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  1. Sorry, I'm speaking about Brilliant Diamond, and thanks for the answer
  2. Hello, I don't really know where to ask this, but I would like some clarification about these records in Trainer Info, on what they are recording. What are DENDOU_CNT and TAMAGO_HATCHING ? I assume the last is for the number of egg you hatched, but mine is on 155 while I only hatched 2 eggs? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, what's the maximum number of entries the hall of fame keep a track of? It's 30, like the original games?
  4. isn't misc the egg pokemon waiting at the daycare ?
  5. Hello, I'm currently at a 21 solo win streak (legit). I edited RENSHOU_SINGLE and RENSHOU_SINGLE_NOW to make the game think I'm at a 42 win streak. The record is correctly shown on the computer beside the girl, but when I do 1 battle, the record refresh to the real number I was at, so 21 + the 1 I did. Am I doing something wrong, or PKHeX doesn't properly save the record?
  6. Diamond Switch, legal (downloaded member card using mystery gift, and caught it the legal way) and unedited Darkrai is flagged as illegal. 491 - Darkrai - 0C129510F496.pb8
  7. Hello, it's possible to merge arguments? How would I go to create from scratch a pokemon in a particular box and slot? -> Something like that: .Box1/Slot1/Species=493
  8. I also noticed the french translation for "Party" in Batch Editor is mistranslated to "Fête" instead "Équipe". The same apply to "Run" mistranslated as "Courrir" instead "Valider" or "Appliquer".
  9. Hello, I noticed the "Give All" button in Treasure item tab doesn't include any of the slates used to summon the legendaries, as well as the Mysterious Shard of any sizes.
  10. Sorry, again me. I managed to extract my bcat and found my own member card ( in the 99 folder, then files folder, and it got same hash as the one in event gallery on ppokemon's github). I assume the .meta files are for the received hours/date that are shown on the screen, correct ? How would I go to make the Oak's letter (and all the others mystery gift) appear in it with a correct hour/date? Is this what you meant by there is no editor yet for that?
  11. Hello, I just bought Pokemon Diamond, so I missed the Oak's Letter event that ended 2 days ago. Is there reports of banned switch for injecting wonder card files with PKHeX ? Same question apply to edited pokemon that are legal according to PKHeX. I want to inject the Oak's Letter and Platinum Outfits wonder cards to "look legit" as if I got it the legit way, and not just give myself the item directly in the bag.
  12. Not a legality error, but I didn't want make a thread just for that. There is a little typo in cherrim form name. It's "Soleil" instead "Solei" (Sun)
  13. Can I suggest to give a different location suggestion based on pokemon forms? Suggested location for Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales is Veilstom Cape at level 29 (what is for the fire form Vulpix) instead in Whiteout Valley at level 40.
  14. Oh ok, good to know, sorry for bother
  15. Hello, just to let you know that PKHeX let us edit up to 60000, but the maximum shown in game is 999, wouldn't it be better to set a maximum cap in PKHeX at 999 ?
  16. I didn't see there was one, thanks
  17. Hello, How can I make PKHeX use PL:A type sprites for every pokemon? It use them for exclusive forms only, but what about all the other pokemon?
  18. Hello, I noticed that "Seen none, Seen all and Seen all shinies" actually do nothing, they doesn't unlock the pokedex shinies entry. As you can see for Bulbasaur, they don't unlock its shiny entry for Shiny Male and Shiny Female. And as you can see on Arceus, I also noticed Seen all actually activate the normal form entries for pokemon that have alternate forms, as well as the alternate shinies forms for the Seen all shinies button, and Seen none disable all normal and shinies alternate forms. Complete Dex button doesn't unlock Shiny Male, Shiny Female and alternate Shiny Forms (only the normal ones). I'm not sure but I think something is wrong there.
  19. Hello, it make PKHeX crash when trying to load it? EDIT : NVM I unlocked it, work fine
  20. Following my last message, the same apply to the next ribbons (Gorgeous, Royal, and Gorgeous Royal (you know, the last one that you can buy for 999.999$)).
  21. Ribbons (Alert, Shock, Downcast, Careless, Relax, Snooze and Smile) given at Sunyshore City (those you can get 1 per day) are showing as not legal. 407 ★ - Roserade - D433E8DC3F83.pb8
  22. Hello, what flags should I reset to reset all the legendaries so I can battle them again?
  23. Hello, what is the black Giratina in the game's code ? A alternate form, or an entire pokemon? A regular Giratina with a simple black layer? Can it be generated?
  24. Hello, when I press the None button, under Give All, in Item Editor, PKHeX show a pop-up "Items cleared" but when I save and re-open, nothing was changed.
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