes major problems.
  3. Since Pokemon made its way onto the Switch (LGPE / SWSH), Pokemon now have individual height and weight values. These values are only relevant in LGPE, yet still exist in the Pokemon's data structure in SWSH (and change from one Pokemon to the next, even of the same species). Clearly it's a random value that is assigned, but is it tied to anything? Could it affect legality?
  4. It is in fact possible to do this - download PkmGCSaveEditor, open your Colo/XD save file and click "Strategy Memo". This will show you the PID of each Pokemon when that Pokemon was first generated in your game. Unfortunately this also includes non-Shadow Pokemon, and so if there is a case where you first encounter a non-Shadow version of a Pokemon before engaging in it's actual Shadow encounter, the game will record the PID of the non-Shadow one. However, these cases are pretty rare, so chances are you should be fine. Let me know if you need any additional info / help!
  5. Do we think this will impact shinies that have been transferred up from previous gens? As in: my shiny Charizard has a PID such that it will end up potentially being an Ultra Shiny once it arrives to SWSH?
  6. Just an FYI: Timid is one of the best natures for Suicune. Regardless, you could simply edit the nature of your Suicune to be Calm - it wouldn't impact the legality of it.
  7. english09

    pokemon shadow

    It's a current bug with PkHeX, I'm having the same issues
  8. For it to be Shiny with you as the original trainer, we'd need to know your Trainer ID/Secret ID (if you want it to be your own Mewtwo). Otherwise, here you go: 150 ★ - Mewtwo - F68E75404DC5.pk7
  9. Hi StarsMmd,

    I saw your XG rom hack and had a few questions:

    1. Do you know where in the save file the Shadow Monitor data is?
    2. More specifically, where the data for each Pokemon registered in the Shadow Monitor is?

    I'd like to edit a few Pokemon in my save file's shadow monitor registry using a hex editor - is the PID saved for each Shadow Pokemon or is it simply gender and ball used to catch it?

    Thank you for your time,


    1. StarsMmd


      I'm not sure of the exact location but I can tell you what the data looks like so you can search for it. The pid is saved once the pokemon is first seen in battle.


      Alternatively, if you send me the unencrypted save file I can search for it and let you know where it is. :-)

  10. Very Interesting stuff - Thank you so much for entertaining my curiosity!
  11. Does this also mean that for every possible PID you can get any Encryption Constant?
  12. What about Generation 6 and 7? Are those based on the physical system and its MAC Address as well?
  13. Starting with Generation 5, a Pokemon's PID and IV's are no longer correlated (thanks to the separate PIDRNG and MTIVRNG). It was said in practice that you could edit a Pokemon's IV's and it would still be considered "legal". Question 1: Does that mean any combination of PID and IV's can be generated legitimately through normal gameplay (and on any date?), or just that Nintendo's Hack Checks won't notice (thus making the Pokemon technically legal but not really). Additionally: In Generation 6 and 7, Pokemon now have an Encryption Constant along with their PID and IV's. In the 3DSRNG program, it shows that each frame has an associated PID, EC and IV's. Question 2: Does that mean that IV's are once again tied to PID and EC (thus meaning you cannot just willy-nilly change IV's anymore while retaining true legality?) By "true legality" I mean legality which will never be undermined by future discoveries and updates to PKHEX's legality checker (true legality being functionally identical to a legitimate Pokemon). Lastly: If I want to generate PID and IV combinations that are identical to ones you could obtain through normal in-game means, is RNGReporter/PIDRNG the best way to do so (taking into account starting frames for specific Pokemon (i.e. Distortion World Giratina at 11))? My goal here is to edit my Pokemon in a way which eliminates the risk of them eventually some day being identified as illegal if there are any new discoveries in Legality research (so I don't have to be worried about going back and re-editing them, which happened with one of my XD Pokemon with one of the more recent PKHEX updates). Thanks again, - english09
  14. What other variables would then be able to dictate a correlation? I guess my ultimate question is: Will a random PID, EC and set of IV's still be completely legal and possible to generate within the game without any external devices for any given date, OT ID/SID, etc.?
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