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  1. They are not yet available right, well they still do not go up here?
  2. They have information about these events, as they will be given on November 20 but I have not seen anything yet and I do not know if they will come out is volcanion, genesect and marshadow.
  3. Anyone know why I don't want to open the main, I'm using the last version
  4. was added to Corviknight, download version 1.0.1 GIGAMAX LEGALES.rar
  5. Version 1.0.1


    They are all legal gigamax pokemon...
  6. why don't you let me trade these pokemon online, pikachu and eevee birthday
  7. I have a question. Is this Lugia legal or not?Thank you.
  8. Hello, I wanted to know if this file is legal and if it is safe to exchange it, thanks
  9. Do you have the github link where are the WC7? Please, you would give it to me, of course if you do not have any problem. Thank you.
  10. They already have the wc7 of the darkrai? And is it legal or not yet?
  11. You know if it's legal is wc7? Sorry to ask here But I do not remember the link for these types of questions. 0651 SM - Légendes2018 Shiny Zygarde(FRE) (1).wc7full
  12. I have pokemon ultra moon in case you want to pass me the code get to xerneas and upload the wc7.
  13. ¿Sabes si los eventos de dialga y palkia son legales y, de ser así, no tienes el wc7?
  14. Do you know if the crystal pokemon celebi shiny will be legal tomorrow?
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