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Korea Distribution Events

1. shiny Mega Gengar

하얀 메가팬텀 선물

포켓몬스터 오메가루비·알파사파이어

예약 판매 실시 기념!

하얀 메가팬텀을 선물!

어디서도 만나지 못한 하얀 메가팬텀을

게임 속에서 확인해 보자!

2. shiny Beldum

「색이 다른 은색 메탕」을 선물!

메가스톤을 지닌 「색이 다른 은색 메탕」을 키워

「색이 다른 은색 메타그로스」를 손에 넣자!

3. Eon Ticket

「무한티켓」을 선물

「무한티켓」을 사용하여 갈 수 있는

「남쪽의 외딴섬」에 방문하여

「포켓몬스터 오메가루비」에서는 라티아스,

「포켓몬스터 알파사파이어」에서는 라티오스를 만나보자!

1016 - 하얀 메가팬텀 선물.zip

1504 - 「색이 다른 은색 메탕」&#5101.zip

2048 - 「무한티켓」을 선물 .zip

1016 - 하얀 메가팬텀 선물.zip

1504 - 「색이 다른 은색 메탕」Ꮽ.zip

2048 - 「무한티켓」을 선물 .zip

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JumpFesta 2015 Linoone :)

Can someone Post the Mystery World Darkrai Please?

until the Korean Darkrai is uploaded, you could just use this Darkrai posted by this user:

Darklai in Japanese version.

three of six IV are locked to 31. Nature is random.



The Korean Mystery World Darkrai seems to be based off the Japanese Darkrai used for M17.

(further more, this line "It was also distributed during the airing of Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction at various movie theaters in South Korea from January 15 to 18, 2015 " on bulbapedia supports that thought.)

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Korea Distribution Event

1. Diancie distributed at the premiere of the Pokemon Movie 파괴의 포켓몬과 디안시.(Jan. 8)

2. Diancie distributed at the Pokemon Movie 파괴의 포켓몬과 디안시.(Jan. 14)

환상의 포켓몬 디안시 선물

포켓몬 영화 개봉 기념 디안시를 선물!

손에 넣은 디안시와 함께

여러분도 신성한 힘을 찾아 모험을 떠나보자!


Does anyone have Kor Darkrai wc6 distributed in Jah 14th? Not pre-distributed.

1018 - 환상의 포켓몬 디안시 선&#4793.zip

1018 - 환상의 포켓몬 디안시 선ኹ.zip

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French Serperior HiddenAbility

Wonder Card Title :

Un Majaspic !

Wonder Card Text :

Merci de votre téléchargement !

Allez récupérer votre cadeau dans le jeu auprès

de la livreuse d'un Centre Pokémon !

Distribution Text :

Ce Majaspic particulier dispose

d'un talent caaché qui fait de lui

un Pokémon redoutable en combat !

Legal (with POKEMON497), and .wc6 dumped myself with PKHeX.


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Hello, everyone! I'm new here!

I'm not sure if I'd be able to help, since I understand you can't readily inject Wonder Cards/PK6's, and I don't have access to events outside the USA, but perhaps I can help somehow in the future. That said, I have a Cyber Save Editor 2/Japanese 3DS, and I've been looking for the Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay Inkay with Happy Hour. I went through the thread a few times and searched online but no dice! If anyone has a Wonder Card or legitimate PK6 I'd really appreciate it!



Somehow, it never occurred to me to search for a Japanese Pokémon in Japanese! I immediately found a Wonder Card of the Inkay and I went ahead and uploaded in the attachment below. I realize the event has already been contributed, but I thought someone might benefit from the Wonder Card itself.

3 - ????????????????.rar

3 - ????????????????.rar

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Anyone has the wc6 file for any event celebi?
It didn't come with one. Pokemon bank just gave you the Celebi with your OT on it via pokemon link.


Okay everyone, I've managed to inject Celebi into a different game! :D

(It's the Legal Celebi from Pokebank; I've backed up the save with Powersaves long time ago with the data, and I only just fully decrypted it, and decided to analyze the save because of above posts)

-snipped by theSLAYER-

REMINDER FROM MODS: Please stay on topic; discussion for injection belongs in the RAM subforums!


Even though it's an event contribution, I've snipped it away to prevent off topic.

Discussion has been moved to here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?44652-Pokemon-Bank-Celebi-and-other-Pokemon-Link-Injection!-%28using-pkhex%29&p=197017#post197017

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I do have a Pokemon X in Japanese I do have Legit Wondercards to contribute.

Here's what I have.

2 - ガブリアス プレゼント Garchomp Coro Coro Serial Code.wc6

21 - ダークライ プレゼント Movie 2014 Darkrai.wc6

1501 - アチャモ プレゼント Torchic.wc6

1503 - ファンシーなもようの ビビヨン Fancy Vivillon.wc6

Pokemon X JPN Legit Wondercards.rar

Pokemon X JPN Legit Wondercards.rar

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