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SM - Eevee Friends (KO)


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이브이 프렌즈 (Eevee Friends)
선물이벤트 (Gift Events)

기간 (Period):
15th July (Sat) to 23rd July (Sun)
12 PM to 9 PM

*현장 상황에 따라 이벤트 종료 시간이 달라질 수 있습니다.
(Depending on situation on the day, the end time for the event may differ)

Hyundai Department Store Shinchon Station Underground 2F Connection Passage Graduation Tempyo

· Software that can receive present: Nintendo 3DS software "Pocket Monster Sun Moon"
· Materials needed: Nintendo 3DS + "Pocket Monster Sun" or "Pocket Monster Moon"
· Method: Infrared

Extra Notes:
Indicated as a once per day event.

@iceposs2000 (twitter)

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  • theSLAYER changed the title to SM - Eevee Friends (KO)
20 minutes ago, katsuya said:

I have old 3ds installed Al9h, so I will try this.

Okay :D

So basically, set up NTR, find the process ID in advance,
Queue up, when received (but before pressing A at the gray bar), walk away, then proceed to do the dump.
If dumped successfully, all of the eeveelutions will be in that one Ram dump :)

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I might be able to get a ticket to korea over one weekend, but that is depending on how the events will be distributed via infrared.

Are there only 1 queue, or multiple queues?

How long did the past queues (koko, mew) last?

If I have 3 consoles x 6 games (including carts and digital), do I get to redeem on all 3 consoles during one queue, or would I have to queue 3 times?



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10 hours ago, Holla! said:

My guess for TID is likely 170715.

And maybe "이브이프렌즈" as the OT.

Well I was right about the ID part and the OT of the Eeveelutions when put into Google Translate is "Pokemon Store".

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3 minutes ago, BlackShark said:

That's what they call a "Wonder QR Code". If you scan codes which are not related to the games you will just get random Pokemon like that.
This code is simply an encoded URL and leads to http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/news/690

Right it just leads to the receive instructions page, make sense.

Tho, it's pretty hilarious that it was a Skiddo. Why can't it be something cooler!
(I wonder if any wonder QR code can generate a Shiny Nebby)

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