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    Speaking with @theSLAYER, we are thinking that local wireless still means the pokemon are downloaded the via the internet. The difference is that your internet connection goes through a hubspot. Unfortunately the server URLs are not standard, making it "local." Since there are no events near me (west coast USA), I am hoping our community in Japan can help us to determine this. What is the benefit? If we can identify the server-urls then we can receive the event pokemon without actually being there (hopefully?). At the least we could make it easier to get the event pokemon for the people who are there.
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    Wow, a lot of feedback built up while PP was supposedly down. I'll get back to all you guys soon but I'm a little busy with work and a guide for a game I'm trying to hammer out at the moment. It's great to see the continued support from everyone even after release. And nice to see you again HaxAras
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    Hello everyone, I'm theSLAYER, your events moderator here! First of all, I'll like to thank everyone for their contributions and co-operation thus far! How To Contribute: Wondercard file (WC7/WC7FULL) Extraction can be via Pkhex or using NTR method (recommended, especially for local events) Requirements for such contribution: 1. DO NOT SUBMIT EDITED <or faked> WONDERCARDS 2. Upload your zipped event, together with photos of the event location + receiving of the Pokemon How To Import to Save: Steps here: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/guides/save-editing/importing-a-wonder-card-with-pkhex-r5/ Upcoming and Missing Events: Please do not submit Powersaves extracted entries. Event Compilation Latest Version Updated: Sep 27, 2017 - 1519hrs - UTC0 PPorg_GenVII_WC7s.rar Local Wireless events that can be collected by any region 3DS will be in the 1. Common for All Regions Folder. I regularly move old posts to another thread, to prevent cluttering of this thread.
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    A year ago a reported this error in the C-Gear Skin Gallery which was never fixed. This just came up to my mind. I'm not sure if this is already taken into account, but I thought I could bring it back up to attention now that the Event Gallery is beeing renewed.
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    Hi, so I've seen a lot of people on here that complained about always having to hex edit the save file of a second gen game when they're playing it in the Virtual Console, because it has a different size then the normal (emulator?) save files that can be used with PKHeX. Now, I'm sure that this is going to be fixed soon by Kaphotics or somebody else, but for now, I've developed a very tiny converter which automatically adds enough 0's to your save file so that it can be edited with PKHeX. Here it is: sav_converter.zip The usage really is as simple as it gets: Just drag your sav.dat file onto the exe and, depending on the current size of the file, the converter will either append enough bytes to the file so it can be opened with PKHeX, or it will delete the last 28 bytes from the file so that it can be re-injected into your Virtual Console. sav_converter.zip
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    Should I make a video tutorial? I'll be sure to make it at least ten minutes long.
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    a drag and drop operation huh. Maybe just show images of the drag and drop Anything to prevent questions about how it works
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    Thanks for the suggestion, I uploaded my tool in our directory. I can't provide a screenshot though, since the converter doesn't have any sort of GUI.
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    Case: Feebas caught on Route 119 in OR at Lv. 25, evolved via maxed Beauty stat. Legality check says invalid encounter. If I revert it to Feebas, it passes the legality check. If I add a Latest NotOT and give it a NotOT memory as if it had been traded, it becomes legal, as if PKHeX thinks that the only legal way to evolve Feebas is through trading with the Prism Scale. That's probably worth mentioning. I'm not entirely sure what about it would be not legal, the only thing I've not personally done in-game was to max out the Beauty stat, which I just edited to 255 in PKHeX, but as far as I'm aware this is the same result as you get when legitimately maxing it with Pokéblocks in-game.
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    @theSLAYER, I think it is against our charter to proliferate making money off of event pokemon. Also people who sell event pokemon (especially preloaded on cartridges), usually hack the pokemon.
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    Here's the Taiwanese Magearna QR Code: Source: https://twitter.com/fureytw/status/800381513372008448 The European Magearna QR is not the official one. This is the right one.
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    I have very strong and compelling reasons to believe that isn't the event Pokemon; that it's hacked. (which I'm not going to disclose) edit: perhaps we could buy from this dude: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pokemonexchange/comments/5dj2j7/ftpc_sapporo_alolan_vulpix_reservations_lfpaypal/?st=iwvyfqxr&sh=0ef8847b
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    Hi! I'm CobraCommander, but you can call me Cobra. I've come onto this forum to finally get into ROM hacking! I'm looking forward to getting integrated in this community.
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    I've updated this online tool to support Pokemon Sun and Moon PK7 files. Feedback appreciated as always, consider this untested!
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    I recommend JKSM, because we can legally link to it, it takes care of the secure value automatically, and doesn't require reading the title IDs. Other than that, nice tutorial!
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    Not only that (in case anyone missed it...) they also share the same Trash Bytes with other Event Pokémon. Including Hadō Mew, Gather More Pokémon! Campaign, 2006 Tanabata Jirachi, Mitsurin Celebi, Doel Deoxys & 10Anniv / 10 Aniv! Which brings hope that we might be able to solve the Trash Bytes mystery over the time. (In case we are able to do research with a Distribution ROM.)
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    @ajxpk How are you able to reconstruct 7 of them without the original trash bytes? Also there is still one remaining question. What was in the player's party before any trades were done. 1, 5, 6 mews? Another pokemon?
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    Yeah, theoretically we could. The only problem is that some information for an accurate reconstruction is missing. Like the Name Trash Bytes. Those are hidden but still a factor if you want to have exactly the same Mews as they were on the cartridge. That's what it's all about here now. So there are 2 things we can do... Wait and hope until someone with the 21 missing Mews pops up... (Actually 14, since 7 of them I would be able to reconstruct already!) Or we are doing some more research, in the best case with a real Distribution ROM like 10th Anniversary.
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    Thank you very much! I really appreciate this. It's a wonderful thing to see how people sharing their files now. I just checked them out and they're the same Mews as those we already have collected. Who knows, maybe a miracle happens and someone out there has a save file with different Mews. But I fear if these workers at Toys"R"Us always used the first Boxes for the Distribution they would only to be found in private collections.
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    Recent attachments were lost after the attacks, but I searched a bit around my files and I found it. Pokemon Emerald All Shiny.sav
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    May I ask which software you use to regenerate QR Codes from photos?
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    I played Leaf Green last year just to RNG for Method 1 shinies. I might have a couple of saves before certain points of the game which can become useful. I can search if you're interested (just realized this is from January).
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    Thank you so much for creating this pokemon emerald .sav file. I can clearly see how much effort you put in it and i respect that. but I just have a little problem, I can not find the .sav file, could you please tell me where I could get it?
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    So i will add a few word of my own regarding the recent changes and happenings. I gotta say, getting the news about the site being hacked was quite the shock. I got messaged the same day Sun/Moon were released so with what i can only describe as a bitter taste in my mouth i started playing the new games and thinking about the memories i had here over the past years. I left this place some years ago, but i always came by to check on things knowing the site is still up, and so are my friends here. One never appreciates something until it's taken away from them. All those moments i've shared with people here were suddenly gone by some hacker group. Ironic isn't it? Regardless of their efforts, PP has risen from the ashes and like a phoenix has breathed new life to our community. I am quite happy things are back to normal, and rather, better than before. The new design of the forums will take getting used to, but i'd like to remind people that it's something that had to be done in order to get things running again and to be safer than before. I welcome the change. Thank you to the team that helped bring back everything! It's with a heavy heart that @Alpha is stepping down, but i wish him the best in his future. And congratulations to the newly promoted staff of our site/community! With these words aside - GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK PROJECT POKEMON!