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  1. Oh so it's also 2003 in the French translation. Interesting.
  2. It's likely 07/07/2003 (07/07/2002 when playing in a language other than Spanish), since July 7th is the data of the Japanese festival Tanabata, which Jirachi is inspired by.
  3. This is the variant I got with my Japanese copy of Colosseum back in 2015. Guess the Japanese eBay seller I got it from pre-ordered at a Pokemon Center or got it from someone else who did.
  4. I mean it has all of the European language Aurora Ticket Wonder Cards. We found that out during the effort Real96 helped with.
  5. On this note, I realized that getting our hands on the Europe Aurora Ticket ROM would be VERY useful because it contains ALL of the Wonder Cards AND can send to Emerald in addition to FRLG.
  6. All of the known US and European Gen 4 and 5 distro ROMs have been dumped and can be found via a Google search. @ajxpk Yeah, I think all the Wonder Cards that'll show up have already done so. Guess now we can move onto disassembling the Aurora Ticket ROM and see how we can get it to send to everything.
  7. That's also supported by its Japanese name, Kamitsurugi (カミツルギ). I'm seeing that kami written as 紙 means "paper" while kami written as 神 means "deity" or "God". "Tsurugi" written as 剣 means "sword". So it could either mean "paper sword" or "deity/God sword". Or maybe even "paper deity/God sword". Hard to say, really. I'm also seeing "kartana" is Sanskrit for "cutting" (written as कर्तन), which is also a fitting meaning. It should also be noted that Kartana is currently the only Pokemon that learns Cut by level up, and many of its other level up moves involve cutting or slashing (Air Cutter, Razor Leaf and Sacred Sword to name a few). Man, GameFreak REALLY thought this out. And some fans say they're running out of ideas.
  8. I got the newsletter last month so hopefully it won't take long to get it this month.
  9. Sounds like it could be an Aurora Ticket ROM with the Mystic Ticket .wc3 injected. Does the ROM you found have a select screen for different variations of the Mystic Ticket or is it just the TCG World Championships 2005 one?
  10. What's the status on the multiboot collection? Any new ones obtained or that can be obtained?
  11. Since this is a TCG tie-in, I expect this'll come to the West sometime.
  12. Shiny chance would be nice considering the last Arceus with a shiny chance was Japan-only back in Gen 6.
  13. I'm guessing this'll match the Arceus Japan got in CoroCoro last month.