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  1. Isn't Mt. Battle available to do some grinding by that point? For the last week, my internet went out, allowing me loads of free time. I played this game as a result, and I have to say thanks to the OP for this. It was a very fun game.
  2. My console was banned Monday night, before it really became a banwave. My situation... 1.) Spotpass was disabled, for a long time, at least since a NAND restore in February, at most since I first got it in October last year. 2.) The Friends List App setting about showing titles being played to friends, was unwittingly left enabled. In contrast all my 6 other consoles had both Spotpass and this setting disabled and have not been banned (at least not yet). 3.) I never used Freeshop, I browsed it once a year ago to see if ORAS updates can be downloaded. They couldn't, this was the banned console. Remembering more, another console, I searched on Freeshop for SM updates, still nothing, and that is currently unbanned. 4.) The banned console really had the least unsighned CIA. NTR CFW, FTPD, InputRedirectionNTR, I ran those the most. When I called Nintendo CS on Tuesday, the rep said that they picked up something on Monday. The thing is all I did was run NTR CFW, the Friends List app to add people, and boot up Pokemon Moon. It does make me lean towards the Friends List app setting. 5.) It may not be a coincidence that I've done the most genning on that particular console, with that particular Moon game. Seeing as it never game synced too, perhaps that kind of activity was detected and I got snuffed out. 6.) Not so significant given the varied userbase, I have 11.4 B9S CFW, on all consoles. 7.) I never went online with the leaked SM copies. I did play a tiny bit (5 minutes worth, technically about 45 minutes but that's the damn cutscenes), but on a console that is currently not banned. I think I explained enough. The bottom line is they were able to detect the use of "unauthorized software" better than usual, and acted hastily, perhaps in response to B9S and SigHax, and/or an accumulation of building up a list of people to ban, with this week being execution time. Unfortunately the banned console also had the most NNID purchases, so if I can't move that to a safe console, I'm looking at $30-40 of repurchases (if I want the Smash 4 DLC, I'll likely opt out, it still is crap if I had to buy this stuff again).
  3. You can get menuhax here, and put the contents in the /3ds folder. https://github.com/yellows8/3ds_homemenuhax First you need browsrhax to enter homebrew for the first time, and then install menuhax there.
  4. Then browserhax and menuhax should work. Follow the link provided to get the Homebrew starter kit, then look at this for browserhax. https://yls8.mtheall.com/3dsbrowserhax.php And in the starter kit should be menuhax installer. Latest version is 2.2.
  5. Don't! What firmware is it anyways? You can see via the system settings.
  6. "Homebrew" refers to the homebrew browser channel, which is accessible through The Homebrew Launcher. http://smealum.github.io/3ds/ If you are up to 10.3 in firmware, you can access it (after putting the necessary files in your SD card) via browserhax and menuhax, the latter would require a prior entry like browserhax. Also carts can get you in: Cubic Ninja, Ocarina of Time, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (the latter two can go along with a Powersaves for HB entry, though I don't know the details of that). If you are over 10.3, such as 10.7 and the latest firmware, your only option is the carts. Cubic Ninja is the most well known and developed option out of the carts, and for a few months now, its price has been slashed, and even obtainable via Gamestop nowadays. If you're on 9.2 firmware, it's better to use a CFW. I would go into more detail, but first thing to settle, what firmware are you on?
  7. Keep doing it. Or, turn off wireless and go to the browserhax page. Bookmark it, press the home button to enter home menu, turn on wireless. Go back to the browser and the hax should load upon entry. The idea is to make that load first and immediately upon entry, you get a higher chance of it working.
  8. My Secret Base trainers are Blissey teams, it's fast exp training. Yeah, I could edit pokemon levels to make them 100, but you know, a bit of work should go into training pokemon.
  9. I was wondering, is it possible to do the rom editing, and then convert that to a .cia?
  10. Well there's being able to rematch secret base trainers, and rsavin immediately after capture of a legendary (if you rsavout before the event), just to do it again. I don't know how to edit the sav to be able to rematch secret base trainers, so browser exploits still are worth it to me.
  11. I did the request, I get online eventually, you're there, I requested to trade multiple times, no response. A couple days later, all of a sudden I read this. Waste of time.
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