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  1. Update 4.2.0 you say? Can't believe no one made the joke yet. Now if you'll excuse me I gotta live up to my Dutch heritage and it --------------------- Okay but seriously, reactions are cool! Would an addition of an "Angry" be required still? Although admittedly I would have no idea what picture/pokemon would fit the emotion.
  2. Tldr: gen 4 best gen remakes when (Coz I totally agree)
  3. Yes.. Bank is a completely different working entity to pkhex and JKSM and in no way is it related ever. Not sure what made you assume this... I mean JKSM does way more than just pokemon games
  4. Pokemon has never been known for its extensive post game story and replay value. The delta episode was quite special and I'm still in the camp that says the main reason behind it was a nod to Pokemon Emerald and Rayquaza needing a big role in the Hoenn story. On top of that they needed something to explain the origin of Mega Evolution and what better place to put the origin than putting it at a mysterious Pokemon who roams the Ozon layer which even today scientists haven't fully figured out. That said, the real replay value is indeed in what you said - battling. The competitive scene moves the Pokemon community forward and keeps it alive once we are through the story. And along with battling there is of course the hacking scene which offers randomizers and hackroms and there are challenges such as nuzlocke challenges.
  5. I haven't yet but as for 2 - there is an ultra beast related post game story with Looker.
  6. oml that's so late in the game! Well eviolite charjabug until then it is I guess.
  7. Friend of mine actually figured that out and I posted on his behalf on /r/pokemon about it earlier today. Check it out: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/5cm811/spoiler_how_to_get_a_secret_pokemon_post_game_on/ Also question to everyone - is it known or can it be figured out how for the love of arceus Charjabug evolves? The only info we got is "Level up at electric" whatever the heck that may mean and it sure as heck isn't just level up...
  8. I have added the EU EN language to your download. I was actually dumping it myself just as I refreshed this page. [ATTACH]13637[/ATTACH]
  9. It appears that the Pokémon All-Stars Battle Diancie is missing from the "missing wondercards" list - At least for as far as I can see in the download it is not included there.
  10. VERSION 1.3 UPDATE Updated various parts of the story text to reflect changes made in the game elsewhere such as type effectiveness references Various Grass type Pokémon had water immunity abilities which is a bother as Water is super effective on Grass. These have been changed Maractus no longer has Water Absorb nor Storm Drain. They are replaced with Rough Skin and Grass Pelt respectively. Lileep and Cradily no longer get Storm Drain. It is replaced with Stench. Cacnea and Cacturne had Water Absorb removed, their set of 3 abilities is now Sand Veil, Rough Skin or Sand Stream (Hidden). [*]I have added various extra references by NPC's. To give hints on where to find them: A scientist in a building in Rustburo City. A backpacker in Lilycove City. A PokeManiac in the Lilycove PokeCenter. An evil team couple on Battle Resort. [*]Various brown signs across the region. [*]Updated wild and static encounter tables to reflect other changes made throughout the game -removed-
  11. Not per se pkhex related fix but a trick I use for quickly opening my save file is that I have the "no extension" set to default open with pkhex in my register. This is very easy to implement. 1) Open Regedit by pressing the Windows key + R then typing 'regedit' 2) Open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT 3) RIGHT click HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and click New->Key. Name this Key just '.' (without ' ') 4) Right click the just created key and again New->Key then name it 'shell' (without ' ') 5) Once again right click that key (I mean shell here) and again New->Key and name that 'open' (without ' ') 6) And one last time right click the previous key (open) and again New->Key then name it 'command' (without ' ') 7) Open 'command' and you should see an entry with Name: (Default) / Type: REG_SZ / Data: (value not set) 8) Double click this (value not set) and type your path to your pkhex.exe the append it with %1 Note: If the path to your pkhex has spaces (for example "C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Pokemon Games") then be sure to put the path between " " marks. Referring to the below example images if my folder would be "Gaming Files" and not "GamingFiles" I would have to have entered it as "D:\UserFiles\3DS\Gaming Files\PKHaX\PKHeX.exe" %1 (so with the quotation marks around the path) Now when you double click any file without a file extensions like the 'main' file it will automatically open in pkhex! Example image:
  12. PKHeX version: latest commit (ae0759b2) Title pretty much. Save boxes either saves to the pkhex db or all pk6 files in (a) folder(s) and I cannot find the option under the hotkeys either. Mostly asking on behalf of a friend who made a so called "living dex" (721 Pokemon across all boxes) and wants to export the entire thing as 1 bulk file. Used to be we could export as Boxdata.bin but I can't find that feature anymore.
