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  1. I went with Litten this time. I usually pick the grass starter. I go back to Red and Blue versions (20 years ago) and my first pokemon was Bulbasaur. Since then, I've usually went with the grass type (excluding Snivy - didn't like it, though I love Serperior lol). I'm on the third island at the moment and I have Incineroar, Espeon, Snorlax (evolved from the Munchlax event) and Alolan Ninetales with me. I think the team is pretty balanced, though I need a water type, but Incineroar has massive physical damage output. It completely wrecked the Mimikyu totem with one attack (Darkiest Lariat). I haven't played with the other starters yet, but I got a Popplio through wonder trade with a modest nature. I haven't started training it yet, so I don't know what Primarina is like. Overall, I'm liking the game so far. Its way better than ORAS. I especially loved the reference to Team Rocket and the nugget bridge battles to get the prize at the end (flash back to my childhood) How do you guy like it?
  2. Who sells Pokemon files? Idiots who ever buys them. EDIT: I've made them and they're ready for trade. This is my FC: 3669-1867-3075
  3. So long as you're using a Japanese 3DS and a Japanese game, the feature works perfectly fine. Whether or not they pass as legal depends on the edits that you make to them. I think the newest 3DS prevents you from going online unless you install it, so you're going to have to update anyway. I can confirm that it still works with an updated 3DS.
  4. Hi all, its been a while. Here is the Japanese Shiny Xerneas Event, obtained using Japanese Omega Ruby. Its unused. Extracted using Cyber Gadget and PkHeX https://www.dropbox.com/s/7l9cq3j1pgsmdpb/111%20-%20%E3%82%A2%E3%83%8B%E3%83%A1%E3%80%80%EF%BC%B8%EF%BC%B9%EF%BC%86%EF%BC%BA%E3%80%80%E3%82%BC%E3%83%AB%E3%83%8D%E3%82%A2%E3%82%B9%28Shiny%20Xerneas%29.wc6?dl=0
  5. After I was done editing, I just left it. I didn't touch the program for about 30 minutes. After which time I saved my edits and wrote my new main over the existing main. Then I immediately pressed okay the cyber gadget menu and it started to re-write my save. I found that as long as you don't close PkHex, you can keep writing your save over and eventually it should work. It just takes a bit of luck. I got it working again yesterday evening and again this morning. I wasn't using a VPN, just my normal net.
  6. It appears as though they're now cracking down on international traffic, i.e limiting use of their servers outside of Japan. It was bound to happen eventually. I managed to get my one working yesterday after about 2 hours of trying. It decrypted the save ok, but it wouldn't write it. After a while it started writing it, but I guess it's just luck at this point. Using a vpn doesn't appear to make any difference. I suggest you keep trying and if you're successful in decrypting your save, make as many changes as you can before you're unable to make any more.
  7. just a minute, I need to change Honchkrows ability. I just saw your edit
  8. Your team will be ready in a few minutes. Just finishing them
  9. You've not listed Attacks for the pokemon to know.
  10. The event will be live either tomorrow or soon after. Then you will be able to receive it in a trade.
  11. ok: 1) You never asked for Roselia to be shiny, Durant yes, that was my fault 2) Thundurus - you asked for it to be Unova region, hence no soaring in the sky. I'll make a quick change. Also, note that Kangaskhan can't learn Pound or Charm or have Friend Guard for its ability so I've not made it for you. If you want a different pokemon, let me know. EDIT: Ready to trade
  12. ok, gimme a minute. I'm in a battle at the moment
  13. Well I too had been encountering this. I found that if you have a lot of processes going on in the background, it slows down your connection and makes connecting to the server more difficult and end up with error messages. When connecting to the server, try and have as least amount of traffic as possible, i.e no downloads, no netflix open etc Either that, or the servers are just really busy :smile:
  14. I'm a huge battler. If you're looking for anyone else, feel free to add me to. FC and trainer name in my signature.
  15. The battle videos showcasing Hoopa were uploaded before Nintendo put in the "Hack Checks" on the new games. Remember that the 3DS was supposedly unhackable so they didn't anticipate it actually getting hacked; hence the early video footage of Volcanion, Hoopa, Diancie, the Vivillon forms and AZ Floette. Once it became easy for people to inject hacked pokemon into their games, they put the checks in to stop people from using unreleased pokemon/items online; even in private matches. If you look at the upload dates on the videos, you'll see they are all from early 2014, none later than that. Hoopa and Volcanion won't be available to use online until they are released.
  16. trade complete. Enjoy mods, feel free to close thread.
  17. ok, well your pokemon are ready to trade. Ill be online in a minute Pokerus is a virus which helps boost EVs gained after a battle.It can be spread to all your pokemon,so its useful.
  18. Here is the Johto Starters event. I've included photo evidence of me obtaining the files, which can be seen within the .rar file. Since it won't let me attach the file here, I've linked it to my dropbox account. File is 16mb because of the photos included. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qacxvl8gwbrysza/Johto%20Starter%20Event.rar?dl=0
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