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  1. Thanks, it looks like that worked. Is there a list or a guide on where HG/SS save data is stored?
  2. Unfortunately it can't, I even tried loading my save into the platinum and d/p pokesav, but that didn't work either.
  3. I've searched but I can't figure out how to edit my rival's name in these games. Does anyone know how or even an action replay code to do it? I want to change his name to Silver. If I upload save files that only differ in the rival's name, could anyone figure it out from there? Or, could someone guide me on how I could figure it out myself?
  4. Hey everyone, I was playing Soul Silver today and for a while you become a character in a rocket outfit. I was wondering if there was a way to go back in the save file and change this to make it permanent after you change back? Or an action replay code to make it pernament is preferred, does anyone have a sav file of them being in the rocket outfit for research? Could someone dump their save here once they get to the rocket outfit part? Thanks!
  5. Could anyone tell me the 44h and 45h values for Pokemon recieved from the daycare in HG/SS? Or just the decimal value for the daycare in HG/SS would be fabulous! And I am looking for the 46h and 47h for the actual daycare building, but I'm guessing nobody has hatched an egg in the building so I'm probably gonna end up having to do that on my own. Does anybody have a save file for SS thats fairly far into the game that I could use? And lastly, does anyone know the 46h and 47h values for a Pokemon caught in the Dragon's Den? I really appriciate the help guys! Thanks in advance!!!
  6. Wow its been over four months since the last time I was logged in here! Now that HG/SS have been announced, im pretty sure im coming back for all the action. So it turns out HG/SS use the 86h value? Im completely clueless on this and i would love for anyone to fill me in on what we know so far, and by this weekend i can start updating this old guide here! ^.^
  7. That's awesome! Be sure to PM SCV or any Admin that you're here! We would appriciate your help!
  8. I wasn't aware that Darkrai's 85h was 02. I'll put that in the guide. Thanks!
  9. If you got rid of the Pokemon, there will be no evidence of it whatsoever.
  10. Lol, thanks FLOOTENKERP for trying to re-establish my guide. But just so all you know, there is no reason to do the math by hand now because of Jiggy-Ninja. His code gives you the exact same legal results Thanks Jiggy!
  11. Thanks for that information! So its just like it was in D/P, cool
  12. Actually, The value is for both hall of fame and Cynthia. If you hatch an egg at the hall of fame, it says hall of fame. While recieving an egg displays Cynthia.
  13. You need to research the topic before you say something Damio, this is the second time you have been completely wrong =/
  14. Lol I really didn't like FireRed or LeafGreen. I still prefer the old Yellow and Blue verisons. They just feel better to me...
  15. Well on Diamond and Pearl, only the 85h was used. But on Platinum, more values were used. Hidden Hex Guide
  16. I agree. The only time I went to a tornament, I went with these Legal PokeSav-Generated Pokemon: Selfdestructing Snorlax, Exploding Likiliky, Exploding Electrode, and other Self-Sacrificing Pokemon. I lost the second battle when a Gengar came up. I wasn't playing the tornament seriously, so I think those PokeSav'ed guys were okay. (I made a bunch of 8-year-olds crack up! There were too many little kids.) But going into a torney and actually winning with hacked Pokemon is just wrong. I believe using 100% legal Pokemon on WiFi is fair play though, because half of them have been PokeSav'ed anyway.
  17. Well Damio isn't usually wrong, so we have to make a big deal out of it!
  18. 1) All values should be 00. 2) All values should be 00. Hope that helps! lol
  19. LIES!!!!!! The Shaymin from Oak's Letter in Platinum HAS TO HAVE A FATEFUL ENCOUNTER! Don't question the Shaymin Master.
  20. From what I have seen, PokeSav and DsPokeEdit will leave traces on your sav file, but not usually on your pkm files. So using ARDS to export your Pokemon would be the ideal way to go.
  21. As far as I know, the trash bytes should be fine as long as you checked the nickname box and then unchecked it. (Or go to the NickNameDude in Eterna city and renickname your Pokemon's names)
  22. No, Sketch copies the move Metronome uses. For example, Togepi used Metronome, Togepi used Tackle. Smeargle uses Sketch and learns Tackle. I've done this myself so I know that's how it works.
  23. Nope, I was just confirming lol (I already changed it in the guide) I'm checking the fossil Pokemon right now.
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