  13. All good ! I was partially still just waiting and partially too busy with life stuff anyway haha.
  14. Hello all, Over the past I have been working on my romhack of Pokémon Omega Ruby titled Pokémon Sigma Ruby. I have chosen Sigma as this is like Omega and Alpha another letter in the Greek Alphabet as well as that it feels suiting for an improved Pokémon Ruby game. I initially intended for this to go up on Rom Editing Showcase, however posts of that subforum require mod approval which is not being granted on my posts. The most important change in Pokémon Sigma Ruby is that not just the Inverse Battle trainer battles you with the types inversed, no, ALL battles are now following the Inverse type effectiveness. This is a feature that requires patching CRO0 files and it is therefore mandatory to use at least Luma3DS Version 5.5 as starting this release RO partitions are patched! This romhack will crash unless you have the latest Luma3DS version! (Version 5.5 or greater) For updating Luma3DS please use Astronautlevel2's StarUpdater on 3DS ( cia or QR Code or his Luma3DS Nightlies website. The 5.5 update (minimum required) can be also be directly downloaded by clicking here ~Screenshots~ ~List of features~ A full list of changes such as those made to Pokémon, moves and evolutions can be found in the .pdf file included in the download! The game has a new icon and banner! The game has a new title screen! Many Pokémon have had their base stats slightly updated to make them more viable. Difficult or impossible evolutions (i.e. trade evolutions) have been taken out Some Pokémon have had their typing updated There have been updates on move stats Various Slateport City Market stores have had their items swapped To improve the viability of the above various purchase prices have been swapped Various signs have had their content changed. Try to find them all ! Various gift Pokémon have been changed. Various static Pokémon have been changed. ~Download~ Probably the most important section of the post right !? To comply with no piracy rules these downloads are not directly installed games and require your own version of Pokémon Omega Ruby to be turned into just that. -removed- I have also included the required tools to build the game! If you have a Mac or Linux machine please get ctrtool from the github repo instead For creating a playable .cia please expand the spoiler below!
  15. Besides the fact that I originally posted that waaay ago =P! I've learned a LOOOT ever since for 3DS / Rom hacking in general. Kinda even released my own OR romhack but the darn mods of Rom Hacking Showcase either aren't approving my post for it or are MIA entirely :eek:! I did post it on GBATemp and reddit.com/r/3dshacks though. If you happen to be interested, it's called Sigma Ruby.
  16. Should be 100% the same as mine just sayin'
  17. I have freshly dumped the wc6 and wc6full of The Mythical Pokémon Darkrai. Proof of legitimacy:
  18. No I'm not being a smart ass at all. On a forum, no, on the internet you are expected to use search functionalities prior to posting. Everyone will always tell you the same everywhere. Except on Tumblr. But that's a whole different story.
  19. ?????? Reading a few replies above your own that hard ??????
  20. You can find all info on the /r/3DSHacks Subreddit But to give some direct links [Tutorial]The Homebrew Launcher and Custom Themes all-in-one Noob's Guide Always up2date currently considered best guide available made by plailect which will run you through the entire process of homebrew->emunand->dumping the OTP "I'm new what should I do" flowchart
  21. Yeah sorry i'm pretty sure you're correct on smash bros, totally my bad. I know there are cartridges that upgrade to 9.2 however. But I do not know which.
  22. http://www.3dsdb.com/ will have with that for what I understand. I do not know too much about cartridge updating so as odd as it may seem I'd like to again just refer you to GBATemp's forum Coz else this gets offtopic which is no good
  23. To answer the non latest updates - use a cartridge that does the update i.e. Smash 3ds. You're saying it stopped working how? Don't you mean the ram2sav website? That would be because it's been taken down. More than likely because with the homebrew and CFW scene over on Gbatemp it is pretty much deprecated.
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