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LF: Pokémon GO - Unique Moves and Event Moves


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What do we still need?  I mentioned I have that Ice Punch Poliwrath, in fact two of them: 

I also have those Air Cutter Pidgey line:

And an Icy Wind SHELLDER as well as a few Bug Bite VENONAT and PARAS rather than their evolutions:

I also have a Body Slam Clefairy, if that's important, since I know Body Slam Cleffa was A Thing:

(See also Body Slam Rattata)

Sky Attack Spearow:

I also have some Karate Chop Magmar and Cross Chop Psyduck:

I mentioned I have some Signal Beam Cleffa, Karate Chop Magby, a Crunch Teddiursa, a Cross Chop Teddiursa plus Crunch Exploud and probably some others too (I will have to check lol) but I will not add screenshots for those until the next post for the sake of length, plus since they're Gen II/III they are not quite so important for now.























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added Spearow, steel wing Pidgeotto
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According to @Kaphotics moves are not retained during transfer (which is the first time in Pokemon History!), I think we're ***** mostly because they could add it later in gen8 and so on it'll be almost impossible to get them back or they could totally avoid that fact at all.


My bet on the first scenario regarding all bad reactions they'll get to do that.

Oh and Mewtwo cannot be transfered too!


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55 minutes ago, This Remedy said:

I have mud shot kingler but it seems this is for waste ...

Yeah that's sad, I'll just continue to search for Sludge Wave Gengar and Present Pikachu without cap for now. Just in case of for gen8 ...


I really don't understand now what is the interest of transfering from Go to Let's Go except for Meltan and version exclusives.


Edit According to the same guy in Twitter it could have been because some attacks were not implanted at all in the game! So to prevent some Pokemon to turn bad eggs or bugs they decided to remove all their moves? What a strange way to do, at least Poketransporter was a bit more clever.

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14 minutes ago, ArtemiSerebii said:

So we're boned, is what we're saying?  This is all for naught?  😓😣😐😑 Greeeeeeeat...So in short I am going to be able to shunt off a few of these folks and save some space, yay...

Don't remove them. It's still possible that the backlash will force a let's go update keeping moves transfers intact.

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first I updated the list with the Feraligatr and the Breloom,

then I read on Discord that few people were able to get Bite Shedinja can anyone help me to investigate about?

third Bulldoze Bonsly is no more a thing right? And Mime Jr stil not released so we can't know of it was patched or not?

Edit: Apparently Bonsly got Earthquake, a move it cannot learn in normal way. Does anyone got one?

and finally can anyone help to get both the event move and Avalanch Mammoswine soon?


That's all for today.


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4 hours ago, Hello, it's me! said:

by the time when shiny meltan/melmetal arrive , is it possible that they'll patch the bug and let us keep the unique moves after transferring them over to lets go ? 🤔

No I think it's totally dead with Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, maybe future games because of data conservation during transfer so gen8 or let's go johto.

But because most of them are really old or rare we should collect them now when it's still possible.

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Finally got in hand that beauty. I also got a Earthquake Bonsly and the Mammoswine.

I also added Body Slam Clamperl as a rare move.

I'm still working on trying to get the few missing underleved (Kanto Golem, another Magmar, another Seadra, another Gloom and another Poliwhirl).

Will probably need help here when Mime Jr. will release.


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