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  1. The migrate issue makes sense but I'm wondering why the bad egg issue arises. If I recall, bad eggs only appear when the checksum isn't correct. Maybe there's an addition to that when the language can't be determined, thus making it impossible to choose a charset. On a completely unrelated note, it's sad to learn that the original GatorShark's Spinda Documentation/Painter pages that I listed in the credits are down. Thankfully archive.org has out backs. GatorShark's Spinda Documentation GatorShark's Spinda Painter
  2. That would be correct. There were some issues with languages in the very early versions of Trigger's PC. (If I recall it had to do with transferring between the Gamecube and GBA games.)
  3. Man I wish I thought of implementing a Christmas mode to the program when I was working on the April Fool's Day feature. Ah well, too late now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Wow, a lot of feedback built up while PP was supposedly down. I'll get back to all you guys soon but I'm a little busy with work and a guide for a game I'm trying to hammer out at the moment. It's great to see the continued support from everyone even after release. And nice to see you again HaxAras
  5. Heya. I'm doing well except for one thing. Playing GBA4iOS Pokemon so much while on fastforward for a month or so really screwed up my thumb. It curls in on itself whenever I try to put pressure on it making mobile typing impossible with my right thumb. What sucks is because it's not in pain, no one knows exactly what's wrong with it either. So just a heads up people. Fast forward may be enticing, but pressing that A button too many times could happen to you. Getting off that scary topic... Yeah I did find that site or someone linked it a few months ago. I felt drawing the custom wallpaper would be too time consuming to implement for such a small benefit. It would be cool but it would take forever to input the sprites and positions used for everything. I love hearing the stories of everyone. Thanks for sharing.
  6. So It seems like something did go wrong then if the Pokedex said you didn't have any Pokemon purified. Also. How did you have you not unpurified any Pokemon yet? Anyways I really am sorry about all of this. At the same time I assume the bug no longer exists because I haven't had any reports for months. That and I had thoroughly checked the code to see if there was a cause. So sorry I couldn't find anything on it. Also for the 4th+ gen support, I will not be doing that. I hope other people will be inspired to make PC systems for other generations in my place.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. Did you open the game before saving in Trigger's PC or some form of that? Remember. Don't open a game in an emulator while running Trigger's PC, the emulator will save when closing which may cause unexpected behavior. My guess of what happened is you opened Trigger's PC. Transferred the Exp. Share from Game A to Game B. Opened Game B in your emulator. Noticed it wasn't there. Saved from Trigger's PC. Closed your emulator and opened Game B again. This would cause the emulator to save when it closes thus overwriting the changes made by Trigger's PC to Game B but not Game A. Did you read the Safety Guide?
  8. Thanks. 1) Sorry I forgot to implement that. For now a workaround is to create a symbolic link to the One Drive YourPC file. Instructions on how to make symbolic links are lined out in the tips and tricks section for GameCube saves. 2) I was wondering if you could check something for me on that. Open up the save and see if the number of shadow Pokemon purified is equal to the actual amount. You can check that in the Pokedex tab.
  9. Gen 1/2 will most likely come once I start playing gen 1/2 again which I estimate would not be for at least half a year.
  10. Possible. But I've already checked in 2 of my completed saves (including the ruby/sapphire subplot). I would go check my physical save. Edit: After more extensively searching through multiple games it seems the game may randomly decide which hidden items are available. I got some of the items in some games and some of them in other games. Some hidden items are likely guaranteed since I have managed to find them in every playthrough. I only got an one Ether in the vertical Underground Path on my physical game and nothing on any of my other games for the Underground paths. This is going to make hidden item hunting a lot more disappointing. -__-
  11. I've started looking for what hidden items are available on Bulbapedia and AdvanceMap and I've started to notice a lot of these items are not actually there in the games even right after starting a new game. For example: All of the Underground Path hidden items are not present in any of my saves (again even a fresh save with an activated warp code). And there are many other locations where seemingly numerous items are gone. Are all the sites reporting the hidden items doing so by getting them from AdvanceMap? If so does that mean that the game never manages to activate these hidden items?
  12. First update to release is live. There aren't any tool-breaking bug fixes in it. Just some minor extra features and minor fixes. From now on if an update even has a slight chance of breaking the tool it will go into a beta update instead of the recommended release update.
  13. Yup. That's why I'm releasing it today. Check out the new Image Album I made to preview Trigger's PC. Edit: Annnnd release is live!
  14. Question, does anyone know if there are Pokemon with one ability that evolves into a Pokemon with two abilities? Or even vice versa? I'd love to get it to properly display in tool if a Pokemon has no ability. Edit: After searching my Pokemon Database I found one instance. Snubull can know Intimidate or Run Away while Granbull can only know intimidate. So I guess Granbull is the only Pokemon that has the same ability in both slots.
