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  1. The .PCD is the wondercard including the gift The .PGT is the gift without the wondercard.
  2. Here ya go. They aren't the same spread you wanted but they're legal via PID match. Only the natures/IVs/PID have changed. 481 ★ - Mesprit - 1A7C3A932DE7.pb8 488 ★ - Cresselia - 25003FBE3C23.pb8
  3. Of course. I was just curious, I mean it's not even officially out yet afterall, thanks. I'll keep an eye out in the next few weeks
  4. @Kaphotics will you post a compiled release when or if you make the program compatible with Sun and Moon?
  5. Very cool. I've been playing since like 7 am or so but it's cool you can't scan it until you beat the game. I like that.
  6. Anyone tried scanning that Magearna code yet?
  7. Yes, I'm using the latest version.
  8. I've tried and tried to get the edits to save with my Soul Silver save and none of them actually change in-game even though the changes ARE reflected in the save. When I load the EXACT same save in PokeGen the edits do not appear, however if I make them again with PokeGen, they show up in game. I started noticing when trying to inject Gen 4 WonderCards with PKHeX which doesn't trigger the delivery man no matter how many times I tried (I triple checked to make sure I hit "save" in the WonderCard screen and the cards were not listed as "received"). So again I tried to use PokeGen with success as well. It seems that PKHeX reads the save just fine but doesn't write for the most part. None of the edits I make take (pokemon, money, items, WC etc) even though they are reflected in the save itself when re-loaded in PKHeX. However, when the same save is loaded in PokeGen (after edits) they are not there, same as when it's injected.
  9. Thank you very much. I redeemed code #3, if that's alright? This was very nice of you BTW.
  10. @theSLAYER are you going to need the code for the Unova Classic or are you contributing yourself? Just curious since I planned to dump the .wc6full anyway.
  11. Not that it matters but the only thing I noticed that was gone from the previous build was the ability to change Vivillion forms for the region. The feature was present in the last release but stays greyed out on the newest.
  12. [ATTACH]13486[/ATTACH] Here is the GF SHaymin (EUR). Pics as well and I'll include a video of the redeem from YouTube when it's done uploading. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13487[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13488[/ATTACH] EDIT: [video=youtube;Q2-n7j5FifQ]
  13. Probably because most of the ones in the US are Franchise and, private owners couldn't care less.....
  14. Well the event got postponed anyway but there is both a JPN and EUR distribution of the HKTW Shiny Mewtwo. The Taiwanese one is also in English.
  15. Yeah, those are the same links I found too. So I'll just say it's a fanmade event like the Kite Jirachi thing.... Thanks for the input
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