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  1. Hello, I noticed that "Seen none, Seen all and Seen all shinies" actually do nothing, they doesn't unlock the pokedex shinies entry. As you can see for Bulbasaur, they don't unlock its shiny entry for Shiny Male and Shiny Female. And as you can see on Arceus, I also noticed Seen all actually activate the normal form entries for pokemon that have alternate forms, as well as the alternate shinies forms for the Seen all shinies button, and Seen none disable all normal and shinies alternate forms. Complete Dex button doesn't unlock Shiny Male, Shiny Female and alternate Shiny Forms (only the normal ones). I'm not sure but I think something is wrong there.
  2. Hello, it make PKHeX crash when trying to load it? EDIT : NVM I unlocked it, work fine
  3. Following my last message, the same apply to the next ribbons (Gorgeous, Royal, and Gorgeous Royal (you know, the last one that you can buy for 999.999$)).
  4. Ribbons (Alert, Shock, Downcast, Careless, Relax, Snooze and Smile) given at Sunyshore City (those you can get 1 per day) are showing as not legal. 407 ★ - Roserade - D433E8DC3F83.pb8
  5. Hello, what flags should I reset to reset all the legendaries so I can battle them again?
  6. Hello, what is the black Giratina in the game's code ? A alternate form, or an entire pokemon? A regular Giratina with a simple black layer? Can it be generated?
  7. Hello, when I press the None button, under Give All, in Item Editor, PKHeX show a pop-up "Items cleared" but when I save and re-open, nothing was changed.
  8. As I'm playing on emulator and so can't connect to the internet, it's possible to force the apparition of cresselia's island and all the other mirage island in ORAS with either cheat or save editing?
  9. Hello, I noticed the Give All Decorations button for Alpha Sapphire is not working properly (or not working at all ?). It doesn't give me exclusive version decoration, like the Red Tent or the Seedot Doll. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Here @Nightshire Emerald1.sav
  11. Pokemon Crystal : Set any location still flag Entei and Raikou as legal, even as non-legit location. It's ok for suicune as it expect Tin Tower
  12. Asia81

    Gen I JP Bug

    I also have the exact same problem about catch rate as reported here as of today :
  13. Due to some recent releases, a lot of my Gen1 pokemon are now flaged as illegal (it wasn't the case before, they were all legal month ago). I noticed editing the level of a legit caught pokemon flag it as illegal. And it turn back to legal if I edit his catch rate to 0. I don't understand why they're now showing as illegal while it was not the case months ago. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  14. Damn the auto legality mode (if it does what I think it does) is something I would love to use.
  15. wtf are all these options? Exclusive to macos version ?
  16. Same problem happen with Pokemon Red, so probably Pokemon Blue too.
  17. Hello, All non NPC events are not properly resetted, it mean you can't re-battle zapdos (it simply doesn't appear) as the battle is not triggered by an NPC. Everything triggered by NPC seems to work (Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and the given Old Chamber for Aerodactyl only) even if the items/pokemon overworld models doesn't appear.
  18. Wait for PKHeX update, or go to Event > Research and unset flag 0609.
  19. @sora10pls 0450 : Sudowoodo No known side effect. 0483 : Shiny Gyarados Side Effect: A Lance will appear at Lake of Rage, asking for your help. Then it will appear again in the shop, using hyper beam on an invisible enemy. It will never appear again due to the flag being re-enabled (except if you didn't complete the Team Rocket HQ story of course), so it's fine. You also got another Red Scale after beat or caught the shiny Gyarados, but you can't exchange it for another EXP. Share if you already exchanged one.
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