  15. @Invader TAK I forgot to mention this awhile ago or even put it in the changelog but the issue with your Jirachi's Ability being No Ability is fixed. Apparently Pokemon with only one ability don't have their second ability as their first ability. So now if you generate a new Jirachi event it will always be correct.
  16. So I finally (I think), managed to find and fix the last known bug which was the very rare wonkey selection disappearance. Apparently it could cause the duplication of Pokemon but not the deletion of Pokemon. The latest update also makes it so the Pokebox Rows try to stay on the Same Game/Row combo after doing things like using the Save Manager or Box Manager. We're getting closer and closer to a stable version folks. Edit: Anyone let me know if the new Box Row remembering system causes any errors. The code for that area of Trigger's PC is a nightmare but I think I managed to find all possible errors causable by it. I'll probably have my friend whose an expert at breaking things do a final test in a few days and prepare for release.
  17. Yeah. When I stopped there, I made sure to catch 5-6 boxes worth of Wynauts because I may never get another shot to visit it. But who knows, I've only being using the tool with my actual saves for about 3 weeks so I may get some more shots. Edit. After doing the math... I have 3535 Pokemon including Eggs and Shadow Pokemon. Assuming I have no duplicate mirage island values (which is likely I do). It's a 1 in 20 chance per day to visit each game's island.
  18. Finally managed to encounter Mirage Island today thanks to the Trigger's PC startup check.
  19. Nice video. Do you have any information on that error that appeared? I'm surprised because it didn't even tell you that you were running more than one instance.
  20. That's strange because I just tested it out on Emerald and Sapphire and I didn't encounter it. All I encountered was my Mom being invisible because I didn't set the flags to enable her. I always went the correct directions for my house layout. So if this is always the case. Then at the moment the only things I need to enabled/disable are: Your Mom Neighbor's Mom Mr Howdy Neighbor (Emerald Only) Doll in Rival's Bedroom (Emerald Only) This means I have all the info I need to properly set someone's gender.
  21. Hmm. This is very strange and alarming. I've been using the latest version with my current playthrough and not been having any with it changing shadow Pokemon back. What's weirder is this happened for both Colosseum and . The reason why this is strange is they both have very different things determining what makes a Pokemon a shadow Pokemon. Colosseum knows it's purified when it's heart gauge is less than 0 and it has a shadow ID. knows it's purified when a flag in the external shadow Pokemon data structure is set. I can't really claim this may have been caused by Trigger's PC but I'll still take responsibility and help you out. What I've been looking into recently is a hiding in a debug mode feature you enable in settings.xml. In this feature there can be anything from actual debugging tools to correcting previous bugs in Trigger's PC manually. I will implement a button to unpurifiy any shadow Pokemon. The requirement though is that after purification, they have never moved between games. Could you send me the affected saves to investigate? A few weeks ago is a long time. (Do you have a more accurate estimate range? AKA 1 week to 3 weeks or something?) And yeah I would never delete any visually appealing feature especially the shadow Pokemon effects. That's been one of my favorite original beta features that existed before I went public. Also thank god there's a way to actually test saves from any language on GameCube. One last thing Vladcik. Run your Colosseum game and test if the Purified count is correct to the number of Pokemon purified. That's an interesting idea that never occurred to me. I can certainly make a feature to permanently take a ribbon off of a Pokemon. How's a setting to wipe all ribbons and a right click options on ribbons to remove sound? Note: Contest Ribbons are stored as a count of ribbons so you can't remove one until you remove the higher level one.
  22. Heads up guys. Do NOT move shadow Pokemon in and out of the purifier in Trigger's PC. I forgot to write it so it saves the shadow Pokemon in the set. Edit: Hotfix is up in record breaking speed. Make sure to download it if you're using the version with the purifier.
  23. I finally found out how to reproduce poisoning Pokemon placed in your party! Take a Pokemon from Your PC and deposit it in your Party then save and load up the game. It should be poisoned. I've only tested this so far if the Pokemon was in Your PC when you loaded the program. Edit: Annnd I found the source of the problem. When I save Pokemon in Your PC I save the first 80 bytes and an extra 20 bytes of unfilled useful information. (Currently only Deoxys' Form). When I loaded the Pokemon though I loaded them as a GBA Pokemon as if they had 100 bytes so the Deoxys' Form of 0xFF was being placed in the status condition byte. Edit 2: To circumvent this before the fix is out just make sure a Pokemon is deposited in any box before being put into the party. (This includes just picking up and placing it again.) It's a shame that it will be fixed though. This has still been my favorite bug of all time.
  24. @suloku @suloku Thanks for the saves. I shall continue my research tomorrow.
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