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Update - 02/18/2010:

- Fixed the bug with japanese slot 1 pal parking in D/P

- Fixed the bug with certain NoK pokemon having the wrong distribution regions.

Update - 02/07/2010:

- Added Pikachu colored Pichu (USA) - THanks Nigoli, Person, Kelly, and others

- Added Jirachi (USA) - Thanks Nigoli, Person, Kelly, and others

- Added 10th Aniv HGSS Mew (53b) - Thanks Nigoli

- Added Unown GBA (Fr/Lg) Algorithm - Thanks DarkDragonite

- Added X-Act Method 3 (A-C-D-E, this is theoretical until I see one)

- Cleaned up NDS and GBA validation so there is no confusion.

- Removed A-B-D-E from NDS.

- Restricted 10th Aniv HGSS Mew (53a) to HGSS only.

- Cleared up the source code for basic legality checking

- Added a wider support for GBA legality

Update - 12/21/2009:

- Fixed various bugs with mystery gifts

- Fixed a bug with ARIO Pikachu support

Update - 12/20/2009:

- Fixed a bug with all generation 4 mystery gifts

- Added ARIO Pikachu

- Added 10th Anniv Mew

- Fixed a bug with USA Platinum Trash Bytes

Update - 12/10/2009:

- Fixed a bug with trash bytes on Non-Jap First slot Pokemon. Thanks to negator.

Update - 11/08/2009:

- Added Big Brother Slugma

- Added AUS/USA Arceus

- Fixed various small bugs

Update - 10/12/2009:

- Added all JEREMY pokes

- Added OTG checks to mystery gifts and static pokes

- Fixed various bugs with evo checks and hometown checks

Update - 10/12/2009:

- Added all Diamond/Pearl/Platinum in-game traded pokes

- Added all Emerald in-game traded pokes

- Added various HG/SS in-game traded and static pokes

- Fixed a bug with mystery gift evolution checks

Update - 10/10/2009:

- Added PikaCafes

- Added Release Date checks for mystery gifts

- Added Language checks for mystery gifts

- Added Hometown checks for mystery gifts

- Added Evo support for mystery gifts

- Added display of acquisition date

Update - 10/08/2009:

- Added 2009 CMEX Kyoto Pikachu

- Added 2009 Birthday Chimchar

- Added "Big Brother's" Special Eggs

Update - 09/20/2009:

- Added missing Japanese Diamond/Pearl trash bytes thanks to adrenalize

- Added French Regigigas

- Added Sync check to Chain Shinies (may not apply in all cases though)

- Added Berry Glitch Shiny Zigzagoon Check #1

- Thanks to Invader Tak, Godzilla, McFizzle, and Neo for their contributions.

Update - 09-09-2009:

- Added Synchronize validity which restricts the legality of any Pokemon that might be synchronized when encountered.

- Thanks to mingot

Update - 09-06-2009:

- Added VGC 2009 Milotic

- Added European (Spanish/Italian) Regigigas

- Added all current Korean Mystery Gifts

- Added Birthday Charmander 2009

- Added a few more checks to Manaphy antishiny

Update - 07-18-2009:

- Added Movie 12 Arceus

Update - 07-10-2009:

- Added NZ Jirachi

- Added Pikachu colored Pichu

- Added Platinum Trash Byte Support

- Now Trash Byte Normalizer is in the same archive.

Update - 05-29-2009:

- Added USA Shiny Milotic

Update - 05-23-2009:

- Added Movie 11 French/German Shaymin to mystery gift list

Update - 04-16-2009:

- Added Osaka Meowth to mystery gift

- Added Movie 11 Spain/UK Shaymin to mystery gift

- Added NoK Mew to mystery gift

- Added another check for all mystery gifts

Looking to support the Legality Checker?


It has come to my attention that some Antiviruses such as Kaspersky are blocking our signature banners. To get around this please add our website to your Anti-Banner/Anti-Spam exception list. Here is a screenshot of how it looks in Kaspersky.





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I wanted to familiarize myself with the program so I made a Bulbasaur on PokeSav and ran it through.


Does this mean everything is valid/the hacked Bulbasaur has passed and gone through undetected?

I may have messed up with the PID and IVs though. I don't really understand their relationship. I read on article on Smogon about the PID and IVs but I'm still somewhat confused about that. If someone who had a lot of knowledge about PIDs and IVs looked at this would there be some way to find that the Bulbasaur was hacked?

I had also run it through your website and it said 100% passed.

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PBR never banned the Eigakan Darkrai and Shaymin, and I used Romaji in place of Kanji there. So technically, the same could be true for Ageto Celebi and even Eigakan Arceus. Not that I have PBR anymore - it's not-total compatibility with Platinum turned me off.

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