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  1. I meant this converting a ramsav.bin file to a main file for Gateway 3DS I would like to convert my ramsav.bin into a main file is there any way I can do this?
  2. How do I use this tool? I don't know how is there any way for me to use this?
  3. ramsave.bin to main conversion: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/master/Misc/ram2sav.cs Can anyone help me with this please? I would like to use this as a program without the use of powersaves. Thanks, TwilightErik
  4. This is the offset for people who use ramsav.bin I tested and it works! ramsav.bin offset Pokemon Link Injection XY 0x1CF9F ramsav.bin offset Pokemon Link Injection ORAS 0x1E05B Enjoy!
  5. ORAS offset 0x21000 for Pokemon Link I have Glalie & Steelix! ORAS Glalie.bin ORAS Steelix.bin XY Celebi.bin Pokemon Link Pokemon.rar
  6. Hey is there a way to convert a ramsave.bin into a main file for gateway users without the use of powersaves?
  7. Hello is there anyway you can encrypt the save back from being decrypted? Also with PKHex it won't save the file for some odd reason.
  8. Powersaves is down for maintenance as of right now just give it time.
  9. I'm hoping in Omega Ruby has Wallace as the Gym Leader & Steven as the Champion for Alpha Sapphire Juan as the Gym Leader & Wallace as the Champion. Or just stick with Juan for both Steven as the Champion and Wallace for Pokemon Contests and his Mega would Be Milotic.
  10. It might be your 3DS sometimes 3DSes don't want to read cartridges try other cartridges and see if it's your 3DS or your Pokemon Game.
  11. Ouch! Probably they're might be a way it's homebrew anything can happen.
  12. After all of that hard work then Datel had to patch it. I would be really pissed off!, Well Karma will get to Datel when everything gets hacked and we don't have to use their Powersaves anymore. I have a great idea make use of the Powersaves Adapter and create a 3DS Project Pokemon Backup Program just like Powersaves but better and for Pokemon X & Y without the uses of Servers and your own Encryption & Decryption Files. I'm sure that it would piss them off but they do deserve it.
  13. I can see the servers overloaded if it did get released. Great job on the research, there are a few of questions I would like to ask. How long did it take you to crack the encryption? How difficult was it to crack the encryption? Did you use a New Save or Your own Personal Save? Can you use other people's saves with this method? Did you use a Gateway Firmware or Current Firmware? Also did you have to use a Powersave code in order encrypt it back in the cartridge?
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