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  1. Hi, I just tried to download the PC version but my antivirus block him, and if I disable the antivirus, google chrome block it too.. Same thing for the source code on github... Otherwise I can download the nds and wii version without problems, but the fact is that I got a dsi and no cable to use the tool on my wii, then the only other way is emulation... Any idea?
  2. I've try now too, it say "communication error" , same for pcedit, and in 9.2 with the game not update
  3. It's my bad in fact, I've type 9.4 instead of 1.4, I don't know why, because I suppose that's the reason
  4. You don't understand, I am in 9.2, with the 1.4 update for ORAS. I have the 9.2 browser (obviously). The browser work with the 1.2 version, he don't work with the 1.4 version. I am asking for a update of ram2sav to use it with the last game update.
  5. Hum your quotes are talking about using this in 9.5-23... @SciresM Please, are you able to update ram2sav to use it in 9.4 (as I am still with the 9.2 browser?)
  6. I have the browser 9.2 and pokémon oras in 1.4, rsavout.bin work but give me a blank ramsav.bin. If I try with the 1.2 oras update it perfectly work, why ? The 1.4 update don't allow this maybe?
  7. Maybe they has put a patch in the game cartridge ?
  8. With retail cartridge, now the only way to use injection is get 2 3DS, one with the latest game update and one in 9.2, then you will able to use the injection when you want
  9. SSB is 8.2 FW or something not 9.X or maybe it's different on US console, IDK, I've only update on an european one. For EU console, Cooking Mama update to 9.2, Code Name S.T.E.A.M update to 9.4 in US console
  10. Is it possible but I don't remember how, but in all case it's just to read it, you can't edit your save with this
  11. I backup my ramsav, and then I put the hex datas from the three johto starters (copy paste at the indicated offset), my ramsav.bin turn into 515Ko (512Ko before injection), in game when I inject that, I can't do nothing, an error occured and the console is turn off then on. I have to save in game even with this problem or not ? If I used Pkhex, it doesn't work anymore with the ramsav. Edit : My bad, I've used Ctrl + F instead of Ctrl + B
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