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  1. These are Korean League S3 Latias&Latios event files.


  2. I send WCSK Metagross at Lotte Dep. Jamsil St.

    I will send pictures later.

    Card # 1147 - WCSK 챔피언의 메타그로스를 선물!.zip

    1. theSLAYER


      Thank you! Look forward to it! :D

    2. katsuya


      I send Event Photos with WC7 file.


  3. This is Manaphy, received at Shinchon Dep. Shinchon St.

    Card # 1146 - 환상의 포켓몬 마나피를 선물!.zip

  4. This is Surfing and Flying Pikachu on Technopark St, Songdo, Incheon.

    Card # 1141 - 특별한 피카츄를 선물!.zip

  5. This is Surfing and Flying Pikachu on Technopark St, Songdo, Incheon. Card # 1141 - 특별한 피카츄를 선물!.zip
  6. Korean shiny Poipole at Lotte Dep, Beomgye St in Anyang. Card # 1138 - 빛나는 베베놈섬광의 아고용.zip
  7. I got shiny Kyogre and Groudon, at Pangyo Hyundai Dep. Card#1137.zip
  8. Eevee friends event(Kor).zip These are Eevee friends wc7full files. I used NTR CFW.
  9. I have old 3ds installed Al9h, so I will try this.
  10. I will go, and receive Eevee friends.
  11. I used JAP 3ds and JAP Sun Moon game cards. Infrared event is region free event.
  12. Korean Easter eggs event, at Songdo triple street, Korea. I used JKSM for save backup because each title can be received egg once a day. Have a good time. Card # 1111 - 포켓몬의 알 선물.zip
  13. Black Tapu Koko evnet at Hyundai Dep, Pangyo station, Korea. Card # 1105 - 검은 카푸꼬꼬꼭 선물.zip
  14. KR Events WC6 files. Sejun Park's Pachirisu Champions day Festival at Dongdaemun Design Plaza mysterious world Darkrai winter festival at DCube department store Rewrite this, Korean word is broken.. 1019 - KR Pachirisu.zip 1017 - KR Darkrai.zip
  15. K-WCS2013 Champions pokemon event and WCS 2013 DarkBall Deoxys event. Master-Leopardas..zip Junior-Kappoera..zip Senior-Cresselia..zip K-DarkBall-Deoxys.zip
  16. Korean Wi-Fi Starters Events - Second Event Information Event period Feb 14th ~ Feb 27th (WC ID : 121) Feb 28th ~ March 13th (WC ID : 122) March 14th ~ March 31st (WC ID : 123 << may be...) These attachments' WC ID is 122 Sorry for my short English...
  17. I have Crown Suicune and Celebi in my Korean Diamond Pack. Korean Manaphy... Sorry. I don't have Korean Manaphy.
  18. Korean Wi-Fi Starters Events Nintendo1252 said, Bulbasaur is ONLY being distributed for Korean B2W2 game in this period. But it may be Pokemon Korea's mistake. I received Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle's egg on Feb 14th. This is not hacked.
  19. Today, I've got Singing Piplup in Korea. This is not hacked. WC ID : ?? PID : Random Games : BW, B2W2 Type : Wireless Date : 12.22.2012 ~ 12.25.2012 Nickname : 팽도리 Gender : Random Level : 15 Nature : Random Ability : Torrent OT : 음악회 ID : 12152 SID : 00000 Location : 포켓몬이벤트 Ribbon : Classic Ribbon Ball : Cherish Ball Held Item : Metronome Moveset : Peck/Sing/Round/FeatherDance
  20. This is 2012 WCS Korean SHINY VOLCARONA. Guested edit: Added to Gallery
  21. Thank you for this Homebrew. It doesn't work at R4 sdhc, but I set wood R4 sdhc 1.13, it does work!!!!! (I have Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, Soulsilver, Black, and White, Japanese version)
  22. I tried DLDI Patch(r4tf), and I cannot get the savegame_manager.nds to work, when I load it in with my R4 sdhc it comes to its startup screen that says press B, I do, and then the bottom screen is blank and the top screen is stuck, it only shows the program name, version number, and author. and I did use the DLDI file. (I'm using smallftpd, NDS Lite, and I don't have ez3in1...)
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